Code Enforcement Contacts

Bill Sunday Abilene, KS Code Officer 785-200-0541 ? Abilene, KS
John Berley Addison, IL Community Development Director 630-693-7530 Addison, IL
Adelanto, CA City Hall 760-246-2300 Adelanto, CA
Roy Bambach Adrian, MI Code Officer 517-264-4869 Adrian, MI
Phil Noah Aiken, SC Property Code Inspector 803-642-7670 Aiken, SC
Brad Pringle Akron, OH Inspector 330-375-2366 x4286 330-375-2416 Akron, OH
Ed Dieringer Akron, OH Inspector 330-375-2366 x6083 330-375-2416 Akron, OH
Amy Gahares Akron, OH City Inspections 330-375-2322 330-375-2648 Akron, OH
Jody Forester Akron, OH Inspector 330-375-2366 x6078 330-375-2416 Akron, OH
Lee Ann Hinkle Akron, OH Environmental Health 330-375-2405 Akron, OH
Kathy Murphy Akron, OH Environmental Health 330-375-2405 Akron, OH
Debbie Wallen Akron, OH Environmental Health 330-375-2405 Akron, OH
Akron, OH License &Assessments 330-375-2484 Akron, OH
Akron, OH Law Dept. 330-375-2030 330-375-2041 Akron, OH
Dwayne Gregor Akron, OH Housing Administrator 330-375-2366 x6080 330-375-2416 Akron, OH
Lora Nelson Alamogordo, NM Building Codes Manager 505-439-4235 Alamogordo, NM
Baker Alamogordo, NM DPS Code Enforcement 505-439-4375 Alamogordo, NM
Greg Alamogordo, NM Building Department 505-439-4264 505-439-4343
Daniel Sherman Albany, NY Senior Building Inspector 518-434-5165 518-434-6015 Albany, NY
Valerie Scott Albany, NY Division Supervisor 518-434-5995 518-434-6015 Albany, NY
Albany, NY City Clerk 518-434-5090 518-434-5081 Albany, NY
Robert Carter Albany-Dougherty, GA Chief of Code Enforcement 229-438-3913 Albany, GA
Albert Hicks Albany-Dougherty, GA Code Enforcement Officer 229-438-3913 Albany, GA
John Hart Albion, MI Planning Director/City Inspector 517-629-7453 517-629-2238 Albion, MI
John Tracy Albion, MI Code Officer 517-629-7189 517-629-2238 Albion, MI
Ron Vendetti Albion, NY Code Officer 585-589-7229 585-589-1919 Albion, NY
Joe Martinez Albuquerque, NM Criminal Nuisance Abatement Unit, Abatement Officer 505-761-8800 505-761-8896 Criminal Nuisance Abatement
Matthew Conrad Albuquerque, NM Head Code Officer 505-256-2050 Albuquerque, NM
Vicky Miera Albuquerque, NM Inspector 505-831-4705 Criminal Nuisance Abatement
Jim Romero Albuquerque, NM Code Enforcement Officer 505-924-3464 Albuquerque, NM
Lorain Montoya Albuquerque, NM Code Inspector 505-924-3835 Albuquerque, NM
Luci Melina Albuquerque, NM Zoning Inspector 505-924-3833 Albuquerque, NM
Pat Packwood Albuquerque, NM Criminal Nuisance Abatement Unit, Abatement Officer 505-332-5240 Criminal Nuisance Abatement
Patrick Sanchez Albuquerque, NM Planning Dept. 505-924-3451 Albuquerque, NM
Rosena Trujillo Albuquerque, NM Building Inspector 505-924-3832 Albuquerque, NM
Tom Peraya Albuquerque, NM Detective 505-831-4705 Criminal Nuisance Abatement
Albuquerque, NM Code Enforcement Office 505-924-3450 Albuquerque, NM
Jonathon Turner Albuquerque, NM Code Enforcement 505-924-3457 Albuquerque, NM
Michelle Wall Albuquerque, NM Residential Code Enforcement Inspector/Planning Department 505-924-3467 Albuquerque, NM
Larry Maya Albuquerque, NM Criminal Nuisance Abatement Unit, Abatement Officer 505-256-2050 Albuquerque, NM
Alcoa, TN Building Inspections 865-380-4730
Allentown, PA Code Enforcement(Housing) 610-437-7661 Allentown, PA
Daphne Talley Alpharetta, GA Code Officer 404-730-8763 Alpharetta, GA
Mark Plunkett Alton, IL Building and Zoning 618-463-3532 618-463-0972 Alton, IL
Brian Carter Altoona, PA Building Inspector/Zoning Officer 814-947-4813 Altoona, PA
Brian Detwiler Altoona, PA Code Enforcement Officer 814-949-2482 Altoona, PA
Dennis Zahrobsky Altoona, PA Code Enforcement Officer 814-949-2480 814-949-2597 Altoona, PA
Kathy Westley Altoona, PA Code Enforcement Officer 814-949-2478 Altoona, PA
Mark Ernest Altoona, PA Director of Codes and Inspections 814-949-2455 Altoona, PA
Amarillo, TX Code Enforcement 806-378-3533 Amarillo, TX
George Couture Amherst, NH Building Inspector 603-673-6041 x214 Amherst, NH
Charlie Tiedemann Amherst, NH Zoning Administrator 603-673-6041 x204 Amherst, NH
Amsterdam, NY Code Office 518-841-4316 518-842-6802 Amsterdam, NY
Tom Mc Quade Amsterdam, NY Code Officer 518-841-4306
Ronnie Pate Andalusia, AL Building Inspector 334-222-3312 Andalusia, AL
Craig Larsen Ankeny, IA Code Officer 515-963-3562 Ankeny, IA
Joseph Brandt Antioch, CA Director of Community Development 925-779-7035 925-779-7034 Antioch, CA
Apple Valley, CA Code Enforcement Office 760-240-7560 760-240-7046 Apple Valley, CA
Brenda Apple Valley, CA Code Officer 760-240-7560 Apple Valley, CA
Arcanum, OH Village Hall 937-692-8500
Chuck Ley Ardmore, OK Code Enforcement 580-223-3477 580-221-2563 Ardmore, OK
Joy Bass Ardmore, OK Code Enforcement 580-223-3477 580-221-2563 Ardmore, OK
Nick Diaz Ardmore, OK Building Official 580-223-3477 580-221-2563 Ardmore, OK
Scott Sheehy Ardmore, OK Building Inspector 580-223-3477 580-221-2563 Ardmore, OK
William Bechtel Ardmore, OK Development Department Director 580-223-3477 580-221-2563 Ardmore, OK
Don Clark Arkadelphia, AR Code Officer 870-246-1818 870-245-3553
James Triplett Arlington, TX Code Enforcement 817-459-6256 Arlington, TX
Neal Lucas Arlington, TX Code Enforcement Officer 817-459-5981 817-459-5971 Arlington, TX
Casey Hill Arlington, TX Code Officer 817-459-5851 Arlington, TX
Dan Conley Arnold, MO Building Commissioner 636-282-2378 Arnold, MO
Jim Carlson Arnold, MO Housing Inspector 636-282-2378 Arnold, MO
Tom Jones Arthur, MN Zoning Administrator 320-679-1347
Sean Miller Ashland, KY Code Officer 606-327-2026
David Payne Ashtabula County, OH Building Inspector 440-576-3737
Barry Davis Athens, AL Building Inspector 256-233-8715
Patrick Cahill Athens, PA Code Enforcement Officer 570-888-4410
Dwight Cobb Atlanta, GA Code Enforcement 404-330-6190 Atlanta, GA
Larry De Shazor Atlanta, GA Chief Code Enforcement Officer 404-330-6199 Atlanta, GA
Yolanda Mack Atlanta, GA Director of Code Compliance 404-330-6190 Atlanta, GA
Debra Connor Atlanta, GA Deputy Directorof Code Compliance 404-330-6190 Atlanta, GA
Tania Mitchell Atlanta, GA Code Enforcement 404-330-6136 770-896-4939 Atlanta, GA
Shennetha Smith Atlanta, GA Code Enforcement Officer 404-330-6190 404-658-7084 Atlanta, GA
Jesse Evans Atlanta, GA Code Officer 404-330-6190 Atlanta, GA
Jason Bial Atlanta, GA Code Officer 404-330-6064 Atlanta, GA
Wiggins Atlanta, GA FOIA 404-330-6751 Atlanta, GA
Cindy Atwood, IL Code Officer 217-578-2512
Andy Meeks Auburn, AL Deputy Public Safety Director for Codes 334-501-3170
Rick Phillips Auburn, AL Code Inspector 334-501-3170
Maggie Maddox Auburn, GA Code Officer 770-963-4002 x201
Wayne Copp Auburn, KS Code Officer 785-249-1028
Brian Hicks Auburn, NY Sr. Code Officer 315-255-4111 315-255-4188 Auburn, NY
Kim Coleman Auburn, NY Secretary 315-255-4111 315-255-4188 Auburn, NY
Steve Downing Auburn, NY Code Officer 315-255-4111 315-255-4188 Auburn, NY
Ed La Douce Auburn, NY Code Officer 315-255-4111 315-255-4188 Auburn, NY
Lane Pausley Auburn, NY Code Officer 315-255-4111 315-255-4188 Auburn, NY
Augusta County, VA Health Department 540-332-7830 Augusta County, VA
Augusta County, VA Building Dept 540-245-5717 Augusta County, VA
Fran Bell Augusta, MI 616-665-7805
Aurora, CO Code Enforcement Office 303-739-7280 303-739-7191 Aurora, CO
John Aurora, CO Code Enforcement Officer 303-739-7870 Aurora, CO
Ed Martinez Aurora, CO Code Enforcement Officer 303-739-7863 Aurora, CO
Dean Davis Aurora, CO Chief Building Official 303-739-7419 Aurora, CO
Scott Berg Aurora, CO Deputy Chief Building Official 303-739-7135 Aurora, CO
John Braketa Aurora, CO Building Inspector Supervisor 303-739-7630 Aurora, CO
Roger Gehring Aurora, CO Building Inspector Supervisor 303-739-7622 Aurora, CO
Jeff Pagnard Aurora, CO Building Inspector Supervisor 303-739-7409 Aurora, CO
Bill Barnes Aurora, CO Building Inspector 303-739-7626 Aurora, CO
Dave Neuens Aurora, CO Building Inspector 303-739-7629 Aurora, CO
Russell Aurora, CO Code Enforcement Officer 303-739-7280 Aurora, CO
Isaac Aurora, CO Code Enforcement Officer 303-739-7199 Aurora, CO
Barry Aurora, CO Code Enforcement Officer 303-739-7289 Aurora, CO
Rickie Fletcher Aurora, CO Code Officer 303-739-7864 Aurora, CO
Carolee Aurora, CO Code Enforcement Officer 303-739-7430 Aurora, CO
Cathie Lopez Aurora, CO Code Officer 303-739-7349 Aurora, CO
Trudie Aurora, CO Code Officer 303-739-7389 Aurora, CO
Dusty Aurora, CO Code Officer 303-739-7868 Aurora, CO
Gail Aurora, CO Code Officer 303-739-7280 Aurora, CO
Jim Schrack Aurora, CO Environmental Program Supervisor 303-739-7555 Aurora, CO
Ed Miller Aurora, MO Code Officer 417-678-5025
Lionel Finch Aurora, OH Building Inspector 330-995-6155 Aurora, OH
Carl Meuth Austin, TX Building Inspector 512-974-1856
Donald Simmons Avon Park, FL Code Officer 863-452-4401 863-452-5090 Avon Park, FL
Tim Krugman Avon, OH Code Officer 440-937-7800 440-937-7824
Randy Fidler Bakersfield, CA Chief Code Enforcement Officer 661-326-3047 Bakersfield, CA
David Paquette Bakersfield, CA Code Officer 661-326-3948 Bakersfield, CA
Terry Buss Bakersfield, CA Code Officer 661-326-3771 Bakersfield, CA
Shane Denton Bakersfield, CA Code Officer 661-326-3194 Bakersfield, CA
Mark Turk Bakersfield, CA Code Officer 661-326-3195 Bakersfield, CA
Tony Demarco Bakersfield, CA Code Officer 661-326-3713 Bakersfield, CA
Ignacio Morales Bakersfield, CA Code Officer 661-326-3925 Bakersfield, CA
Wanda Neal Bakersfield, CA Code Officer 661-326-3510 Bakersfield, CA
Don Johnson Bakersfield, CA Code Officer 661-326-3413 Bakersfield, CA
Jacque Miller Bakersfield, CA Code Officer 661-326-3920 Bakersfield, CA
Billy Owens Bakersfield, CA Code Officer 661-326-3414 Bakersfield, CA
Jeff Montgomery Ballwin, MO Inspector 636-227-8580
Baltimore County, MD Code Enforcement 410-887-8099 410-887-2824 Baltimore County, MD
James Thompson Baltimore County, MD Code Enforcement Supervisor 410-887-3351 Baltimore County, MD
John Altmeyer Baltimore County, MD Code Enforcement Supervisor 410-887-3953 Baltimore County, MD
Baltimore County, MD Building Inspections 410-887-3953 Baltimore County, MD
Jerome Dorich Baltimore, MD Director of Construction and Demolition Department 410-396-3516 Baltimore, MD
Mike Braverman Baltimore, MD Deputy Commissioner of Code Enforcement 443-984-1806 Baltimore, MD
Val Ukwuoma Baltimore, MD City of Baltimore 410-396-6522 Baltimore, MD
James Womack Baltimore, MD Code Officer 410-396-7745 Baltimore, MD
Fitzgerald Baltimore, MD Code Officer 410-545-7636 Baltimore, MD
Dan Wellington Bangor, ME Code Enforcement 207-992-4230 207-992-4196
Oscar Orci Banning, CA Community Development Director 951-922-3121
Charlie Ries Barberton, OH Inspector 330-861-7292 Barberton, OH
Jim Bauschlinger Barberton, OH Inspector 330-848-6730 Barberton, OH
Mike Vinay Barberton, OH Code Officer 330-848-6730
David Holeman Bartlesville, OK Code Officer 918-338-4235
Rhonda Klecz Batavia, IL Code Enforcement 630-879-1424 x405 // Batavia, IL
James Riley Baton Rouge, LA Assistant Director Office of the Mayor President – James Riley 225-389-3448
Tara Wicker Baton Rouge, LA Assistant Chief Officer to Mayor Simpson – Tara Wicker 225-389-5108
Neal Bezet Baton Rouge, LA Supervisor of Inspections 225-389-8680 x388
Mike Earnheart Baton Rouge, LA Code Officer 225-389-3043
Dennis Mc Kinley Battle Creek, MI Code Compliance Administrator 269-966-3387 Battle Creek, MI
Jon Presecan Battle Creek, MI Code Officer 269-966-3387 Battle Creek, MI
Bay City, MI Building Code Enforcement 989-894-8162 989-894-8224 Bay City, MI
Scott Mc Killop Bay City, MI Code Officer 989-894-8176 Bay City, MI
Bill Carrigee Bay St. Louis, MS Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer 228-469-0531 228-469-0697
James Sears Bay Village, OH Director of Public Service & Properties 440-899-3422 Bay Village, OH
Douglas Milburn Bay Village, OH Director of Building, Engineering and Inspections 440-899-3400 Bay Village, OH
Bob Lyons Bay Village, OH Property Maintenance Correction Officer 440-899-3423 Bay Village, OH
Al Nelson Bay Village, OH Building Inspections 440-899-3423 Bay Village, OH
Ed Branch Baytown, TX Code Enforcement/Demolition Inspector 281-422-8281 Baytown, TX
Beaumont, TX Building Codes 409-880-3762 409-880-3110 Beaumont, TX
Sandra Pereira Beavercreek, OH Code Officer 937-427-5512 937-427-5544 Beavercreek, OH
George Fetzer Beaverton, OR Program Managerof Code Services 503-526-2270 503-526-3730 Beaverton, OR
Brian Beaverton, OR Code Officer 503-350-4088
Bedford, OH Building Department
Phillip Seyboldt Bedford, OH Building Commissioner 440-735-6530
Tommy Peterson Bedford, TX Code Enforcement Officer 817-952-2148 Bedford, TX
Paula Archibald Bedford, TX Code Officer 817-952-2147
Tracy Dutton Bellaire, TX City Clerk 713-622-8222 713-662-8239 Bellaire, TX
Ted Stocker Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO Building Inspector 314-867-0076
Jennifer Gain Belleville, IL Director of Health, Housing and Sanitation 618-233-6810 x204/264 Belleville, IL
Les Betts Bellevue, NE Code Officer 402-293-3054 Bellevue, NE
Joseph Bockman Bellevue, NE Code Officer 402-293-3054 Bellevue, NE
Kevin Sullivan Bellevue, NE Code Officer 402-293-3054 Bellevue, NE
Caleb Clark Bellevue, NE Code Officer 402-293-3054
Michael Lutz Bellevue, PA Chief of Code Enforcement 412-766-7453
James Delcroix Bellevue, PA Code Enforcement Officer 412-766-7453
Ted Stocker Bellfontaine, MO Building Inspector 314-867-0076 x238
Belmont, CA Code Enforcement Office 650-637-2968 Belmont, CA
Chris Jones Beloit, KS Code Officer 785-738-3553
Greg Hunn Bel-Ridge, MO Code Officer 314-429-2878 x201
Kim Ross Belton, TX Code Enforcement Officer 254-933-5820
Christine Savage Bensalem, PA Code Administrator 215-633-3650
Stephen Terlecki Bensalem, PA Code Administrator 215-633-3690
Joseph Dunner Bensalem, PA Code Administrator 215-633-3651
John Domanico Bensalem, PA Code Administrator II 215-633-3648
Stan Tasey Bensalem, PA Building Inspector II 215-633-3645
Benton Harbor, MI City Clerk 269-927-8408
Benton Harbor, MI Community Development 269-927-0480
Benton Harbor, MI Inspection Department 269-927-8434
Cathy Miller Benton, AR Code Officer 501-776-5965
Linda Marginian Berea, OH Code Officer 440-826-5802 440-234-2764
Berkeley, CA Building and Safety 510-981-7440 Berkeley, CA
Manuel Ramirez Berkeley, CA Environmental Health 510-981-5261
Berkeley, CA Environmental Health 510-981-5310
Greg Harkins Berwick, PA Code Enforcement 570-752-2723 x13
Bessemer, AL Building Department 205-424-4060 Bessemer, AL
Cornell Hall Bessemer, AL Code Officer 205-424-4060 x261 Bessemer, AL
Bethany, OK Planning and Development 405-789-6005
Todd Carter Bethel Park, PA Code Officer 412-831-6800 x130
Rodney Sarver Bethel Park, PA Code Officer 412-831-6800
Bethel Township, OH Building Department 937-845-8472
BJ Gettel Bethel, NY Code Enforcement 845-583-4649 x26
Chris Mc Carthy Bethel, NY Code Enforcement 845-583-4649 x26
Roger Griffiths Bethleham, NY Code Officer 518-439-4955 x109
Beverly Hills, CA Code Enforcement Office 310-285-1119 Beverly Hills
Tim Nelson Biddeford, ME Chief Code Enforcement Officer 207-284-9236
Don Pepin Biddeford, ME Building Inspector 207-284-9236
R. Richard Verrier Biddeford, ME Electrical Inspector 207-284-9236
Danielle Charron Biddeford, ME Administrative Assistant 207-284-9236
Roby Fecteau Biddeford, ME Plumbing, Fire& Life Safety Inspector 207-284-9236
George Montieth Biddeford, ME Police Officer/Inspector 207-284-9236
Colleen Schell-Burg Billings, MT County Code Officer 406-247-8675 Yellowstone County
Cal Meyer Billings, MT Code Officer 406-657-8281 Billings, MT
Don Vegge Billings, MT Code Officer 406-657-8281 Billings, MT
Jerry Creel Biloxi, MS Director of Community Development 228-435-6280
Dan Eggleston Binghamton, NY Director of Code Enforcement 607-772-7010 Binghamton, New York
Fred Grisel Binghamton, NY Code Officer 607-772-7010 Binghamton, New York
Birmingham, AL Building Department 205-254-2211
Jack Koch Blackman Charter Township, MI Code Officer 517-788-4345
Leo Estep Blanchester, OH Zoning Officer 937-783-4702
Brenda Schlutow Bloomfield Township, MI Code Officer 248-594-2845
John Langlois Bloomington, IL Inspector 309-434-2244 Bloomington, IL
Mike Arnold Bloomington, IN Neighborhood Compliance Officer 812-349-3420
Kevin Bowlen Bloomington, IN Neighborhood Compliance Officer 812-349-3420
John Hewett Bloomington, IN Neighborhood Compliance Officer 812-349-3420
Robert Hoole Bloomington, IN Neighborhood Compliance Officer 812-349-3420
Jack Carol Bloomington, IN Neighborhood Compliance Officer 812-349-3420
Blue Island, IL Building Department 708-597-8606 708-396-2686 Blue Island, IL
Boaz, AL Building Inspector 256-593-0241 256-593-9527 Boaz
Carol Montgomery Boise, ID Code Enforcement Officer 208-794-9481
Dena Gambrel Boise, ID Code Enforcement Officer 208-794-4052
Michael Garner Boise, ID Code Enforcement Officer 208-514-9835
Mike Meloy Boise, ID Code Enforcement Officer 208-794-9488
Scott Brown Boise, ID Code Enforcement Officer 208-794-9484
Boonsboro, MD City Office 301-432-5141 301-432-4050 Boonsboro, MD
Ed Kennedy Boston, MA Code Officer 617-961-3373 617-635-5385 Boston, MA
Melanie Loesch Boston, MA Code Officer 617-961-3328 Boston, MA
Boston, MA Inspectional Services Department 617-635-5300 617-635-5629 Boston, MA
Courtney Cain Boynton, FL Code Enforcement Officer 561-742-6832
Richard Laverdure Boynton, FL Code Enforcement Officer 561-742-6840
Willie Webb Boynton, FL Code Enforcement Officer 561-742-6839
Skip Lewis Boynton, FL Code Enforcement Officer 561-742-6830
Pete Roy Boynton, FL Code Enforcement Officer 561-742-6834
Mike Mellilo Boynton, FL Code Enforcement Officer 561-742-6836
Luney Guillaume Boynton, FL Code Enforcement Officer 561-742-6835
Vestiguerne Pierre Boynton, FL Code Enforcement Officer 561-742-6837
Jeff Shickles Boynton, FL Code Enforcement Officer 561-742-6202
Volker Reiss Bradenton, FL Code Compliance Supervisor 941-932-9402
Laura Anderson Bradenton, FL Code Enforcement Coordinator 941-932-9485
Victor Perez Bradenton, FL Code Officer 941-932-9415
Barbara Hogan Bradenton, FL Code Officer 941-932-9416
Cheryl Landers Bradenton, FL Code Officer 941-932-9417
Walter Williams Bradenton, FL Code Officer 941-932-9418
Brantley, AL City Office 334-527-8624 334-527-3216 Brantley, AL
Breckenridge Hills, MO City Office 314-427-6868 Breckenridge Hills, MO
Martha Nichols Brentwood, MD Code Officer 301-927-3344
Rob Hussey Brentwood, MO Building Inspector 314-962-4800 x8624 Brentwood
Larry Porter Brentwood, MO Code Enforcement/Building Inspector 314-962-4800 x8625 Brentwood
Brevard County, FL Code Enforcement 321-633-2086 321-633-2167
Brevard County, FL Health Department 321-454-7111
Frank Memoli Bridgeport, CT Code Officer 203-576-7796
Greg Damron Bridgeport, TX Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer 940-683-5906 x262
Jim Cowell Bridgeport, TX Building Official, Code Enforcement Officer 940-683-5906 x235
Robert Hill Bridgeport, TX Code Enforcement 940-683-5906 x230
Kevin Rabago Bridgeton, NJ Housing Inspector 856-455-3230 x220 Bridgeton, NJ
Brighton, CO Code Enforcement 303-655-2025 303-655-2019 Brighton, CO
David Parmenter Brockton, MA Code Officer 508-580-7150
Fred Brockton, MA Plumbing Inspector 508-580-7145
Edward Williams Brockton, MA Inspector/Brockton Fire Department 508-583-2933 508-584-3416
Bronx, NY Borough Customer Service 718-579-6920 NYC
John Rued Brooklyn Center, MN Building Inspector
Steve Tiedman Brooklyn Park, MN Building Inspections 763-488-6379 763-493-8171 Brooklyn Park, MN
Brooklyn, NY Borough Customer Service 718-802-3675 NYC
Tom Ockington Brooklyn, OH Building Commissioner 216-635-4202 Brooklyn, OH
Patricia Eckerfield Brookpark, OH Building Inspector 216-433-7412
Sandy Maloney Brookpark, OH Building Inspector 216-433-1300
Broomfield, CO Code Compliance Office 303-438-6478
Brown County, WI Sheriff’s Department 920-448-4219 Brown County, WI
Santiago Navarro Brownsville, TX Director of Building Inspections 956-548-6093 956-550-8802 Brownsville, TX
Evaristo Gamez Brownsville, TX Assistant Director of Building Inspections 956-548-6088 956-550-8802 Brownsville, TX
Ray Torres Brownsville, TX Building Inspector 956-548-6128 956-550-8802 Brownsville, TX
Felipe Perez Brownsville, TX Sr.Plumbing/Building Inspector 956-548-6129 956-550-8802 Brownsville, TX
Bea Rodriguez Brownsville, TX Rentfro &Faulk Law Firm (Payoffs) 956-541-9600
Monica Faulk Brownsville, TX Rentfro &Faulk Law Firm (Payoffs) 956-541-9600
Brownsville, TX Code Enforcement 956-542-3437
Brownsville, TX Health Department 956-542-7511
Brownsville, TX City Clerk 956-548-6047
Alan Sanders Brundidge, AL Code Officer 334-735-2385 334-735-5180 Brundidge
John Kreiger Brunswick, NY Superintendentof Utilities and Inspections 518-279-3461 x111
Ron Neissen Brunswick, NY Building and Fire Inspector 518-279-3461 x107
Bryant, AR Code Enforcement Office 501-847-5559 x268 Bryant, AR
John Robinson Buckeye, AZ Code Enforcement Officer 623-693-0194
Rindy Bucyrus, OH Code Officer 419-562-6767 x222
Ron Collins Buffalo, NY Code Officer 716-851-4818
Billy Manuszewski Buffalo, NY Inspections 716-851-4070
Tracy Krug Buffalo, NY Inspections 716-851-4977
Linda Garber Bunker Hill, IN Building Commissioner 765-689-9329 Bunker Hill, IL
Burlington Township, NJ Licenses and Inspections 609-239-5845 Burlington Township, NJ
Jay Smith Burlington, IA Building Inspector 319-753-8172
Bruce Maupin Burlington, IA Building Inspector 319-753-8135
Mark Hirsbrunner Burlington, IA Building Inspector 319-753-8175
Al Ourth Burlington, IA Nuisance Inspector 319-753-8142
Joe Stewart Burlington, IA Nuisance Inspector 319-753-8139
Cindy Landis Burlington, IA Inspections Secretary 319-753-8131
David Honeycutt Burlington, NC Residential Building Inspector 336-570-6552
Joey Lea Burlington, NC Code Enforcement Officer 336-222-5085
Ray Rice Burlington, NC Director of Inspections 336-222-5082
Lowrie Burlington, NJ Code Enforcement Supervisor 609-386-0200 x149
John Ryan Burlington, VT Code Officer 802-865-7525
Burton, MI City Hall 810-743-1500 Burton, MI
Wes Butler, OH Code Officer 419-774-5165
Paul Snyder Butler, PA Code Office 724-285-4124 x212
Jack Mc Nelley Cabot, AR Code Officer 501-843-4819
Gary Craig Cahokia, IL Code Enforcement Officer 618-781-0612
Robert Darnell Cahokia, IL Senior Code Enforcement Officer 618-781-0611
Theresa Mantz Cahokia, IL Clerk – Code Enforcement 618-337-9517
Calcasieu Parish, LA Planning and Development 337-721-3600
Calcasieu Parish, LA Code Enforcement 337-721-3600
Caldwell, ID Code Enforcement 208-455-3117
Mike Wood Calera, AL Building Official 205-668-3824 Calera
Paul Kowalczyk Calumet, IL Deputy Directorof Buildings 708-891-8120 708-891-8117 Calumet City, IL
John Belford Canal Fulton, OH Code Officer 330-854-0590
Mike Adsit Canastota, NY Code Officer 315-697-8963
Jim Brenner Canon City, CO Code Officer 719-276-5293
John Weyer Canton Township, MI Building Official 734-394-5200
T.J. Turowski Canton, MI City of Canton, MI 734-394-5200
Canton, OH Building Department 330-430-7800 330-430-7848 Canton, OH
Gary Baker Canton, OH Senior Code Enforcement Officer 330-430-7822 330-430-7848 Canton, OH
Jerod Pennix Canton, OH Building Inspector 330-430-7807 330-430-7848 Canton, OH
Marshall Lewis Canton, OH Code Officer 330-484-2501
Susan Brothers Canton, OH Administrative Assistant 330-430-7831 330-430-7848 Canton, OH
Jim Robinson Canton, OH Code Officer 330-430-7825
Canton, OH Code Enforcement Office 330-430-7819 Canton, OH
Cape Coral, FL Code Compliance 239-574-0613 Cape Coral, FL
Benita Carlisle, IA Code Officer 515-989-3224
Jim Bierbower Carrol Township, PA Zoning Officer 724-483-2003
Cathy Enloe Carrollton, TX Sr. Code Officer 972-466-3033 972-466-3175
Casco, ME Code Enforcement 207-627-4515
David Ross Castle Shannon, PA Code Enforcement Officer 412-885-9200 x105
Cathedral City, CA Building Department 760-770-0373 760-202-1460 Cathedral City, CA
Cathedral City, CA Code Enforcement 760-770-8200 Cathedral City, CA
Catoosa, OK Code Officer 918-266-0804
Cedar Bluff, AL Town Hall 256-779-6121 Cedar Bluff, AL
Jane Benning Cedar Rapids Housing Department 319-286-5872
Daryl Carson Cedar Rapids, IA Housing Inspector 319-286-5186
Center Point, AL Inspections 205-854-4617
Sandy Heck Centerville, OH Zoning Officer 937-428-4712
David Shaw Centralia, IL Code Enforcement 618-533-7623 618-532-4534 Centralia, IL
Champaign, IL Neighborhood Services 217-403-7070 Champaign, IL
Anne-Marie Burciaga Chandler, AZ Building Code Specialist 480-782-3114
Charleston Township, PA Township Office 570-724-6799
Charleston, SC Charleston County Building Services 843-202-6930 843-2026954 Charleston County, SC
Charlotte County, FL Code Compliance Office 941-743-1247
Charlotte County, FL Building Department 941-743-1921
Charles Frye Charlotte, NC Code Enforcement Officer 704-353-0499 Charlotte, NC
Jimmy Womack Charlotte, NC Code Officer 704-432-2436 Charlotte, NC
Spencer Stickell Charlotte, NC Code Officer 704-336-5214 704-391-9994 Charlotte, NC
Ken Eaker Charlotte, NC Code Officer 704-353-0499 Charlotte, NC
Jesse Fox Charlotte, NC Code Officer 704-336-5243 Charlotte, NC
Randy Baucom Charlotte, NC Code Officer 704-336-5296 Charlotte, NC
Chattanooga, TN Chattanooga 311 423-425-6311 Chattanooga, TN
Jason Chauncey Chattanooga, TN Inspector 423-425-3700 Chattanooga, TN
Lamont Chapman Chattanooga, TN Inspector 423-355-7027 Chattanooga, TN
Alphonso Mc Clendon Chattanooga, TN Inspector 423-425-3700 Chattanooga, TN
Alice Williams Chattanooga, TN Inspector 423-425-3700 Chattanooga, TN
Doris Parham Chattanooga, TN Inspector 423-425-3700 Chattanooga, TN
Nelsene Lowry Chattanooga, TN Inspector 423-425-3700 Chattanooga, TN
Charles Hughely Chattanooga, TN Inspector 423-425-3700 Chattanooga, TN
Ed Graham Chattanooga, TN Inspector 423-425-3700 Chattanooga, TN
Matt Sigler Chattanooga, TN Inspector 423-425-3700 Chattanooga, TN
Marcia Greene Chattanooga, TN Inspector 423-425-3700 Chattanooga, TN
Randy Ridge Chattanooga, TN Lead Inspector 423-425-3700 Chattanooga, TN
Steve Hargis Chattanooga, TN Code Enforcement Officer
Chattanooga, TN
Cheektowaga, NY Building Department 716-686-3470 Cheektowaga, NY
Chester, PA Building Official 610-447-7752 Chester, PA
Chester, PA Health Department 610-447-7770 Chester, PA
Ben Novelli Chicago Heights, IL Code Enforcement 708-756-5331 Chicago Heights, IL
Don Garcia Chicago Heights, IL Director – Code Enforcement 708-756-5326 Chicago Heights, IL
Frank Napoli Chicago Heights, IL Code Enforcement 708-756-5331 Chicago Heights, IL
Sharon Dieringer Chicago Heights, IL Code Enforcement 708-756-5328 Chicago Heights, IL
Kurt Berger Chicago, IL Director of Dept. Buildings/Demolitions 312-746-8051 312-742-9158 Chicago, IL
Pura Bascos Chicago, IL Director Fast Track Demolition 312-656-1773 312-742-9158 Chicago, IL
Stan Kaderbek Chicago, IL Commissioner of Chicago Building Dept 312-742-9158 Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL Chicago Building Department 312-744-3422 312-742-9158 Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL Administrative Hearings 312-742-8254 312-742-9158 Circuit Court Cook County
Chicago, IL Daly Center -Municipal Court, Housing Hearings 312-603-5002 312-742-9158 Circuit Court Cook County
Elouise Brown Chicago, IL Administrative Assistant/Administrative Hearings – Buildings 312-742-8342 312-742-9158 Circuit Court Cook County
Jamia Mc Donald Chicago, IL Managing Deputy 312-744-6428 312-742-9158 Chicago, IL
Sam Clark Chicago, IL Code Officer 312-743-3526 312-742-9158 Chicago, IL
Dave Johnson Chicago, IL Code Officer 312-743-3543 Chicago, IL
Hal Getz Chicago, IL Code Officer 312-743-3514 Chicago, IL
Kathy Bailey Chicago, IL Building Inspections 312-743-9091 Circuit Court Cook County
Jim Soczek Chicago, IL Code Officer 312-743-7311 Circuit Court Cook County
Barbara Burke Chicago, IL City Attorney 312-744-6981 Circuit Court Cook County
Chickasaw, AL Code Officer 251-452-6451 Chickasaw, AL
Childersburg, AL Town Hall 256-378-5521 Childersburg, AL
Dennis Scibetta Chili, NY Town of Chili 585-889-3550 x241 Chili, NY
Shelly Choctaw, OK Public Works 405-390-8276
Doug Leeper Chula Vista, CA Code Enforcement 951-906-9274
Hildebrandt Cicero, IN Cicero PD 317-984-3648
Cincinnati, OH Building &Inspections 513-352-3275 Cincinnati, OH
Al Taylor Cincinnati, OH Building and Inspections; Demolition Inspector 513-352-4697 Cincinnati, OH
Debra Redlich Cincinnati, OH Code Officer 513-352-4899 Cincinnati, OH
Ed Cunningham Cincinnati, OH Supervisor of Inspections 513-352-1909 Cincinnati, OH
David Hartinger Cincinnati, OH Building Department 513-352-3490 Cincinnati, OH
Dave Lockhorn Cincinnati, OH Building Inspector 513-352-3421 Cincinnati, OH
Sunny Hyde Cincinnati, OH Building Inspector 513-352-1910 Cincinnati, OH
Bill Knight Cincinnati, OH Code Officer 513-728-3182 Cincinnati, OH
Victoria Robinson-Hunter Cincinnati, OH Clerical 513-352-3275 Cincinnati, OH
Mike Perkins Cincinnati, OH Inspector 513-352-3637 Cincinnati, OH
James Hatton Cincinnati, OH Code Officer 513-352-3423 Cincinnati, OH
Dave Weller Cincinnati, OH Code Officer 513-595-5218 Cincinnati, OH
Livia Fowler Citrus Heights, CA Neighborhood Services 916-727-4738
Jeff Best City of the Village, OK Code Officer 405-751-8861 405-748-7352
Clairton, PA City Office 412-233-8113
Fanny Campbell Claremore, OK Code Enforcement 918-341-8842 918-341-7751
Dennis Dwyer Claremore, OK Supervisor, Building Inspections 918-341-0457
Sara Sharp Claremore, OK Code Officer 918-341-8842 918-341-7751
Matt Mueller Claremore, OK Assistant City Manager 918-341-8842 918-341-7751
Clark County, WA County Code 360-397-2375 x4184 Clark County, WA
Kevin Pridemore Clark County, WA Code Enforcement Officer 360-397-2375 x4104 Clark County, WA
Jim Pillow Clarksville, TN Director of Building and Codes 931-645-7426 931-645-7430 Clarkesville, TN
Jim Delbridge Clayton County, GA Code Officer 770-477-3569 x8-7410 770-210-5230 Clayton County, Georgia
Joe Carmen Clayton County, GA Code Officer 770-477-3569 x8-7409 770-210-5230 Clayton County, Georgia
David Privett Clayton County, GA County Code Officer 770-477-3569 x8-7414 770-210-5230 Clayton County, Georgia
Sherri Turner Clayton, OH Code Office 937-836-3500 Clayton, OH
Bill Wright Clearwater, FL Code Enforcement 727-562-4573
Clearwater, FL Building Division 727-562-4567
Cliff Skogstad Clearwater, MN Building/Zoning Inspector 612-219-2252 763-441-1361 Clearwater, MN
Cleburne, TX Code Enforcement 817-556-8807 Cleburne, TX
Jeanne Jares Cleveland Heights, OH Property Investigator-Senior Inspector 216-291-5908 Cleveland Heights, OH
Damian Borkowski Cleveland, OH Manager of City Wide Services 216-664-2959 Cleveland, OH
Ed Rybka Cleveland, OH Asst Director City Planning Commission 216-664-2212 Cleveland, OH
Ray Pianka Cleveland, OH Judge -Cleveland Housing Division 216-664-4989 Cleveland Housing Court
Josh Cleveland, OH Cleveland Housing Court 216-664-2687 Cleveland Housing Court
Ronald Smith Cleveland, OH Deputy Commissioner-Dept of Public Health-Division of Environment 216-664-3596 Cleveland Health Dept
Tyrone Johnson Cleveland, OH Commissioner of Code Enforcement 216-664-4360 Cleveland, OH
Willie Bess Cleveland, OH Commissioner of Public Health 216-664-3595 Cleveland Health Dept
Carnell Switzer Cleveland, OH Building Inspector 216-664-3070 Cleveland, OH
George Lazarowski Cleveland, OH Building Inspector 216-664-2032 Cleveland, OH
Pete Stewart Cleveland, OH Building Inspector
Cleveland, OH
Toni Allen Cleveland, OH Records Department 216-664-4355 Cleveland, OH
Robert Rhym Cleveland, OH Building Inspector 216-664-4060 Cleveland, OH
Wiley Hardy Cleveland, OH Health Inspector 216-664-7403 Cleveland Health Dept
Cleveland, OH Police Records Department 216-623-5269 Cleveland, OH
Jim Kocian Cleveland, OH Code Officer 216-664-2610 Cleveland, OH
Al Thomas Cleveland, OH Code Officer 216-664-3828 Cleveland, OH
Dawn Gilyard Cleveland, OH Code Officer 216-664-3012 Cleveland, OH
Nadine Cleveland, OH Code Officer 216-664-2004 Cleveland, OH
Joseph Peric Cleveland, OH Code Officer 216-664-4325 Cleveland, OH
Pat Daly Cleveland, OH Housing Inspector 216-664-2892 Cleveland, OH
Robert Barnes Cleveland, OH Housing Inspector 216-420-8690 Cleveland, OH
Kevin Franklin Cleveland, OH Inspector 216-664-4364 Cleveland, OH
Gerald Kidd Cleveland, OH Inspector 216-664-3965 Cleveland, OH
Rick Iosue Cleveland, OH Code Officer 216-664-3969 Cleveland, OH
Charlene Hatchett Cleveland, OH Inspector 216-420-8969 Cleveland, OH
Theresa Cleveland, OH Licenses and Assessments 216-664-3875 Cleveland, OH
Gibson Cleveland, OH Inspector 216-420-8572 Cleveland, OH
Camille Smith Cleveland, OH Code Officer 216-664-3080 Cleveland, OH
Dawn Henighan Cleveland, OH Building Inspector 216-664-2038 Cleveland, OH
Mark Mc Ginley Cleveland, OH Building Inspector 216-664-2011 Cleveland, OH
Jeff Clark Cleveland, OH Building Inspector 216-664-4368 Cleveland, OH
Neal Mc Neathe Cleveland, OH Cleveland Housing Court 216-664-6268 Cleveland Housing Court
Robert Fuchs Cleveland, OH Cleveland Housing Court 216-664-6929 Cleveland, OH
John Wilbur Cleveland, OH Assistant Director of Community Development 216-664-4049 216-664-4006 Cleveland, OH
Michael Shockley Cleveland, OH Housing Inspector 216-664-4578 Cleveland, OH
John Davis Cleveland, TX Building Inspector 281-659-0240 Cleveland, TX
Barry Miller Clinton Township, MI Building Inspector 586-286-9323 Clinton Township, MI
Michael Harmon Clinton, IA Housing Inspector 563-242-3207
Gary Ward Clinton, MS Director of Community Development 601-924-2256
Dennis Jansen Clintonville, WI Inspections 800-422-5220 x320
Dan Coffey Clintonville, WI Inspections 800-422-5220 x309
Michael Mc Cord Clintonville, WI Health Inspector 715-823-7685
Clio, MI City Office 810-686-5850 Clio, MI
Tom Sawtelle Clyde, NY Code Enforcement Officer 315-923-3971 x218
Coatesville, PA Code Office 610-384-0300 x3133 Coatesville, PA
Harry Troupe Coatesville, PA Code Officer 610-384-0300 x3107
Jack Donnelly Cohoes, NY Code Office 518-233-2127 518-237-0072 City of Cohoes
Tim Musser Coldwater, MI Code Officer 517-279-6929
College Park, GA Code Enforcement Office 404-669-3762
Eddie Edwards Colleyville, TX Chief Building Official 817-503-1034 817-503-1039 Colleyville, TX
Gary Jenkins Colleyville, TX Building Inspector 817-503-1037 Colleyville, TX
Bill Le Grand Colleyville, TX Building Inspector 817-503-1036 Colleyville, TX
Kim Roby Colleyville, TX Building Inspector 817-503-1036 Colleyville, TX
Joyce Williams Colleyville, TX Permit Clerk 817-503-1031 Colleyville, TX
Collier County, FL Code Enforcement 239-403-2440 Collier County, FL
Collinsville, AL Planning &Zoning 256-524-4215 Collinsville, AL
Paul Mann Collinsville, IL Director -Zoning and Code Enforcement 618-346-5200 x129
Pamela Polk Collinsville, OK 918-371-1010
Collinsville, OK City Hall 918-371-1010
Toni Baden Colmar Manor, MD Code Officer 301-277-4920
John Busch Colonie, NY Building Inspector 518-783-2706 518-783-2772 Colonie, NY
Bob Hockman Colorado Springs, CO Code Enforcement Officer 719-444-7899 Colorado Springs, CO
Gloria Colorado Springs, CO Code Officer 719-444-7891 Colorado Springs, CO
John Larkin Columbia Heights, MN Fire Department/Code Office 763-706-3654 Columbia Heights, MN
Larry Peppin Columbia Heights, MN Building Official 763-706-3677 Columbia Heights, MN
Jim Forster Columbia, PA Code Officer 717-684-2467 x201
Johnny Mc Clanahan Columbia, TN Building Official 931-388-5403 Columbia
Rebecca Wiggins Columbus, GA Housing Inspector 706-653-4126
Joel Smith Columbus, GA Housing Inspector 706-653-4126
Christopher Mc White Columbus, GA Housing Inspector 706-653-4126
Bill Duck Columbus, GA Director of Inspections 706-653-4126
Sue Carpenter Columbus, OH Code Enforcement Supervisor 614-645-3295 Columbus, OH
Dana Rose Columbus, OH Code Enforcement Manager 614-645-7897 Columbus, OH
Marty Cahill Columbus, OH Exterior Debr& Yard 614-645-7122 Columbus, OH
Bob Borowitz Columbus, OH Environmental Unit Program 614-645-7934 Columbus, OH
Cliff Browning Columbus, OH Code Enforcement 614-645-7946 Columbus, OH
Jim Graham Columbus, OH Code Enforcement Officer 614-645-5652 Columbus, OH
Mike Huggins Columbus, OH Code Enforcement Officer 614-645-6352 Columbus, OH
Maria Babb Columbus, OH Code Enforcement Officer 614-645-0669 Columbus, OH
Krista Mc Afee Columbus, OH Code Enforcement 614-645-0153 KJMc Columbus, OH
Paul Cass Columbus, OH Community Development 614-645-2382 Columbus, OH
Rob Mc Neal Columbus, OH Code Enforcement Officer 614-645-7910 Columbus, OH
John Hughes Columbus, OH Code Enforcement Supervisor 614-645-3296 Columbus, OH
Jeremiah Evans Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-7836 Columbus, OH
Kelly Collins Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-0660 Columbus, OH
Neil Scott Columbus, OH Code Enforcement Supervisor 614-645-7837 Columbus, OH
Heather Truesdell Columbus, OH Code Enforcement Supervisor 614-645-6306 Columbus, OH
Tim Noll Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-7972 Columbus, OH
R Zack Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-6088 Columbus, OH
Jim Lee Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-3655 Columbus, OH
Todd Dillard Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-5650 Columbus, OH
Hank Patterson Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-7751 Columbus, OH
Paul Sauer Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-0326 Columbus, OH
Annie Gease Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-0698 Columbus, OH
Matt Lewis Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-0668 Columbus, OH
Mike Sweeney Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-8219 Columbus, OH
Jeff Pharion Columbus, OH Code Enforcement Supervisor 614-645-4571 Columbus, OH
Derek Foster Columbus, OH Code Enforcement Supervisor 614-645-7903 Columbus, OH
Louann Irwin Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-7929 Columbus, OH
Greg Davis Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-5996 Columbus, OH
John Cross Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-6349 Columbus, OH
Ralph Swaney Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-2381 Columbus, OH
Andy Baumann Columbus, OH Code Supervisor 614-645-7292 Columbus, OH
Columbus, OH Code Office Main 614-645-2202 614-645-1700 Columbus, OH
Columbus, OH Records Department 614-645-6082 Columbus, OH
Aubert Saunders Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-7931 Columbus, OH
Mike Farrenkopf Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-7759 Columbus, OH
Richard Booker Columbus, OH Code Officer/Fire Damaged Properties 614-645-2234 Columbus, OH
Jeff Hann Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-3299 Columbus, OH
Robert Beatty Columbus, OH City Attorney 614-645-8619 Columbus, OH
Hiram Howard Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-5651 Columbus, OH
Spencer Edwards Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-2214 Columbus, OH
Robert Burns Columbus, OH Code Officer 614-645-7297 Columbus, OH
Columbus, OH 311 Columbus 311 614-645-3111 Columbus, OH
Jim Harris Colwyn, PA Code Officer 610-461-2000
Bobbie Vik Commerce City, CO Code Office 303-227-8860 Commerce City, CO
Curt Michael Concord, CA Code Enforcement 925-671-3117
Steve Sanford Conneaut, OH Zoning Inspector 440-593-7406
Richard Maus Constantine, MI Code Officer 269-435-4355 269-435-8651
Converse, TX Building Department 210-658-8285 Converse, TX
Billy Gardner Conway, SC Building Inspector, Code Enforcement 843-488-9888
Billy Joe Sawyer Conway, SC Building Official 843-488-9888
Don Elder Conway, SC Building Inspector 843-488-9888
Orlando Robinson Conyers, GA County Code Enforcement 770-785-6911
Todd Schollhammer Coolbaugh Township, PA Zoning Officer 570-894-8490 Coolbaugh Township
Timothy Kresge Coolbaugh Township, PA Sewage Enforcement Officer 570-894-8388 Coolbaugh Township
Copperas Cove, TX Code Enforcement Office 254-547-2514 Copperas Cove, TX
Travis Denson Coral Springs, FL Code Enforcement Officer 954-344-5941 Coral Springs, FL
Gerald Henry Coral Springs, FL Code Enforcement Officer 954-344-1191 Coral Springs, FL
Jean Placide Coral Springs, FL Code Enforcement Officer 954-344-5949 Coral Springs, FL
Douglas Sheedy Coral Springs, FL Code Enforcement Officer 954-344-5954 Coral Springs, FL
Daniel Sanchez Coral Springs, FL Code Enforcement Officer 954-344-5952 Coral Springs, FL
Pat Uber Coral Springs, FL Code Enforcement Officer 954-344-5955 Coral Springs, FL
Debbie Milford Coral Springs, FL Code Enforcement Officer 954-344-5945 Coral Springs, FL
Charles Glover Cortland, NY Director of Code Enforcement 607-753-1741
Don Wittman Cortland, OH Service Director 330-637-3916
Bruce Obrecht Council Bluffs, IA Residential Building Inspector 712-328-4981
Rob Wheeler Covington, KY Code Officer 859-292-2323
Michael Dolan Covington, VA Building Official 540-965-6356
Rosann Shannon Crestwood, MO Code Officer 314-729-4837 314-729-4794 Crestwood, MO
Darrell Hornback Crete, IL Code Officer 708-672-5431 x229 Crete, IL
Crossville, AL City Hall 256-528-7121 256-528-2189 Crossville, AL
Patrick Peters Crystal, MN Director of Community Development 763-531-1130
Crystal, MN Environmental Health 763-531-6000 763-531-1188 Crystal, MN
Cullman, AL City Office 256-775-7109 256-775-7132 Cullman, AL
Ken Sykes Cumberland County, NC Code Enforcement Coordinator 910-321-6654 Cumberland County, NC
Charisse Brown Cumberland County, NC Administrative Support 910-321-6643 Cumberland County, NC
Ronnie Mosely Cumberland County, NC Code Officer 910-321-6670 Cumberland County, NC
Angela Perrier Cumberland County, NC Code Officer 910-321-6650 Cumberland County, NC
George Hatcher Cumberland County, NC Code Officer 910-321-6647 Cumberland County, NC
Kim Reeves Cumberland County, NC Code Officer 910-321-6655 Cumberland County, NC
Cuyahoga County, OH Board of Health 216-201-2000 Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Cuyahoga Falls, OH Code Office 330-971-8143 330-971-8366 Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Charles Nettle Cuyahoga Falls, OH Code Office 330-971-8145
Kathleen Davis Dallas, TX Director of Code Compliance 214-670-5708 Dallas, TX
Ade Williams Dallas, TX Assistant Director of Code Compliance 214-670-5708 Dallas, TX
Tyrone Mc Gill Dallas, TX Urban Rehabilitation Standards 214-670-6964 Dallas, TX
Ronald Robinson Dallas, TX Premise Abatement Team 214-670-9572 Dallas, TX
Thomas Varghese Dallas, TX Mow/Clean Operations 214-670-8704 Dallas, TX
Faye Williams Dallas, TX Junked Vehicle Pinwheel Operations 214-948-4289 Dallas, TX
K Brown Dallas, TX Code Officer 214-864-2567 Dallas, TX
M Burnley Dallas, TX Code Officer 214-670-7688 Dallas, TX
Gonzalez Dallas, TX Code Officer 214-948-4298 214-957-2511 Dallas, TX
Anna Cortez Dallas, TX Code Officer 214-670-6861 Dallas, TX
Bob Graff Dallas, TX Code Officer 214-535-4134 Dallas, TX
Bob Curry Dallas, TX Community Partnership Coordinator/Code Compliance 214-670-7993 Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX Special Collections 214-670-3438 Dallas, TX
Danville, IN Building Inspector 317-745-3012
Arty Bendschneider Danville, KY Building Inspector 859-238-1200 Building Inspector
Tom Broach Danville, KY Code Enforcement Officer 859-238-1200 Code Enforcement
Bridgette Millz Danville, KY Code Enforcement Officer 859-238-1200
Daphne, AL Building Inspections 251-621-3080 251-621-3719 Daphne, AL
Michael Loos Davenport, IA Manager of Housing and Environmental Inspections 563-326-7746
Matt Devlin Davenport, IA Code Officer 563-328-6776
Davenport, IA Building Inspection Division 563-326-7745
Don Riley Dayton, KY Blight Administrator 859-491-1600 Dayton, KY
Michelle Carr Dayton, KY Assistant Clerk 859-491-1600 x226 Dayton, KY
Ann Middelstadt Dayton, OH Housing Inspector 937-333-3947 Dayton, OH
John Carter Dayton, OH Housing Inspector 937-333-3956 Dayton, OH
Angela Morgan Dayton, OH Housing Inspector 937-333-3922 Dayton, OH
James Plaschke Dayton, OH Nuisance Abatement 937-224-3847 Dayton, OH
Allen Carr Dayton, OH Building Inspector 937-333-3952 Dayton, OH
Steve Walker Dayton, OH Building Inspector 937-333-3974 Dayton, OH
Joyce Bryant Dayton, OH Building Inspections Supervisor 937-333-3984 Dayton, OH
Denny Zimmer Dayton, OH Building Inspector 937-333-3982 Dayton, OH
Mike Weinkauf Dayton, OH Inspector 937-333-3921 Dayton, OH
Art Peters Dayton, OH Inspector 937-333-3904 Dayton, OH
Daytona Beach, FL Code Compliance/Permits and Licensing Office 386-671-8140
Barbara Brewer Daytona Beach, FL Code Enforcement 386-671-8170
Suzette Cameron Daytona Beach, FL Code Enforcement 386-671-8169
Jane Carton Daytona Beach, FL Code Enforcement 386-671-8152
Mark Ellison Daytona Beach, FL Code Officer 386-671-8140
Bill Bolton De Soto County, MS County Code Officer 901-331-6357
Dearborn Heights, MI Building Department 313-791-3470 Dearborn Heights, MI
John Cascardo Dearborn, MI Deputy Director 313-943-2216 Dearborn
Keith Woodcock Dearborn, MI Manager-Property Assessment Division 313-943-2196 Dearborn
Renault Arseneau Dearborn, MI Field Inspector-Property Assessment Division 313-943-2666 Dearborn
Decatur, AL Community Development 256-341-4963
Decatur, GA Code Office 404-370-4118
Jerry Carr Decatur, IL Building Department 217-424-2783 217-424-2728 Decatur, IL
Linda Decatur, IL Finance Dept 217-424-2702 Decatur, IL
Decatur, IL FOIA 217-424-2732 Decatur, IL
Dwayne Menager Deer Park, TX Building Inspector 281-478-7201
Greg Melching Deer Park, TX Code Enforcement Officer 281-478-7235
Larry Brotherton Deer Park, TX Code Enforcement Officer 281-478-7237
Deerfield Beach, FL Code Enforcement Office 954-480-4241
Deerfield Beach, FL Building Department 954-480-4250
Mike Moluf Dekalb City of Dekalb 815-748-2070
Officer Shepphard De Kalb County, GA Code Enforcement Officer 404-417-1253 De Kalb County, GA
De Kalb County, GA Code Enforcement Office 770-724-7940 De Kalb County, GA
John Baranski Del City, OK Code Officer 405-671-2818 405-671-2807 Del City, OK
Dennis Preble Del City, OK Code Officer 405-671-2817 405-671-2807 Del City, OK
Kesha Moore Del Valle, TX Code Officer 512-974-1975
Delaware County, IN Health Department 765-747-7721 765-747-7747 Delaware County, IN
Tracy Miller Delhi Township, MI Community Development/Building Department 517-694-8281
Linda Tong Delhi, OH Code Officer 513-922-3111 x305
Dell Mead, TX City of Dell Mead Police Department 254-799-0251
Delmar, AL City Office 205-269-4776 Delmar, AL
Richard Bauer Delray Beach, FL Code Enforcement Administrator 561-243-7219 Code Enforcement@My Delray Delray Beach, FL
George Diaz Delray Beach, FL Chief Building Official 561-243-7211 Permits Licenses@My Delray Delray Beach, FL
Delray Beach, FL Code Enforcement Office 561-243-7200 Code Enforcement@My Delray Delray Beach, FL
Dale Baker Deltona, FL Enforcement Services Director 386-561-2100 386-789-7237 Deltona, FL
C.E. Brooker Demopolis, AL Building Inspector 334-289-3879 Demopolis, AL
Richard Peterson Denison, IA Code Officer 712-263-3143
Loree Meyers Denton, TX Code Officer 940-349-7819 Denton, TX
Beverly Price Denton, TX Code Officer 940-349-7819 Denton, TX
Maria Torres Denton, TX Code Officer 940-349-7819 Denton, TX
Molly Gilmore Denton, TX Code Officer 940-349-7819 Denton, TX
Sasha Menchaca Denton, TX Code Officer 940-349-7819 Denton, TX
DJ Branham Denton, TX Code Officer 940-349-7819 Denton, TX
Tom Kennedy Denver, CO Neighborhood Inspections Manager 720-865-3200 Denver, CO
Robbin Bruning Denver, CO Neighborhood Inspections 720-865-3194 Denver, CO
Denice De Gal Denver, CO Building Inspector 720-865-3188 Denver, CO
David Whitley Denver, CO Senior City Inspector 720-865-3235 Denver, CO
Tony Murphy Denver, CO Code Officer 303-538-7450 Denver, CO
Delfino Rodriguez Denver, CO Inspector 720-865-3193 Denver, CO
Barbara Garcia Denver, CO Inspector 720-865-3251 Denver, CO
Cindy Fernandez Denver, CO Inspector 720-865-3200 Denver, CO
Glen Denver, CO Code Officer 720-865-3196 Denver, CO
Bernadette Denver, CO Billing 720-865-3237 Denver, CO
Denver, CO Code Office 720-865-3200 Denver, CO
Denver, CO Crimes Against Persons 720-913-6050 720-913-7007 Crimes Against Persons
Denver, PA Borough Office 717-336-2831
Robert Mackey Derry, NH Code Enforcement Director 603-432-6148 x5449 603-432-6130 Derry, NH
Dick Tillinghast Des Moines, IA City of Des Moines, IA 515-283-4008 Des Moines, IA
Steve Drane Des Moines, IA Code Enforcement 515-283-4046 Des Moines, IA
Dennis Rule Des Moines, IA Code Officer 515-283-4114 Des Moines, IA
Desoto, TX Code Enforcement Office 469-658-3075 Desoto, TX
Abdul-Musawwir Aquil Detroit, MI Assistant Chief, Building Inspections 313-224-3244 313-224-2744 Detroit, MI
Tom Bommarito Detroit, MI Supervisor/Inspector 313-628-2662 Detroit, MI
Debra Flemming Detroit, MI General Manager 313-224-9102 Detroit, MI
Sheila Johnson Detroit, MI Deputy Directorof Buildings 313-224-3250 Detroit, MI
Amru Meah Detroit, MI Director of Buildings 313-224-3253 Detroit, MI
Mike Taylor Detroit, MI Chief-Code Enforcement 313-224-3154 Detroit, MI
Carol Brown Detroit, MI Legal Dept./Archives 313-224-4550 x23217 313-224-5505 Detroit, MI
Ellen Ha Detroit, MI Legal Dept./Archives 313-224-4550 313-224-5505 Detroit, MI
Dan Lopez Detroit, MI Building Department 313-224-7943 Detroit, MI
Steve Leggat Detroit, MI Department of Building and Safety Engineering 313-224-3155 Detroit, MI
Detroit, MI Building Department 313-224-2733 Detroit, MI
Detroit, MI Adminstrative Hearings 313-224-0098 Detroit, MI
Detroit, MI 36th District Court 313-965-2200 Detroit, MI
Detroit, MI 36th District Civil Real Estate 313-965-6096 Detroit, MI
Detroit, MI Environmental Enforcement 313-870-5255 Detroit, MI
Mike Clawson Dickinson, TX Interim City Administrator 281-337-6204 Dickinson, TX
Chad Leveritt Dickinson, TX Fire Marshal/Code Enforcement 281-337-6262
Norman Hicks Dickinson, TX City Office 281-337-6261
Fred Cody Dixmoor, IL Building Inspector 708-385-0319
Dolton, IL Dolton Village Hall 708-849-4000 Dolton, IL
Dolton, IL Housing Department 708-201-3263 Dolton, IL
Edward Kennedy Dorchester, MA Inspection Services
Dorchester, MA Code Office 617-635-4896
Shann Gorden Douglas, WY Building Official 307-358-2132 Douglas, WY
Todd Mc Allister Douglasville, GA Chief Code Enforcement Officer 770-920-3000 Douglasville, GA
Andrew Mills Douglasville, GA Code Officer 678-715-6083 Douglasville, GA
Connie Phillips Douglasville, GA Code Officer 770-920-3000 Douglasville, GA
Downer’s Grove, IL Code/Building Department 630-434-5515
Tom Yuhas Downingtown, PA Code Enforcement Officer 610-269-0344 x207 610-269-1580 Downingtown, PA
Carolyn Whitelock Downingtown, PA Code Enforcement Administrative Assistant 610-269-0344 x208 610-269-1580 Downingtown, PA
Drumright, OK Code Enforcement 918-352-2610
Loren Andrews Drumright, OK Code Officer 918-352-2631
Henry Slater Dryden, NY Department Head/Code Enforcement Officer 607-844-9120
Kevin Ezell Dryden, NY Assistant Code Enforcement Officer 607-844-9120
Duluth, MN Building Safety 218-730-5300 Duluth, MN
Duane Lasley Duluth, MN Chief Building Official 218-730-5300 Duluth, MN
Mike Letourneau Duluth, MN Housing Inspector 218-730-5156 Duluth, MN
Don O’Connor Duluth, MN Housing Inspector 218-730-5153 Duluth, MN
Dave Putzke Duluth, MN Housing Inspector 218-730-5149 Duluth, MN
Rick Schilla Duluth, MN Housing Inspector 218-730-5154 Duluth, MN
Lois Lindskog Duluth, MN Housing Inspector 218-730-5152 Duluth, MN
Duncan, OK Community Development 580-252-0250 x111
Michael Fulps Duncanville, TX Code Officer 972-780-5040
Gene Bradham Durham, NC Director of City-County Inspections 919-560-4145 Durham, NC
Dennis Ritchie Durham, NC Chief Building Inspector 919-560-4285 Durham, NC
David Coward Durham, NC Field Inspections Supervisor 919-560-4283 Durham, NC
Roy Davis Durham, NC Building Inspector 919-560-4550 Durham, NC
Jim Rodgers Durham, NC Building Inspector 919-560-4552 Durham, NC
David Graham Durham, NC Building Inspector 919-560-4485 Durham, NC
Barry Lumpkin Durham, NC Building Inspector 919-560-4673 Durham, NC
Sara Lawter Durham, NC Building Inspector 919-560-4672 Durham, NC
Larry Prentice Durham, NC Chief Plumbing Inspector 919-560-4494 Durham, NC
Danny Thomas Durham, NC Chief Electrical Inspector 919-560-4486 Durham, NC
Rick Etheridge Durham, NC Chief Mechanical Inspector 919-560-4652 Durham, NC
East Cleveland, OH Building Department 216-681-2415 216-681-2386 East Cleveland, OH
Bob Sniadowski East Fallowfield, PA Building Inspector 610-384-7144
Ed Ginder East Fallowfield, PA Zoning Officer/Codes Enforcer 610-384-7144
Jack Graden East Fallowfield, PA Electrical Inspector 610-384-7144
Gregg Donato East Hartford, CT Property Maintenance Supervisor 860-291-7344
Ellen Pellegrino East Haven, CT Code Officer 203-468-3280
East Hazel Crest, IL Village Hall 708-798-0213
East Moline, IL Building Department 309-752-1512
Lloyd Raheem East Orange, NJ Building Division; Construction Official 973-266-5165
Ronald Riddick East Orange, NJ Director of Property Maintenance and Revitalization 973-266-5320
East Palestine, OH Village Hall 330-426-4367 East Palestine, OH
Bob Gould East Pennsboro, PA Code Officer 717-909-5613
Jarvis Sims East Point, GA Supervisor, Code Enforcement 404-765-1169 East Point, GA
Tommie Neal East Point, GA Code Enforcement Officer 404-765-3461 East Point, GA
Joseph Hyde East Point, GA Code Enforcement Officer 404-765-3462 East Point, GA
Tracy Chapin East Point, GA Code Enforcement Officer 404-765-3460 East Point, GA
Patricia Reed-Clift East Point, GA Code Enforcement Officer 404-765-3461 East Point, GA
Al Ferrell East Point, GA Code Enforcement Officer 404-765-3460 East Point, GA
Bob Willard East Pointe, MI Code Officer 586-445-5010
Beth East Pointe, MI Finance Dept 586-445-5030 586-445-4392
Jim Stack Eastlake, OH Building Inspector 440-951-1416
Sonny Harvey Eastvale, PA Code Officer 724-775-6678 724-775-3791
Dave Dent Eau Claire, MI Code Officer 269-658-3301
Tate Zurbachen Eau Claire, WI City-County Health Department 715-839-4718
Jim Wray Edinburgh, IN Building Commissioner 812-526-3513
Lloyd Beth Edwardsville, KS Code Official 913-441-6983
Enrique Acosta, Sr. El Paso, TX Code Officer 915-774-4530 El Paso, TX
Rudy Avila El Paso, TX Code Officer 915-774-4545 El Paso, TX
Raul Bueno El Paso, TX Code Officer 915-774-4544 El Paso, TX
Sonya Cahalan El Paso, TX Code Officer 915-774-4563 El Paso, TX
Andre Casillas El Paso, TX Code Officer 915-774-4561 El Paso, TX
David Chacon El Paso, TX Code Officer 915-774-4553 El Paso, TX
Ginny Castaneda El Paso, TX Supervisor 915-774-4513 El Paso, TX
Lucinda Chavez El Paso, TX Supervisor 915-774-4511 El Paso, TX
Richard Razo El Paso, TX Code Enforcement Superintendent 915-621-6885 El Paso, TX
El Paso, TX Code Compliance 915-774-4500 El Paso, TX
Elgin, IL Code Administration 847-931-5920
Brad Bohner Elgin, IL Code Officer 847-931-5934
Marilyn Williams Elk City, OK Code Official 580-225-3230
Elk Grove, CA Community Enhancement Department 916-687-3023 916-686-2692 Elk Grove, CA
Janet Bayes Elkhart, IN Code Officer 574-294-5471 x101 574-389-1781 Elkhart, IN
Trent Avance Elkhart, IN Code Officer 574-294-5471 x116 574-389-1781 Elkhart, IN
Mayfield Timmons Elkhart, IN Code Officer 574-294-5471 x115 574-389-1781 Elkhart, IN
Linda Stepien Elkhart, IN Code Officer 574-294-5471 x110 574-389-1781 Elkhart, IN
Patricia Porter Elkhart, IN Building Commissioner 574-294-5471 x129 574-389-1781 Elkhart, IN
Jim Holtz Elkhart, IN Assistant Building Commissioner/HVACR Inspector 574-294-5471 x107 574-389-1781 Elkhart, IN
Gene Payton Elkhart, IN Assistant Building Commissioner/Building Inspector 574-294-5471 x143 574-389-1781 Elkhart, IN
Robin Miller Elkhart, IN City Clerk 574-294-5471 x121 Elkhart, IN
Randy Woodbury Ellicott, NY Building Inspector 716-665-5317 x209
Steve Petitt Elma, WA Director of Community Development/Building Official/Fire Marshall 360-482-4482 360-482-4960 Elma, WA
Elmira, NY Code Enforcement 607-737-5654 Elmira, NY
Steven Avery Elmira, NY Code Officer 607-737-5831 Elmira, NY
Bill Williams Elmwood Village, OH Building Inspector 513-242-0756
Elmwood Village, OH Elmwood Fire Department 513-242-0790
Elmwood, IL City Clerk 309-742-2351
Elmwood, IL City Attorney 309-742-3611
Lisa Hobbs Elmwood, IN Code Officer 765-552-3007
Steven Hrustich Endicott, NY Fire Marshall/Code Enforcement 607-757-2465 607-757-2408 Endicott, NY
Marjorie Payne Englewood, CO Code Officer 303-762-2343 Englewood, CO
Marilyn Lamb Englewood, CO Code Officer 303-762-2338 Englewood, CO
Caroline Faseruk Englewood, CO Code Officer 303-762-2332 Englewood, CO
Larry Medina Englewood, CO Code Officer 303-762-2336 Englewood, CO
Englewood, CO Code Enforcement Office 303-762-2335 Englewood, CO
William Singer Englewood, OH Director of Community and Economic Development 937-836-5106 x214
Mike Siehl Englewood, OH Building Inspector 937-836-5106 x215
Bill Davenport Englewood, OH Code Officer 937-836-5106 x217
Karen Sodders Englewood, OH Administrative Assistant 937-836-5106 x211
Steve Boluyt Ensley Township, MI Building Inspector 616-636-8240 Ensley Township, MI
Rich Bertges Erie, PA Supervisor ofthe Bureau of Property Maintenance 814-870-1473 Erie, PA
Joe Cilladi Erie, PA Code Officer 814-870-1473 Erie, PA
Coy Lloyd Erie, PA Code Officer 814-870-1473
Escambia County, FL Code Enforcement 850-471-6160
Estill, SC Clerk’s Office 803-625-3243
Ethan, SD Finance Dept 605-227-4230
Joe O’Donnell Euclid, OH Housing Inspections 216-289-8190 Euclid, OH
Ron Petkovic Euclid, OH Housing Inspections 216-289-8192 Euclid, OH
Debbie Euclid, OH Housing Inspections 216-289-2700 Euclid, OH
Jim Trombley Eufaula, AL Building Official 334-688-2012 Eufaula, AL
Kim Harris Eufaula, AL Secretary 334-688-2008 Eufaula, AL
Kristi Hayden Eugene, OR Code Officer 541-682-4812
Eugene, OR Land Use Zoning Office 541-682-5819
Rick Reuter Evansdale, IA Building Inspector 319-232-6683
Evanston, IL Building Standards 847-866-2927 Evanston, IL
Jerry Richards Evanston, IL Building Standards 847-209-3254 Evanston, IL
Robert Kramer Evanston, IL Housing Inspector 847-448-8034 Evanston, IL
Gerry Ervine Everett, WA Manager of Planning 425-257-8731 425-257-8742 Everett, WA
Ewing, NJ City Hall 609-883-2900 609-538-0729 Ewing, NJ
Larry Murry Excelsior Springs, MO Building Official 816-630-9567
Connie Lewis Fairborn, OH Building Inspector 937-754-3050
Jim Tillotson Fairborn, OH Code Officer 937-673-6008
Fairfax County, VA Residential Inspections 703-631-5101 Fairfax County, VA
Robert Mc Intyre Fairfield Township, OH Zoning Inspector 513-887-4400 x2266
Barry Fulford Fairhope, AL Building Official 251-990-0141 Fairhope, AL
Frank Santa Cruz Fairhope, AL Building Inspector 251-929-0361 Fairhope, AL
Murray Authement Fairhope, AL Assistant Building Official 251-990-2876 Fairhope, AL
Derek White Fairhope, AL Building Inspector 251-990-2875 Fairhope, AL
Joe Scott Fairhope, AL Building Inspector 251-990-2878 Fairhope, AL
Fairland, IN Code Officer 317-392-8904 x12
Fairport, NY Building Department 585-223-0313 585-223-5466 Fairport, NY
Sel Kulcsar Fairview Park, OH Building Commissioner 440-356-4405
Rex Still Farmington, IL Fulton County Health Department 309-647-1134 x229
Paul Evans Farmington, MI Code Officer 248-871-2526
Farr West, UT City Hall 801-731-4187 Farr West, UT
Darren Fayetteville, GA Code Officer 770-719-4067
Jonathon Danilack Fayetteville, NC Code Enforcement Administrator 910-433-1983
Bob Deacus Fenton, MO Code Officer 636-349-8110
Joe Krabbe Ferguson, MO Protective Inspections Division 314-521-7721 x2264 311-524-5099 Ferguson, MO
John Carpenter Ferguson, MO Code Officer 314-521-7721 x2254 Ferguson, MO
Ferguson, MO City Hall 314-521-7721 314-521-5099 Ferguson, MO
James Orr Ferndale, MI Building Inspector 248-546-2366 Ferndale, MI
Karen Blair Ferndale, MI Building Inspector 248-546-2366 Ferndale, MI
Ferndale, MI Treasurer’s Office 248-546-2370 Ferndale, MI
John Russ Flat Rock, MI Director of Buildings and Safety 734-782-0445
Mike Myatt Flint Township, MI Code Officer 810-732-1350 810-733-6919
Flint, MI Code Enforcement Office 810-766-7284 810-762-7379 Flint, MI
Jesse Buchanon Flint, MI Building Inspector 810-766-7284 810-232-2114 Flint, MI
Gary Willaimson Florence, AL Code Officer 256-760-6327
Florissant, MO Code Office 314-921-5700 Florissant, MO
Florissant, MO Finance Dept 314-921-5700
Gabe Aguirre Flower Mound, TX Code Officer 972-874-6331
Kim Younger Floyd County, IN Environmentalist 812-948-4726 x632
Mike Reyner Folcroft, PA Building Inspector 610-522-1305 Folcroft, PA
Ted Porlas Fontana, CA Manager of Code Compliance Division 909-350-7686 Fontana, CA
Efrain Gonzalez Fontana, CA Code Officer 951-377-0188 Fontana, CA
Fontana, CA Building and Safety Division 909-350-7640 Fontana, CA
Andy Shipper Fontana, CA Building and Safety Division, Chief Building Official 909-350-7645 Fontana, CA
Tim Dicorato Fontana, CA Chief Building Official 909-350-7657 Fontana, CA
Steve Lopez Fontana, CA Senior Building Inspector 909-350-7643 Fontana, CA
Tony Leogrande Fontana, CA Senior Building Inspector 909-350-7616 Fontana, CA
Steve Meyers Fontana, CA Senior Building Inspector 909-350-6757 Fontana, CA
Catherine Samay Forest Park, GA Code Officer 404-608-2300
Patricia Reinhardt Forest Park, OH Property Maintenance Supervisor 513-595-5218
Jesse Wood Forney, TX Code Officer 469-689-0004 x15 469-689-0008
Joe Morgan Frankfort, KY Code Officer 502-352-2082
Kelly Dennis Frankfort, OH Code Officer 740-775-1158
Melissa Mc Arthur Franklin County, OH County Board of Health 614-462-2779 Franklin County, OH
Charlie Broschart Franklin County, OH County Board of Health 614-462-4538 Franklin County, OH
Nathan Ralph Franklin County, OH County Board of Health 614-462-5852 Franklin County, OH
Larry Harris Franklin, IN Code Office 317-736-3631
Don Woods Franklin, OH Chief Building Official 937-746-9921
Tony Weissman Franklin, OH Building Inspector 937-746-9921
Doug Cheek Fremont, OH Zoning Office 419-332-6950
J Harrist Friendswood, TX Code Officer 281-996-3236 Friendswood, TX
Sharon Elliot Frisco, TX Code Enforcement Supervisor 972-292-5370 972-335-5579
Dave Armando Ft. Edward, NY Code Officer 518-746-2150
Bob Pignataro Ft. Lauderdale, FL Building Inspector II #222 954-828-6556 Ft.Lauderdale, FL
Lee Kaplan Ft. Lauderdale, FL Code Compliance Officer #237 954-828-5336 Ft.Lauderdale, FL
Mike Champion Ft. Lauderdale, FL Code Compliance Officer 954-828-5271 Ft.Lauderdale, FL
Bill Snow Ft. Lauderdale, FL Code Compliance Officer 954-828-5656 Ft.Lauderdale, FL
Wayne Strawn Ft. Lauderdale, FL Building Inspector #224 954-828-5147 Ft.Lauderdale, FL
David Crook Ft. Myers, FL Unsafe Structure Inspector 239-461-4404 Ft. Myers, FL
Ft. Myers, FL Community Development 239-332-6712 Ft. Myers, FL
Ft. Myers, FL Code Office 239-332-6718 Ft. Myers, FL
Ft. Myers, FL Public Records 239-332-6742 Ft. Myers, FL
John Alcorn Ft. Pierce, FL Director of Buildings and Code Enforcement 772-460-2200 x216 Ft. Pierce, FL
Angel Perez Ft. Pierce, FL Plans Examiner/Inspector 772-460-2200 x229 Ft. Pierce, FL
Michael Jones Ft. Pierce, FL Building Inspector 772-460-2200 x260 Ft. Pierce, FL
Kevin Grant Ft. Pierce, FL Building Inspector 772-460-2200 x268 Ft. Pierce, FL
Robert Dusanek Ft. Pierce, FL Code Compliance Manager 772-460-2200 x278 Ft. Pierce, FL
Annie Del Rosario Ft. Pierce, FL Community Code Officer 772-460-2200 x265 Ft. Pierce, FL
Shirley Kirby Ft. Pierce, FL Community Code Officer 772-460-2200 x264 Ft. Pierce, FL
Louis Piper Ft. Pierce, FL Community Code Officer 772-460-2200 x212 Ft. Pierce, FL
Kara Bonvino Ft. Wayne, IN Code Officer 260-427-1329 Ft. Wayne, IN
Thomas Bandor Ft. Wayne, IN Code Enforcement Supervisor 260-427-1324 260-427-1409 Ft. Wayne, IN
Cindy Joyner Ft. Wayne, IN Customer Relations Manager 260-427-1327 Ft. Wayne, IN
Bob Dinse Ft. Wayne, IN Field Supervisor 260-427-1098 Ft. Wayne, IN
Barb Steele Ft. Wayne, IN Code Officer 260-427-1110 Ft. Wayne, IN
Richard Schlup Ft. Wayne, IN Code Officer 260-427-1090 260-427-1409 Ft. Wayne, IN
Tim Fox Ft. Wayne, IN Code Officer 260-748-7061 Ft. Wayne, IN
Ft. Wayne, IN Police Dept 260-427-1230 Ft.Wayne Police
Ft. Wayne, IN Fire Investigations 260-427-1317 Ft. Wayne, IN
Boyd Oomging Ft. Worth, TX Code Enforcement Officer 817-740-2030 Ft. Worth, TX
Young Ft. Worth, TX Code Officer 817-392-2219 817-392-6774 Ft. Worth, TX
Jack Harris Ft. Worth, TX Code Officer 817-999-8059 Ft. Worth, TX
Reuben Reyes Ft. Worth, TX Code Officer 817-392-1234 Ft. Worth, TX
Fulton (City), NY Building Inspections 315-592-7208 Fulton, NY
Fulton (City), NY Code Enforcement 315-592-7404 Fulton, NY
Brian Reynolds Gahanna, OH Code Officer 614-342-4025 Gahanna, OH
Gary Tansky Gainesville, GA City Marshal 770-535-6861 x2617 770-535-5636 Gainesville, GA
Galion, OH Building Codesand Permits 419-468-2642 Galion, OH
Johnny Morris Gallatin, TN Property Standards and Housing Inspector 615-452-5400 615-451-5947 Gallatin, TN
Ron Penn Galveston, TX Building Department 409-797-3620 Galveston, TX
Chris Fontenot Galveston, TX Building Department 409-797-3663 Galveston, TX
Chris Wall Garden City, KS Code Officer 620-276-1124 Garden City, KS
Dee Scriven Garden City, KS Code Officer 620-276-1123 Garden City, KS
Doris Williams Garden City, MI Nuisance Abatement 734-793-1700 Garden City, MI
Garden City, MI Building Department 734-793-1650 Garden City, MI
Garden City, MI DPS 734-793-1800
Gardendale, AL Building Inspections 205-631-1708 205-631-1705 Gardendale, AL
Mike Leffel Garfield Heights, OH Building Inspector 216-475-3835 216-475-6081
Becki Simons Garfield Heights, OH Building Inspector 216-475-3835 216-475-6081
Bill Wervey Garfield Heights, OH Building Commissioner 216-475-3835 216-475-6081
Vickie Jenkins Garland, TX Citizen Relations Representative, Code Information 972-485-6414 972-485-6429 Garland, TX
Christina Jasso Garland, TX Code Inspector 972-485-6416 972-485-6429 Garland, TX
Chuck Dumas Garland, TX Code Inspector 972-485-6415 972-485-6429 Garland, TX
Ron Mac Donald Garland, TX Code Inspector 972-485-6423 972-485-6429 Garland, TX
Sharon Brown Garland, TX Code Inspector 972-485-6417 972-485-6429 Garland, TX
Tim George Garland, TX Code Inspector 972-485-6428 972-485-6429 Garland, TX
Tommy Cobb Garland, TX Code Inspector 972-485-6418 972-485-6429 Garland, TX
Rick Barker Garland, TX Code Officer 972-485-6411 972-485-6429 Garland, TX
Tyrone Walls Garland, TX Code Officer 972-485-6427 972-485-6429 Garland, TX
Sandy Teal Garner, NC Building Code Administrator 919-772-4688 x4431 Garner, NC
Les Harmon Garner, NC Fire Inspector 919-772-4688 x4428 Garner, NC
Paul Ray Garner, NC Nuisance Violations & Minimal Housing 919-772-4688 x4452 Garner, NC
Kim Anderson Garner, NC Office Assistant 919-772-4688 x4434 Garner, NC
Ann Stewart Gary, IN Demolition Department 219-886-1531
Ben Robinson Gary, IN Building Department 219-881-1377
Maria Garcia Gary, IN Code Enforcement 219-881-5295
Brian Burbank Gas City, IN Street Department 765-669-0543
Dee Dee Gillis Gastonia, NC Code Enforcement Administrator 704-866-6760 Gastonia, NC
Eric Sims Gastonia, NC Code Enforcement Officer 704-869-1096 Gastonia, NC
Melissa Gastonia, NC Code Officer 704-869-1095 Gastonia, NC
David Le Clair Geneva, NY Zoning and Building Coordinator 315-789-5311 Geneva, NY
Susan Campbell Geneva, NY Administrative Assistant 315-789-5311 Geneva, NY
Dirk Davies Geneva, NY Code Officer 315-789-5311 Geneva, NY
Anthony Validzic Geneva, NY Building Inspector 315-789-5311 Geneva, NY
Ralph Chester Geneva, NY Building Inspector 315-789-5311 Geneva, NY
Heidi De May Georgetown, KY Building Inspector 502-683-9802 502-683-4169 Georgetown, KY
Julie Mc Cartney Georgetown, TX Code Officer 512-930-8452 512-844-0899
Ralph Chewy Girard, OH Zoning Inspector 330-545-1934 Girard, OH
James Dobson Girard, OH Health Commissioner 330-545-6048 Girard, OH
Gladstone, MO Code Enforcement Office 816-436-2200 Community Gladstone, MO
Ed Neveu Goffstown, NH Building Inspector and Health Officer 603-497-8990 x114 Goffstown, NH
Golden Valley, MN Inspections 763-593-8090
Gonzales, CA City Hall 831-675-5000 Gonzales, CA
C.J. Dean Goodwater, AL City Clerk 256-839-6301 256-839-5663 Goodwater, AL
Ron Morrison Goshen, OH Building Inspector 513-732-7734
Charles Lewis Granby, NY Code Officer 315-598-6989 315-592-9270 Granby, NY
Robert Dalton Granby, NY Code Officer 315-598-6989 315-592-9270 Granby, NY
Grand Blanc, MI Code Enforcement 810-424-2782 Grand Blanc, MI
Grand Prairie, TX Code Enforcement 972-237-8296 Grand Prairie, TX
Joseph Graves Grand Prairie, TX Environmental Investigator/Nuisance Abatement 972-237-8046 Grand Prairie, TX
Luis Paret Grand Prairie, TX Code Officer 972-237-8186 Grand Prairie, TX
Grand Rapids, MI Code Office 616-456-3053 Grand Rapids, MI
Stephen Love Grand Rapids, MI Code Officer 616-456-2368
Grand Rapids, MI
Nick Workman Grandview, MO Building Official 816-316-4825 816-763-3902
Erica Hill Grandview, MO Code Enforcement, Public Nuisances 816-316-4817
Dan Johnson Grandville, MI Director of Community Development 616-530-4983
Charles Dyk Grandville, MI Building Official 616-667-8803
Steve Willaredt Granite City, IL Building Administrator 618-452-6218
Phil Kindle Granite City, IL Building Inspector 618-452-6218
Ken Francis Granite Shoals, TX Building Inspector 830-598-8603 x104
Jim O’Coin Greece, NY Building Official 585-723-2380 585-723-2459
Greeley, CO Code Enforcement Office 970-350-9833 970-350-9800 Greeley, CO
Jill Greeley, CO Code Officer 970-336-4133
Paul Martell Green Bay, WI Building Inspector 920-448-3300
Rob Cormier Green Bay, WI Building Inspector 920-448-3300
Tom Lesperance Green Bay, WI Superintendentof Building Inspections 920-448-3300
Scott Nelson Green Bay, WI Building Inspector 920-448-3310
Jean Angel Green Bay, WI Building Inspector 920-448-3300
Tim Meves Green Bay, WI Inspector 920-448-3331
Green County, OH Health Department 937-374-5600 937-374-5675 Green County, OH
Matthew Funk Greene County, OH County Health Department 937-374-5600 Greene County Health Dept
David Amos Greensboro, NC Building Inspector 336-451-3992 Greensboro, NC
Charlie Fields Greensboro, NC Building Inspector 336-451-1085 Greensboro, NC
Kevin Fulbright Greensboro, NC Building Inspector 336-451-4008 Greensboro, NC
John Hyatt Greensboro, NC Building Inspector 336-451-4488 Greensboro, NC
David Jones Greensboro, NC Chief Building Inspector 336-373-2380 Greensboro, NC
Julius Register Greensboro, NC Building Inspector 336-451-1087 Greensboro, NC
Mark Stewart Greensboro, NC Building Inspector 336-451-1093 Greensboro, NC
Jerome Williams Greensboro, NC Building Inspector 336-451-1097 Greensboro, NC
Terri Buchanon Greensboro, NC Building Inspector 336-451-0019
Greensboro, NC Local Ordinances 336-373-2111
Gary Moore Greenville County, SC Code Officer 864-467-7091
Theresa Barber Greenville County, SC Code Enforcement 864-467-7459
Jessica Jordan Greenville County, SC Code Officer 864-467-7247
Greenville, NC Code Enforcement 252-329-4110
Carlton Dawson Greenville, NC Code Enforcement Officer 252-329-4115
Greenwich, CT Division of Buildings 203-622-7754 Greenwich, CT
John Myers Greenwood, IN Code Officer 317-881-8527
Phil Rhoades Greer, SC Director of Building and Zoning 864-848-2175 Greer, SC
Al Kassin Greer, SC Nuisance Abatement Inspector 864-848-2040 Greer, SC
Grove City, OH Code Enforcement Office 614-277-3075 Grove City, OH
Norm Anthony Gulf Shores, AL Code Officer 251-968-1148 251-968-1188 Gulf Shores, AL
Mark Collins Gulfport, MS Code Officer 228-868-5714 Gulfport, MS
Ron Jones Gulfport, MS Code Officer 228-868-5790 Gulfport, MS
Gwinnett County, GA Code Compliance 678-518-6050 Gwinnett County, GA
Glenn Stephens Gwinnett County, GA Planning and Development Director 678-518-6000 Gwinnett County, GA
Randy Franklin Gwinnett County, GA Code Officer 678-518-6055 Gwinnett County, GA
Don Sickau Hamburg, NY Assistant Building Inspector 716-649-6111 x2215
Jim Eberhardt Hamburg, NY Building Inspector 716-649-6111 x2224
Kurt Allen Hamburg, NY Supervising Building Inspector 716-649-6111 x2214
Roger Gibson Hamburg, NY Building Inspector 716-649-6111 x2211
Tim Willard Hamburg, NY Assistant Director of Housing & Building Inspections 716-649-6111 x2212
Wally Bratek Hamburg, NY Assistant Building Inspector 716-649-6111 x2213
Don Sickau Hamburg, NY Code Officer 716-649-6111 x2215
Theresa Jones Hamilton, OH Inspector 513-785-7089
Mariam Johnson Hamlet, IN Supervisor 574-867-3541
B.J. Maier Hamlin, NY Building Inspector 585-964-8181
Rick Bessler Hammond, IN
Hammond, IN
Randy Crews Hampton County, SC Building Official 803-943-7535 Hampton County, SC
Sherry Craig Hanover Park, IL City Clerk 630-372-4220 Hanover Park, IL
Hanover Park, IL Water Billing Department 630-372-4233 Hanover Park, IL
Frank Harmony Township, PA Building Inspector 724-266-1910
Harrisburg, PA Code Office 717-255-6553 Harrisburg, PA
Harrison County, MS Harrison County Code Enforcement 228-832-1622 228-831-3355 Harrison County
Harrison Township, MI Building Department 586-466-1430
Harrison Township, OH City Clerk 937-890-5611 937-454-4831
Andrea Lopez Hartford, CT Housing Inspections Supervisor 860-757-9215
Warren Huertas Hartford, CT Housing Inspector 860-757-9214
Darlene Robertson Hartford, CT Housing Inspector 860-757-9213
Alvin Estrada Hartford, CT Housing Inspector 860-757-9216
Edwin Diaz Hartford, CT Housing Inspector 860-757-9264
Espinoza Hartford, CT Housing Inspector 860-757-9033
Hartford, CT Housing Inspections/Code Enforcement 860-757-9200
Rolly Olney Hartland Township, MI Director of Township Services 810-632-7498
Leonard Campbell Harvey, IL Senior Building Inspector 708-210-5344 Harvey, IL
C. Lee Hattiesburg, MS Building Inspector 601-545-4600
Hattiesburg, MS Code Enforcement Office 601-545-4672
Alvin Eaton Hattiesburg, MS Code Officer 601-554-1027
Arthur Smith Hattiesburg, MS Code Officer 601-554-1009
Robert Tate Hattiesburg, MS Code Officer 601-554-1011
Bill Rodgers Hattiesburg, MS Building Official 601-554-1008
Zarnay Haverhill, MA Inspector 978-373-8460
Debbie Sheppard Hazel Park, MI Code Officer 248-546-4074 248-414-5945 Hazel Park, MI
Roger Pinch Hazel Park, MI Supervisor, Building Department 248-546-4074 248-414-5945 Hazel Park, MI
Nancy Sarzynski Hazel Park, MI Code Officer 248-546-4074 248-414-5945 Hazel Park, MI
Lara Mormino Hazelwood, MO City Office 314-839-3700 314-839-0249 lamormino@HAZELWOODMO.ORG Hazelwood, MO
John Eckert Hazleton, PA Code Enforcementand Zoning Officer 570-459-4957
Paul Kattner Hazleton, PA Code Enforcementand Zoning Officer 570-459-4990
Mark Thompson Hazleton, PA Hazleton Health Department 570-459-4980
Michael Agriesti Heath, TX Code Officer 972-771-6228
Heflin, AL City Hall 256-463-2290 256-463-2683 Heflin, AL
Hemet, CA Code Enforcement 951-765-2339 951-765-2359 Hemet, CA
Hempstead, NY Department of Sanitation 516-378-2200 Hempstead, NY
Darren Tucker Henry County, GA Code Officer 770-954-2452
Frank Mc Dowell Hernando County, FL Code Enforcement Director 352-754-4056 352-754-4491 Frank Hernando County, FL
Mark Caskie Hernando County, FL Code Enforcement Supervisor 352-754-4056 352-754-4491 Mark Hernando County, FL
Hialeah, FL Code Compliance Office 305-883-5832
Hialeah, FL Building Department 305-883-5825
Mark Wayman High Point, NC Code Officer 336-883-3040
Albert Esser Highland Park, MI Building Inspector 248-476-3762
Rudy Lopez Highland Village, TX Code Enforcement Officer 972-899-5092
Highland, IN Building Commissioner 219-838-3185
Candy Thomas Hilliard, OH Code Officer 614-334-2447
Roy Hall Hillsborough County, FL Code Officer #63 813-274-6600 Hillsborough County, FL
Carroll Lewis Hobart, IN Building Commissioner 219-942-1722 Hobart, IN
Dale Walker Hobart, IN Code Enforcement Officer 219-947-3407 Hobart, IN
George Feczko Hobart, IN Code Enforcement Officer 219-942-1722 Hobart, IN
Jim Henderson Hobart, IN Code Enforcement Officer 219-942-1722 Hobart, IN
Gene Hansen Hobart, IN Code Enforcement Officer 219-942-1722 Hobart, IN
John Hamady Hobart, IN Code Enforcement Officer 219-942-1722 Hobart, IN
Ron Schalk Hobart, IN Code Enforcement Officer 219-942-1722 Hobart, IN
Denarie Kane Hobart, IN Director of Development 219-942-1722 Hobart, IN
Juan Mascorro Holland, MI Senior Housing Inspector 616-355-1330
Phil Meyer Holland, MI Director of Community Development 616-355-1363
Danielle Streur Holland, MI Code Officer 616-355-1330
Holly Township, MI Township Offices 248-634-9331 x304 248-634-5482
Jeff Wren Holly, MI Building Official 248-634-9571 248-634-4211 Holly, MI
Clay Milan Hollywood, FL Code Enforcement Director 954-921-3061 Hollywood, FL
Greg O’Hare Hollywood, FL Building Official 954-921-3619 Hollywood, FL
Everett Lawson Hollywood, FL Assistant
Bill Ernat Homewood, IL Director of Community Development 708-206-3385
Homewood, IL Code Enforcement 708-206-3858
Dick Weeden Hoosick Falls, NY Building and Fire Code Inspector 518-686-4310
Jeff Wade Hope Mills, NC Code Officer 910-424-4555 x4118
Mike Casella Hopewell, VA Code Enforcement 804-541-2226
Henry Gibson Horn Lake, MS Code Officer 662-342-3505
Horn Lake, MS Code Office 662-342-3559
Tim Aiken Hornell, NY Code Officer 607-324-7421
Mike Scott Hot Springs, AR Building Official 501-321-6846 501-321-6854 Hot Springs, AR
Bart Jones Hot Springs, AR Code Officer 501-321-6857
Jodi Houston, TX City of Houston, TX 713-218-5885 713-218-5510
Evelyn Phillips Houston, TX Environmental Health 713-640-4256 713-640-4388
John Williams Houston, TX City of Houston, TX 713-640-4399
Gary Bridges Houston, TX Senior Assistant Director, Code Enforcement 713-535-7575
Peggy Dykes Houston, TX Sharpstown Civic Association 713-789-2311 713-789-2312
J Leal Houston, TX Code Officer 713-962-2635
Mark Zuppo Howland Township, OH Zoning Administrator 330-856-5223
Jung-Han Chen Huber Heights, OH Planning and Development Director 937-237-5818 Huber Heights, OH
Anthony Hafner Huber Heights, OH Zoning Inspector 937-237-5813 Huber Heights, OH
Hueytown, AL City Hall 205-491-7010 Hueytown, AL
Jerry Galloway Huntsville, AL Director, Community Development 256-427-5400
Webster Huntsville, AL Building Inspector 256-427-5415
Imlay City, MI City Office 810-724-2135 810-724-1861 Imlay City, MI
Rich Aliff Independence, KY Code Officer 859-363-2950
Independence, MO Code Compliance 816-325-7193 816-325-7074 Independence, MO
Theresa Pirog Independence, MO Code Officer 816-325-7201 Independence, MO
Andrew Warlen Independence, MO Code Compliance Manager 816-325-7765 Independence, MO
Shari Janssens Independence, MO Code Officer 816-325-7819 Independence, MO
Rex Satterfield Independence, MO Dangerous Buildings 816-325-7195 Independence, MO
Kevin Thompson Indianapolis, IN Building Inspector 317-327-2159 Indianapolis, IN
Steve Batchfield Indianapolis, IN Supervisor of Building Inspections 317-327-5549 Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN City Collections Department 317-327-4181 317-327-4799 Indianapolis, IN
Inkster, MI Code Enforcement 313-563-7716 x213
Wall Inkster, MI Code Enforcement 313-563-1438
Roger Martin Irondale, AL Nuisance Violations Inspector 205-956-9200 Irondale, AL
Angie Irving, TX Code Enforcement 972-721-4940 Irving, TX
Yvonne Mendoza Irving, TX Code Officer 972-721-2461 Irving, TX
Mary Anna Irving, TX Code Officer 972-721-4931 Irving, TX
Ryan Claussen Irving, TX Code Officer Irving, TX
Nate Washington Irving, TX Senior Inspector 972-721-4887 Irving, TX
Island Lake, IL Village Hall 847-526-8764
Yvette Camacho Islip, NY Building Inspector 631-224-5645 631-224-5651
Phyllis Radke Ithaca, NY Building Commissioner 607-274-6508
David Manning Jackson County, IA County Zoning Administrator
Roger Iveson Jackson, MI Code Inspector 517-788-4012 517-780-4781
Smith Jackson, MI Inspector 517-788-4070
John Grillo Jackson, NJ Code Officer 732-928-1200 x230 Jackson, NJ
Gary Hardee Jackson, TN Building Inspector 731-425-8222
Jacksonville, AL Code Enforcement 256-435-7611 256-435-4103 Jacksonville, AL
Rod Phillips Jacksonville, AR Code Officer 501-982-6071
Byron Sutherland Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Supervisor 904-391-3550 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Calvin Lee Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Officer 904-391-3564 904-396-1720 Calvin Jacksonville, FL
Del Miley Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Supervisor 904-391-3570 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
John Batts Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Officer 904-391-3523 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Katie Urban Jacksonville, FL Code Officer 904-391-3567 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Michael Allen Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Officer 904-391-3552 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Marvin Smith Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Officer 904-391-3566 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Tim Starling Jacksonville, FL Dept of Property Safety 904-391-3554 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Terri Lindemann Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Senior Officer 904-391-3561 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Elaine Lancaster Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Supervisor 904-391-3520 904-396-1720 Elaine Jacksonville, FL
John Snay Jacksonville, FL County Health Department 904-630-3260 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Vincent Tarver Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Officer 904-391-3555 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Steven Chauncey Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Officer 904-391-3575 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Bruce Chauncey Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Officer 904-391-3562 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
William Hamrick Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Officer 904-391-3543 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Devron Cody Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Officer 904-391-3535 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Ronald Lindsey Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Supervisor 904-391-3560 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Daniel Connell Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Officer 904-391-3573 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
George Tawes Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Supervisor 904-391-3540 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Michael Waelde Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Officer 904-391-3548 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
David Roe Jacksonville, FL Code Enforcement Officer 904-391-3544 904-396-1720 David Jacksonville, FL
Edward Mc Phail Jacksonville, FL Code Officer 904-391-3536 904-396-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Randall Baker Jacksonville, FL Sr. Account Technician 904-630-2935 904-630-4796 Randall Jacksonville, FL
Tim Wallace Jacksonville, FL Code Officer 904-391-3526 904-391-1720 Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville, FL Code Compliance Main Office 904-391-3600 904-396-1605 Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville, FL DART Office 904-632-5567 Jacksonville, FL
Danny Bryan Jacksonville, NC Code Enforcement Administrator 910-938-5232
Stephen Williamson Jasper, TX Fire Marshalland Code Compliance 409-383-6113 Jasper, TX
Kenneth Duckworth Jasper, TX Inspections and Permits 409-383-6144 Jasper, TX
Jefferson County, MO Code Office/Building Department 636-797-5310
Louis Savoye Jefferson Parish, LA Director, Jefferson Parish Code Enforcement/Inspections 504-736-6949 504-736-6953 Jefferson Parish
Paul Long Jeffersontown, KY Code Enforcement 502-267-8333
Linda Mills Jeffersonville, IN Code Officer 812-285-6493 812-285-6468 Jeffersonville, IN
Jennings, MO City Hall 314-388-1164
Larry Smith Jersey City, NJ Director of Division of Neighborhood Improvement 201-547-5683 Jersey City, NJ
Ed Coleman Jersey City, NJ Housing Code Officer 201-547-4824 Jersey City, NJ
Randy Johnson County, IN Johnson County Health Department 317-736-3773
Mike Grandinetti Johnstown, PA Code Officer 814-533-2041
Bob Listner Joliet, IL Neighborhood Services 815-724-4090 Joliet, IL
Richard Thompson Joliet, IL Neighborhood Services 815-724-4099 Joliet, IL
Bryan Wickland Joplin, MO Joplin Health Department 417-624-0820 x524
Kalamazoo, MI Building Inspector 269-337-8026 Kalamazoo, MI
Kalamazoo, MI Community Planning and Development 269-337-8026 269-337-8513 Kalamazoo, MI
Lional Ford Kalamazoo, MI Code Enforcement Dept 269-337-8566 Kalamazoo, MI
Kansas City, KS Building Inspection 913-573-8620 Kansas City, KS
Kansas City, KS Code Enforcement 913-573-8600 Kansas City, KS
Donna Kansas City, KS Inspector 913-573-8607 Kansas City, KS
Richard Felix Kansas City, KS Code Enforcement Officer 913-573-8658 Kansas City, KS
Sherri Jones Kansas City, KS Inspector 913-573-8618 Kansas City, KS
Kara Milford Kansas City, KS Code Officer 913-573-8637 Kansas City, KS
Matt Blackman Kansas City, KS Code Officer 913-573-8600 Kansas City, KS
Doug Fee Kansas City, KS Code Officer 913-573-8654 Kansas City, KS
Nate Pare Kansas City, MO Division Manager, Dangerous Buildings 816-784-4024 816-513-9090 Kansas City, MO
Susan Crider Kansas City, MO Field Supervisor, Dangerous Buildings 816-784-4026 816-784-4035 Kansas City, MO
Orville Smith Kansas City, MO Code Inspector 816-784-4030 816-513-9090 Kansas City, MO
John Parks Kansas City, MO Code Enforcement Supervisor 816-513-9009 816-513-9090 Kansas City, MO
Raymond Herzog Kansas City, MO Code Enforcement Supervisor 816-513-9027 816-513-9090 Kansas City, MO
David Pearson Katy, TX Code Officer 281-391-4797 281-391-4834 Katy, TX
Elaine Lutringer Katy, TX Code Supervisor 281-391-4830 281-391-4834 Katy, TX
Rick Samuels Katy, TX Sgt.-Katy PD 281-391-4848 281-391-4873 Katy, TX
Shane Witham Keizer, OR Assistant Planner 503-856-3441
Robert Springer Kenai, AK Building Official 907-283-7535 x236 907-283-3014 Kenai
Tanecia Kendallville, IN Receivables Clerk 260-347-2452
Kendallville, IN Building Inspector 260-347-2152
Martha Schwartz Kenosha, WI Property Maintenance Inspector 262-653-4263
Kenova, WV Building Inspector 304-633-6302
Albert Hall Kent, OH Building Inspector 330-678-8107 Kent, OH
Kim Brown Kent, OH Account Clerk 330-678-8107 Kent, OH
Kenton, OH Municipal Building 419-674-4850 419-674-2383 Kenton, OH
Terry Welker Kettering, OH Chief Building Official 937-296-3317 Kettering, OH
Charlie Silver Kettering, OH Senior Building Inspector 937-296-3312 Kettering, OH
Tom Luckett Kettering, OH Building Inspector 937-296-3314 Kettering, OH
Jo Postle Kettering, OH Neighborhood Services Manager 937-296-2432 Kettering, OH
Hugh Mc Cann Kettering, OH Inspector 937-296-2440 Kettering, OH
Roger Mahaffy Kettering, OH Inspector 937-296-2487 Kettering, OH
Don Tate Kettering, OH Inspector 937-296-2423 Kettering, OH
Gayle Stoffregan Kettering, OH Complaint Clerk 937-296-2441 Kettering, OH
Tony Poeppelman Kettering, OH Code Officer 937-296-2441 Kettering, OH
Kewanee, IL City Offices 309-852-2371
Kewaunee, WI City Office 920-388-5000 920-388-5025
Lisa Murray Killeen, TX Code Enforcement 254-501-7601
Lori Moreno Killeen, TX Code Officer 254-501-7608
Joe Hunter Kingston Springs, TN Code Enforcement Officer 615-952-2110 x24 Kingston Springs
Kingston, NY Fire Department/Building Inspections 845-331-1217
Tommy Lee Kinston, NC Director of Planning & Inspections 252-939-3265 252-939-3127 Kinston, NC
Ray Hardee Kinston, NC Inspections Administrator 252-939-3265 252-939-3127 Kinston, NC
Greg Dempsey Kinston, NC Code Officer 252-939-3265 252-939-3127 Kinston, NC
Tim Ledford Kinston, NC Code Officer 252-939-3265 252-939-3127 Kinston, NC
Doug Saunders Kirkwood, NY Code Officer 607-775-4313
Ken Flynn Knoxville, TN Code Enforcement Officer 865-215-2118
Jim Hutchens Knoxville, TN Code Officer 865-215-2119
Kyle, TX City Hall 512-262-1010 512-262-3800 Kyle, TX
Ken Dentice La Crosse, WI Director of Building and Inspections 608-789-7530 608-789-7589 La Crosse, WI
Bill Branson La Crosse, WI Inspections 608-789-7530 608-789-7589 La Crosse, WI
Lynn Cains La Porte, IN Code Enforcement 219-362-0149
La Quinta, CA Code Office 760-777-7050 760-777-7011
Anthony Moreno La Quinta, CA Code Officer 760-777-7034
Mary Pasak Lady Lake, FL Building Official 352-751-1516
Cindy Diemer Lady Lake, FL Code Enforcement 352-751-1562
Jim Reid Lady Lake, FL Code Enforcement 352-751-1562
Lafayette, IN Engineering Department 765-807-1050
Julie Lafayette, IN Code Officer 765-807-1044
Lafourche Parish, LA Sheriff’s Dept 985-449-2255 Lafourche Parish Sheriff
Sy Chase La Grange, GA Housing Standards 706-883-2075
Carol Marbach Lagrange, IN County Code Officer 260-336-1016
Tim Wallace Lake Alfred, FL Building Official 863-291-5748 Lake Alfred, FL
Dick Beach Lake Alfred, FL Code Officer 863-291-5748 Lake Alfred, FL
Rene Louis Lake Charles, LA Senior Building Inspector 337-491-1296
David Nagem Lake Charles, LA Code Officer 337-491-1476 337-491-1571
Barney Brugger Lake Geneva, WI Building Inspector 262-248-3911 Lake Geneva, WI
Lake Park, FL Code Compliance Office 561-881-3321 561-881-3323 Lake Park, FL
Ralph Cherry Lake Station, IN Building Inspector 219-962-4444
Lake Wales, FL Code Enforcement 863-678-4223 x275 863-678-4080 Lake Wales
Bill Bucklew Lake Worth, FL Building Official 561-586-1644 561-586-1745 Building Official
Armand Harnois Lake Worth, FL Assistant Building Director/Chief Code Officer 561-586-1652 561-586-1794 Building Department
Robert Coady Lake Worth, FL Building Inspector 561-586-1645
Patrick Painter Lake Worth, FL Building Inspector 561-586-1638
Karl Swierzko Lake Worth, FL Building Inspector 561-586-1646
Clyde Thirbenny Lake Worth, FL Building Inspector 561-586-1650
Jay Martine Lake Worth, TX Chief Building Official 817-237-1211 x229 Building Department
Barry Barber Lake Worth, TX Building Official 817-237-1211 x239 Building Department
Jami Woodall Lake Worth, TX Code Enforcement/Planning and Zoning Administrator 817-237-1211 x228 Zoning/Code Compliance
Suzanne Meason Lake Worth, TX Permits and Inspection Clerk 817-237-1211 x230 Building Department
R. Brian Rewis Lakeland, FL Code Enforcement Division Manager 863-834-6251 863-834-6266 Lakeland, FL
Dennis Browning Lakeland, FL Code Officer 863-327-5939 863-834-6266 Lakeland, FL
Janet Csomos Lakeland, FL Code Officer 863-581-7366 863-834-6266 Lakeland, FL
Jim Dehne Lakeland, FL Code Officer 863-581-7311 863-834-6266 Lakeland, FL
Ronald Fields Lakeland, FL Code Officer 863-581-2069 863-834-6266 Lakeland, FL
Stephen Newman Lakeland, FL Code Officer 863-581-7042 863-834-6266 Lakeland, FL
Danny Thompson Lakeland, FL Code Officer 863-581-2112 863-834-6266 Lakeland, FL
Larry Mumper Lakewood Club, MI Ordinance Officer 231-894-9008
Gail Spencer Lakewood, CO Code Enforcement Supervisor 303-987-7565 Lakewood, CO
Lois Engbretson Lakewood, CO Lead Code Enforcement Officer 303-987-7553 Lakewood, CO
Shirley Beston Lakewood, CO Code Enforcement Officer 303-987-7568 Lakewood, CO
Lily Griego Lakewood, CO Code Enforcement Officer 303-987-7504 Lakewood, CO
Jon Holmes Lakewood, CO Code Enforcement Officer 303-987-7564 Lakewood, CO
Cheryl Sanders Lakewood, CO Code Enforcement Technician 303-987-7566 Lakewood, CO
Mary Simons Lakewood, OH Code Officer 216-529-6296 Lakewood, OH
Lancaster, CA Code Enforcement 661-723-6121 Lancaster, CA
Wil Perez Lancaster, PA Code Enforcement Officer 717-291-4782
Matthew Parido Lancaster, PA Director of Housing and Neighborhood Development 717-291-4718
J. Butch Vega Lancaster, PA Housing Inspector 717-291-4943 Lancaster, PA
Don Birk Lancaster, PA Housing Inspector 717-291-4745 Lancaster, PA
John Cotton Lancaster, PA Housing Inspector 717-291-4942 Lancaster, PA
Luis Rodriguez Lancaster, PA Housing Inspector 717-291-4857 Lancaster, PA
Michael Bireley Lancaster, PA Housing Inspector 717-291-4628 Lancaster, PA
Michael Maguire Lancaster, PA Housing Inspector 717-291-4704 Lancaster, PA
Corey Lloyd Lancaster, PA Housing Inspector 717-291-4629 Lancaster, PA
Gil Ulmer Lancaster, PA Housing Inspector 717-291-4778 Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA Housing Code Enforcement Office 717-291-4706
Rick Bowers Lancaster, SC Building Official 803-283-4253 803-286-4253 Lancaster, SC
Louis Streater Lancaster, SC Code Officer 803-283-4253 803-286-5927 Lancaster, SC
Lancaster, TX Code Enforcement Office 972-218-1200 972-227-1460 Lancaster, TX
Thomas Hail Lancaster, TX Code Officer 972-218-1217 972-227-1460 Lancaster, TX
Niki Atherton Lancaster, TX Neighborhood Services 972-218-1216 972-227-1460
Craig Whitford Lansing, MI Code Enforcement Officer 517-483-4494 Lansing, MI
David Brand Lansing, MI Code Enforcement Officer 517-483-4064 Lansing, MI
Lansing, MI Code Enforcement Office 517-483-4361 517-377-0169 Lansing, MI
Vince Cantrell Lansing, MI Code Officer 517-483-4376 Lansing, MI
Steve Maloney Lansing, MI Code Officer 517-483-4377 Lansing, MI
Lansing, MI Treasurer’s Office 517-483-4121
Candace Phippen Larimer County, CO Larimer County Building Inspector 970-498-7724
Anthony Las Cruces, NM City of Las Cruces, NM Code Enforcement 505-528-4535
David Semenza Las Vegas, NV Neighborhood/Code Enforcement Department 702-229-6615
Orlando Sanchez Las Vegas, NV Neighborhood/Code Enforcement Department 702-229-6615
Pam Hines Las Vegas, NV Neighborhood Response – Supervisor Code Enforcement 702-229-6615
Lauderhill, FL Code Compliance 954-730-3070 Lauderhill, FL
Bob Clark Lauderhill, FL Building Department 954-730-3060 Lauderhill, FL
Bill Riemer Laurinburg, NC Community Development 910-276-8257 910-276-0354 Laurinburg, NC
Bill Peele Laurinburg, NC Planning &Zoning Dept 910-276-8257 910-276-0354 Laurinburg, NC
Harold Smith Laurinburg, NC Public Works 910-276-8257 910-276-0354
Tammy Little Laurinburg, NC Taxation 910-276-1521 910-276-0354
Randy Jones Lawrenceburg, TN 931-762-4459
Lawton, OK Code Office 580-581-3467 Lawton, OK
Paulson Layton, UT Code Officer 801-336-3528
George Finlay League City, TX Code Enforcement Officer 281-554-1423
David Davis Leavenworth, KS Code Officer 913-680-2627
Kathy Rodgers Leavenworth, KS Code Officer 913-680-2622
Stan Meece Lebanon, IN Building Commissioner 765-482-8845 Lebanon, IN
Ray Coots Lebanon, OH Building and Zoning Inspector 513-932-3060
Gerald Fisch Lebanon, PA Sanitation/Housing Inspector 717-273-6711 x2437
Brad Douple Lebanon, PA Sanitation/Housing Inspector 717-273-6711 x2439
Robert Monk Lebanon, PA Sanitation/Housing Inspector 717-273-6711 x2439
Pamela Werst Lebanon, PA Sanitation/Housing Inspector 717-273-6711 x2437
Christopher Miller Lebanon, PA Deputy Fire Chief/Sanitation & Housing Inspector/Health Inspector 717-273-6711 x2436
Douglas Rush Leeds, AL Inspector 205-699-2585 205-702-4785 Leeds, AL
Lee’s Summit, MO Code Administration 816-969-1200 816-969-1201
Lemont, IL Building Department 630-257-1580 Lemont, IL
Lenox, NY Code Enforcement 315-697-5575
Ted Parada Levy County, FL Code Officer 352-486-5541
Thomas Maynard Lewiston, ME Code Enforcement Officer 207-784-2951 x304
Don Strange Lewisville, TX Building Inspector 972-219-3485
Herb Stamper Lexington, KY Code Officer 859-536-9863
Martha Alexander Lexington, KY Code Officer 859-258-3276
David Hollingsworth Lexington, KY Code Officer 859-258-3057 859-425-2274
Tina Roberts Liberty, OH Code Enforcement Officer 513-759-7504
Joseph Kaiser Lincoln Park, MI Superintendent of Buildings 313-386-1800 x256 313-381-3204 Lincoln Park, MI
Robert Steele Lincoln Park, MI Code Officer 313-381-1800 x256 Lincoln Park, MI
Lincoln, NE Building and Safety 402-441-7521 402-441-8214 Lincoln, NE
Bob Adkinson Linden, MI Building Official 810-629-1537
Patrick Thomas Litchfield, IL Code Officer 217-324-8141
Chuck Givens Little Rock, AR Building Code Manager 501-371-4828 Little Rock, AR
Linda Sheffield Little Rock, AR Code Officer 501-565-4807 Little Rock, AR
Melissa Gillam Little Rock, AR Housing &Neighborhood Division 501-379-1513 Little Rock, AR
Sheila Reynolds Little Rock, AR Code Enforcement Officer 501-371-4685 Little Rock, AR
Kurt Field Liverpool, NY Code Officer 315-457-3441 x 4
Charles Irace Livingston Manor, NY Building and Code Enforcement Officer 845-439-5450 x305
Willie Graves Livingston Parish, LA Sheriff 225-686-2241
Livingston, TX Building Official 936-327-8316
Patrick Burelle Lockport, IL Building Department Director 815-838-0549 Lockport, IL
Brian Pohlis Lockport, IL Building Inspector 815-838-0549 Lockport, IL
Jamie Meyers Lockport, IL Building Department 815-838-0549 Lockport, IL
Gloria Kupiec Lockport, IL Building Department 815-838-0549 Lockport, IL
Tim Bown Lockport, IL Building Inspector 815-838-0549 Lockport, IL
Jason Thompson Lockport, NY Building Inspector 716-439-9526
Diana Hileman Logansport, IN Code Enforcement Officer 574-753-4381
Matt Greer Loganville, GA Code Officer 770-226-1622
Vince Benedetti London, OH Building Inspector 740-852-7045 London, OH
Longview, WA Nuisance Abatement 360-442-5082
Loogootee, IN Mayor’s Office 812-295-4770
William Desvari Lorain, OH Chief Building Official 440-204-2045 Lorain, OH
William Dobis Lorain, OH Planning &Zoning Officer 440-204-2040 440-244-6920 Lorain, OH
Linda Fowler Lorain, OH Mechanical Inspector 440-204-2032 440-244-6920 Lorain, OH
Richard Kliner Lorain, OH Building Inspector 440-204-2034 440-244-6920 Lorain, OH
Saul Plaza Lorain, OH Building Inspector 440-204-2037 440-244-6920 Lorain, OH
Bob Pryatel Lorain, OH Plumbing/Building Inspector 440-204-2038 440-244-6920 Lorain, OH
David Busch Lorain, OH Electrical/Building Inspector 440-204-2043 440-244-6920 Lorain, OH
John Vargo Lorain, OH Electrical/Building Inspector 440-204-2046 440-244-6920 Lorain, OH
Louie Czapp Lorain, OH Building Inspector 440-204-2049 Lorain, OH
Dave Keim Los Angeles, CA Superintendentof Code Enforcement Bureau 213-252-3902 Los Angeles, CA
Elvira Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA City Inspector 213-252-3937 Los Angeles, CA
Mark Morrow Los Angeles, CA Senior Inspector 213-252-3967 Los Angeles, CA
M Rumpf Los Angeles, CA Inspector Los
Angeles, CA
Mike Schulzinger Los Angeles, CA Inspector Los
Angeles, CA
Richard Simons Los Angeles, CA Inspector Los
Angeles, CA
Timothy Fong Los Angeles, CA Building Mechanical Inspector
Angeles, CA
Richard Simons Los Angeles, CA Code Officer 213-252-3949 Los Angeles, CA
John Flood Louisville, KY Administrator of Property Maintenance Division 502-574-3365 Louisville, KY
Deborah Williams-Jones Louisville, KY Code Officer 502-574-2508 Louisville, KY
Lynn Witt Louisville, KY Code Enforcement Officer 502-773-2104 Louisville, KY
David Johnson Louisville, KY Code Officer 502-773-8032 Louisville, KY
Connie Mitchell Louisville, KY Code Enforcement Officer 502-773-2093 Louisville, KY
Ruth Louisville, KY IPL – Open Records Requests 502-574-2508 Louisville Property Search
William Schreck Louisville, KY Director of Inspections, Permits and License 502-574-3039 Louisville, KY
Alex Blaylock Louisville, KY Code Officer 502-773-2125 Louisville, KY
Randall Meredeth Louisville, KY Code Officer 502-773-8035 Louisville, KY
Curtis Avis Louisville, KY Code Officer 502-773-2074 Louisville, KY
Michael Baugh Louisville, KY Building Inspector 502-773-2057
Carl Leonard Louisville, KY Code Officer 502-773-2073
Louisville, OH Building and Zoning 330-875-3321 Louisville, OH
Lowell, MA Lowell Health Department 978-970-4010
Richard Lehigh Lower Allen Township, PA Code Enforcement Officer 717-975-7575 717-737-4182 Lower-Allen, PA
Mark Richter Lower Allen Township, PA Codes Inspector 717-975-7575 717-737-4182 Lower-Allen, PA
Lubbock, TX Code Office 806-775-2126
Mike Richardson Lubbock, TX Housing Inspector 806-775-2123 Lubbock, TX
Nick Sanchez Lubbock, TX Inspector 806-775-2118 Lubbock, TX
Gregg Richards Lubbock, TX Code Officer 806-775-3180 Lubbock, TX
Joe Payne Lubbock, TX Code Officer Lubbock, TX
Guy Goen Lubbock, TX Code Officer 806-775-3196 Lubbock, TX
Luck, WI Village Hall 715-472-2221
Keith Kibler Lykens, PA Code Officer 717-453-9320
Doug Saunders Lynchburg, VA Code Enforcement Officer 434-455-3910 Lynchburg, VA
Thomas Cantrell Lynchburg, VA Code Enforcement Officer 434-455-3910 Lynchburg, VA
Joe Slocum Lynchburg, VA Code Enforcement Officer 434-455-3910 Lynchburg, VA
Mike Mc Kinney Lynchburg, VA Code Enforcement Officer 434-455-3910 Lynchburg, VA
Wayland Grubbs Lynchburg, VA Code Enforcement Officer 434-455-3910 Lynchburg, VA
Herman Massie Lynchburg, VA Code Enforcement Officer 434-455-3910 Lynchburg, VA
Wayne Craig Lynchburg, VA Senior Property Maintenance Code Official 434-455-3910 Lynchburg, VA
Chris Bergquist Lynchburg, VA Housing Code Inspector 434-455-3910 Lynchburg, VA
Tricia Garrett Lynchburg, VA Housing Code Inspector 434-455-3904 Lynchburg, VA
Chuck Torbert Lynchburg, VA Housing Code Inspector 434-455-3910 Lynchburg, VA
Bob Drane Lynchburg, VA Building Commissioner 434-455-3910 Lynchburg, VA
Michael Donovan Lynn, MA Inspectional Services Chief and Building Commissioner 781-598-4000 Lynn, MA
Jennifer Worley Macon County, IL Code Officer 217-424-1466
Manuel Ruiz Madera, CA Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator 559-661-5115 559-674-7018 Madera, CA
Dave Naverrette Madera, CA Code Enforcement Manager 559-661-5116 559-674-7018 Madera, CA
Roger Anderson Madera, CA Code Officer 559-661-5117 559-674-7018 Madera, CA
Cheryl Breedlove Madera, CA Code Officer 559-661-5118 559-674-7018 Madera, CA
Thomas Fraser Madera, CA Code Officer 559-661-5114 559-674-7018 Madera, CA
Madera, CA Code Enforcement Office 559-661-5114 559-674-7018 Madera, CA
Suzette Gysel Madison Heights, MI Code Enforcement 248-837-2669
Madison Heights, MI Code Enforcement Office 248-583-0831
Jerry Klco Madison Township, OH Zoning Inspector 440-428-1120 440-428-1371 Madison Township, OH
Bill Foshee Madison, MS Code Officer 601-856-6336
Matt Zapp Madison, OH City Inspector 440-428-7526 x102
Paul Johnson Malden, MA Inspector of Buildings 781-397-7030
Dave Fox Manchester, MO Code Enforcement Officer 636-227-1385 x111
Manchester, NH Building Department 603-624-6475 603-624-6324 Building@Manchester Manchester, NH
Manhattan, NY Borough Customer Service 212-566-0042 NYC
Linda Price Mansfield, OH Building and Codes Manager 419-755-9688 Mansfield
Gaylord Rice, Jr. Mansfield, OH Building and Codes Supervisor 419-755-9688 Mansfield
Lori Donaldson Mansfield, OH Code Officer 419-755-9688 x589
Bob De Bord Manteca, CA Building Inspector 209-239-8416 Manteca, CA
Gregory Baird Manteca, CA Code Officer 209-825-2590 Manteca, CA
Dale Hallock Manteca, CA Building Inspector 209-824-1385 Manteca, CA
Dean Holtzclaw Manteca, CA Building Inspector 209-825-2306 Manteca, CA
Lyle Miller Maplewood, MO Building Inspector 314-645-3600
George Jrbek Margate, FL Code Officer 954-972-1232
Jackie King Margate, FL Code Officer 954-972-1232
Louise Navarro Maricopa County, AZ Health Inspector 602-506-0714 Maricopa County, AZ
Maricopa County, AZ Environmental Services 602-506-6623 Maricopa County, AZ
Amanda Reedy Marion County, IN Community Development 317-221-3086 Marion County, IN
Tracy Domi Marion County, IN Community Development 317-221-3079 Marion County, IN
Tim Mc Millan Marion County, IN Housing and Neighborhood Health 317-221-2173 Marion County, IN
Martin Fields Marion County, IN Housing Inspector 317-221-2191 Marion County, IN
Doug Payne Marion County, IN Supervisor 317-221-3149 Marion County, IN
Chris Van Voorst Marion County, IN Code Enforcement Officer 317-221-8334 Marion County, IN
Cory Ryan Marion County, IN Code Enforcement Officer 317-221-8337 Marion County, IN
Shannon Francis Marion County, IN Code Officer 317-221-3078 Marion County, IN
Eric Kaufman Marion County, IN Code Officer 317-221-2150 Marion County, IN
Dawn La Point Marion County, IN Environmental Health 317-221-2188 Marion County, IN
Lavette Gladney Marion County, IN Environmental Specialist 317-221-2150 Marion County, IN
Matt Work Marion County, OH Marion County Health Department 740-387-6520 x117
Gordon Fowler Marion, IL Code Enforcement 618-997-6281
Sandy Bridenstein Marion, OH Health Inspector 740-387-3604 740-383-2251
Darcy Long Markle, IN Town Manager 260-758-3193 x302
G.Darby Dean Martinsburg, WV Buidling Code Official 304-264-2131
Kevin Flaugher Maryville, IL Zoning Administrator & Fire Chief 618-345-7028 x2, 1 Maryville, IL
Greg Massena, NY Code Officer 315-769-6803
Mike Saracina, Jr. Massillon, OH Code Enforcement 330-830-1780
Bill Kraft Massillon, OH Building Inspector 330-830-1724
Joseph Dougney Matteson, IL Building Commissioner 708-481-8313
T. Ashley Matteson, IL Code Enforcement 708-481-8313
A. Billo Matteson, IL Building Inspector 708-481-8313
John Mc Donnell Matteson, IL Senior Building Inspector 708-481-8313
K. Russell Matteson, IL Building Inspector 708-481-8313
Greg Fort Mayfield Heights, OH Code Officer 440-442-2626 x281
William Higginson Mayfield, KY Code Officer
Maywood, IL Code Enforcement 708-450-4405 Maywood, IL
Anthony Thomas Maywood, IL Code Enforcement Director 708-450-4405
Mc Allen, TX City Health Department 956-972-7040 956-972-7045
Jack Muhr Mc Kees Rocks, PA Code Officer 412-331-2498
Ron Brooks Mc Keesport, PA Code Enforcement Officer 412-675-5020 x614 412-675-5086
Bennie Reed Mc Kinney, TX Chief Building Official 972-547-7453 972-547-2605 Mc Kinney, TX
Jay Spraggins Mc Kinney, TX Chief Building Inspector 972-547-7454 972-547-2605 Mc Kinney, TX
Lori Dees Mc Kinney, TX Environmental Health Manager 972-547-7441 972-547-2606 Mc Kinney, TX
Mike Morrisey Mc Kinney, TX Code Compliance Supervisor 972-547-7397 972-547-2606 Mc Kinney, TX
J’ainene Lowing Mc Kinney, TX Administrative Assistant 972-547-7448 972-547-2606 Mc Kinney, TX
Alison Medford, MA Health Department 781-393-2560
John Bevuso Medford, MA Health Department 781-393-2511
Martin Busch Medina, NY Code Enforcement 585-798-0770 585-798-5018 Village of Medina
Medina, NY Code Enforcement 585-798-0770
Medina, NY Village Clerk 585-798-0710
John Marion Melbourne Beach, FL Building Official 321-724-5860
Al Beyer Melbourne, FL Code Compliance Director/Building Official 321-674-5773 Melbourne, FL
Dan Porsi Melbourne, FL Code Compliance Administrator 321-674-5701 Melbourne, FL
Terry Oliver Melbourne, FL Code Officer 321-953-6358 Melbourne, FL
Matt Daszuta Melbourne, FL Code Officer 321-953-6358 Melbourne, FL
Joe Faletra Melbourne, FL Code Officer 321-953-6358 Melbourne, FL
Ralph Keller Melbourne, FL Code Officer 321-953-6358 Melbourne, FL
Jade Mc Kinney Melbourne, FL Clerical Assistant 321-674-5702 Melbourne, FL
Jerry Melvindale, MI Building Inspector 313-429-1062 Melvindale, MI
Johnie Mc Kay Memphis, TN Code Enforcement Manager 901-576-7380 Memphis, TN
Charles Harris Memphis, TN Code Officer 901-353-9510
Clarence Coleman Memphis, TN Code Enforcement/Condemnation Officer 901-576-7448 901-576-7334
Dee Jamison Memphis, TN Health Department/Vector Control 901-324-5547
Harry Ellery Menominee, MI Building Inspector 906-863-3029 Menominee, MI
Mentor, OH Code Enforcement 440-974-5740 Mentor, OH
Jeanne Jares Mentor, OH Code Officer
Don Cole Mercer Island, WA Building Official 206-236-3594 Mercer Island, WA
Al Davis Mercer Island, WA Building Inspector 206-236-3591 Mercer Island, WA
Dennis Lovelett Mercer Island, WA Building Inspector 206-236-5300 Mercer Island, WA
Doug Young Mercer Island, WA Building Inspector 206-236-3592 Mercer Island, WA
Mercer Island, WA City Office 206-236-5300 Mercer Island, WA
Vickie Bunnell Merrillville, IN Code Officer 219-769-3631 219-736-9039 Merrillville, IN
Lee Allred Mesa, AZ Code Enforcement Officer 480-644-5067 Mesa, AZ
Luis Acosta Mesa, AZ Code Enforcement Officer 480-644-4319 Mesa, AZ
Steve Richter Mesa, AZ Code Enforcement Supervisor 480-644-4852 Mesa, AZ
C.D. De Witt Mesa, AZ Code Enforcement Supervisor 480-644-4547 Mesa, AZ
Angela Duncan Mesa, AZ Acting Code Enforcement Director 480-644-4546 Mesa, AZ
Terri Gazda Mesa, AZ Code Enforcement Officer 480-644-3411 Mesa, AZ
Lynn Satterwaite Mesa, AZ Code Enforcement Officer 480-644-5511 Mesa, AZ
Walt Mc Kenzie Mesquite, TX Code Enforcement Officer 972-216-6213
Tony Raymond Mesquite, TX Code Officer 972-216-6434
Miami County, OH County Health Department 937-440-8105
Miami, FL Unsafe Structures Office 305-416-1100 Miami, FL
Cedric Mar Miami, FL Unsafe Structures Chief 305-416-1191 Miami, FL
Javier Carbonnel Miami, FL Assistant Director of the Building Dept. 305-416-1131 Miami, FL
Joe Ferras Miami, FL Building Official 305-416-1107 Miami, FL
Sergio Guadix Miami, FL Chief of Code Enforcement 305-416-2089 Miami, FL
Aldo Reyes Miami, FL Chief Zoning Inspector 305-416-1496 Miami, FL
Miami-Dade County, FL Miami 311 305-468-5900 or888-311-3233 Miami-Dade Building Records
Eduardo Fernandez Miami-Dade County, FL Code Compliance Specialist, Buildings 305-375-5194 Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts
Charles Bichara Middleburg Heights, OH Director of Economic Development/Zoning Officer 440-234-8811 Middleburg Heights, OH
Mary Jane Adams Middletown, OH Neighborhood Improvement Officer 513-425-7967
Francis Terrell Middletown, OH Neighborhood Improvement Officer 513-425-7967
Middletown, OH Finance Dept 513-425-7906
Annette Accurso Middletown, OH Code Officer 513-425-7943 513-425-7921
Midlothian, IL Building Department 708-385-8642 Midlothian, IL
Jim Connell Midlothian, IL Building Superintendent 708-385-8642 Midlothian, IL
Steve Thornton Midlothian, IL Preservation Inspector 708-385-8642 Midlothian, IL
J Crutches Midwest City, OK Code Enforcement Officer 405-739-8249 Midwest City, OK
Mike Demski Milwaukee, WI Code Enforcement 414-286-3858 Milwaukee, WI
Jennifer Klouda Milwaukee, WI Code Enforcement 414-286-2859 Milwaukee, WI
Robert Bates Milwaukee, WI Code Officer 414-286-8842 Milwaukee, WI
Jim Newell Milwaukee, WI Vector Nuisance Abatement 414-286-8615 Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee, WI Public Works -Sanitation 414-286-8282 Milwaukee, WI
Tillman Pitts Milwaukee, WI Code Officer 414-286-2352 Milwaukee, WI
Brian Milwaukee, WI Code Officer 414-286-8003 Milwaukee, WI
Bryan Starry Minneapolis, MN Housing Inspections 612-685-8576 Minneapolis, MN
Darrell Spears Minneapolis, MN Housing Inspector 612-685-8477 Minneapolis, MN
Josh Minneapolis, MN Housing Inspections Minneapolis, MN
Wayne Murphy Minneapolis, MN Housing Inspector 612-685-8442 Minneapolis, MN
Tom Deegan Minneapolis, MN Demolition Department 612-673-3310 Minneapolis, MN
Gayla Jones Minneapolis, MN Housing Inspections/Problem Property Unit 612-673-5844 Minneapolis, MN
Julie Waalk Minneapolis, MN Code Compliance Inspections 612-673-5805 Minneapolis, MN
Rod Minneapolis, MN Housing Inspector 612-685-8509 Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN Housing Inspector Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN Minneapolis 311 612-673-3000 Minneapolis, MN
Kellie Jones Minneapolis, MN Code Officer 612-673-3506 Minneapolis, MN
Nadia Khan Minneapolis, MN Invoices
Nichelle Danielson Minnetonka, MN Community Development 952-939-8382 952-939-8244
George Obren Mishawaka, IN Director of Code Enforcement 574-258-1612 Mishawaka, IN
Rob Mc Kown Mishawaka, IN Code Enforcement Officer 574-258-1612 Mishawaka, IN
Phil Fick Mishawaka, IN Code Enforcement Officer 574-258-1612 574-258-1713 Mishawaka, IN
Paul Mc Keever Missouri City, TX Code Officer 281-403-8600
Carl Broadhead Mobile, AL Chief Building Inspector 251-208-7642
Frank Sigler Mobile, AL Building Inspector II 251-208-7198
Pat Lilley Mobile, AL Building Inspector I 251-208-7198
Dennis Mott Mobile, AL Building Inspector I 251-208-7198
Vicki Turner Mobile, AL Municipal Enforcement Officer 251-208-7423
Louis Sandoval Moline, IL Building Official 309-797-0471 Moline, IL
Mike Gray Moline, IL Building Inspector 309-797-0476 Moline, IL
K.J. Whitley Moline, IL Neighborhood Improvement Officer 309-797-0443 Moline, IL
Tom Fitch Moline, IL Health Inspector 309-797-0477 Moline, IL
Charlie Hintz Moline, IL Plumbing Inspector 309-797-0473 Moline, IL
Bob Redecker Moline, IL Electrical Inspector 309-797-0472 Moline, IL
Yvonne Johnson Moline, IL City Clerk 309-797-0434 309-797-0479 Moline, IL
Carmen Monaca, PA Borough of Monaca 724-775-2798
Jim Gerstbauer Monroe County, IN County Building Commissioner 812-349-2580
Lyndel Anderson Monroe County, IN Inspector 812-349-2580
Steve Burns Monroe County, IN Inspector 812-349-2580
James Calvert Monroe County, IN Inspector 812-349-2580
Nick Nicholson Monroe County, IN Chief Building Inspector 812-349-2580
David Smith Monroe County, IN Inspector 812-349-2580
Brian Baker Monroe County, IN Inspector 812-349-2580
Kurk Sylvester Monroe County, IN Inspector 812-349-2580
Monroe, OH City Office 513-539-7374 513-539-6460 Monroe, OH
Mark Ciufo Monroeville, PA Code Enforcement Officer 412-856-3368
Jimmy Hook Mont Belvieu, TX Building/Health Inspector 281-330-5202
Tom Mulder Montague, NJ Building Administrator 973-293-8320
Tom Castillo Montebello, CA Building Official 323-887-1457 Montebello, CA
Bob Lembke Montebello, CA Building Inspector 323-887-1494 Montebello, CA
Pete Munez Montebello, CA Building Inspector 323-887-1459 Montebello, CA
Mary-Anne Dominguez Montebello, CA Building Services Technician 323-887-1455 Montebello, CA
Montgomery County, OH Montgomery County, OH
Dorian Brunson Montgomery, AL Director – Chief Building Official 334-241-2080
Steve Honaker Montgomery, AL Assistant Chief Building Official 334-241-2094
Eddie Hill Montgomery, AL Chief Property Maintenance Inspector 334-241-2161
Sue Flora Monticello, NY Code Officer 845-794-6130 x14 Monticello, NY
Susan Castlebury Montour Falls, NY Village Clerk 607-535-7367
Scott Wallace Moraine, OH Building and Zoning Inspector 937-535-1035
Scott Young Moraine, OH Building and Zoning Administrator 937-535-1032
Mike Burnaz Moreno Valley, CA Code &Neighborhood Services 951-413-3340
Eugene Barnes Mounain View, CO Code Officer 303-421-7282 303-423-5239
Jim Ericson Mounds View, MN Code Officer 763-717-4020
John Denomme Mount Clemens, MI Blight Officer 586-469-6814 x905
Vicki Thomas Mountain Brook, AL License/Permit Clerk 205-802-3819
Jerry Weems Mountain Brook, AL Superintendentof Inspection Services 205-802-3812
Bill Knight Mt. Healthy, OH Building Inspections 513- 931-8840
Larry Green Mt. Morris, MI Building Inspector 810-785-1054
Joe Brady Mt. Pocono, PA Zoning Officer 570-839-9238
Derrick Quitsch Mt. Vernon, IL Code Officer 618-242-6830 518-242-6836 Mt. Vernon, IL
Luther Ganiany Mt. Vernon, IL Code Officer 618-242-6830 518-242-6836 Mt. Vernon, IL
Ralph Tedesco Mt. Vernon, NY Building Commissioner 914-665-2483 914-665-2498 Mt. Vernon, NY
Duncan O’Dera Mt. Vernon, NY Building Inspector 914-665-2488 914-665-2498 Mt. Vernon, NY
Jerry Friend Muncie, IN Building Commissioner 765-747-4862
April Patterson Muncie, IN Property Violation Codes 765-747-4862
Dana Rubush Muncie, IN Property Violation Codes 765-747-4862
Donnie Mullinax Muncie, IN Housing and Building Codes 765-747-4862
Tyrone Goodpastor Muncie, IN Housing Inspector 765-747-4862
Ken Rogers Muscatine, IA Building Official 563-262-4141
Karey Morrow Muskegan Heights, MI Chief Building Inspector 231-733-8999 231-733-5229
Ed Field Muskegan, MI Code Officer 231-788-2308 x17
John Muskegon, MI Planning Dept. 231-724-6769
Terry Gillock Mustang, OK Code Officer 405-376-9873
George Nanticoke, PA Code Enforcement 570-735-2800
Robin Singer Naples, FL Director of Community Development 239-213-1040 Naples, FL
Paul Bollenback Naples, FL Building Official 239-213-5020 Naples, FL
Naples, FL Code Enforcement 231-213-5030
Bill Penn Nashville, TN Code Officer 615-862-6600 615-862-6593 Nashville, TN
Jeff Castleberry Nashville, TN Code Officer 615-862-6571
Nederland, TX City Clerk 409-723-1503
Brian Walter Neenah, WI Chief Buildingand Electrical Inspector 920-886-6131 920-886-6129 Neenah, WI
David Frank Neenah, WI Plumbing and Heating Inspector 920-886-6130 920-886-6129 Neenah, WI
Richard Schaefer Neenah, WI Housing and Assistant Building Inspector 920-886-6130 920-886-6129 Neenah, WI
Kathy Englebreth Neenah, WI Inspection Secretary 920-886-6130 920-886-6129 Neenah, WI
Judy Neenah, WI Public Works 920-886-6240
Steve Moore Neosho, MO Code Officer 417-451-8048
Ronald Hartman New Albany, IN Building Commissioner 812-948-5333 812-948-5325 New Albany, IN
New Bedford, MA Building Inspections 508-979-1540 New Bedford, MA
Joe Lara New Braunfels, TX City Sanitarian 830-221-4070
Vic Morgan New Castle County, DE Code Officer 302-395-5042
Jeff Bergstrom New Castle, DE Building Official and Fire Marshall 302-322-9813 302-323-2144 New Castle, DE
John Lloyd New Castle, DE Code Enforcement Office 302-323-6081 New Castle, DE
Harold Frame New Castle, IN Building Commissioner 765-521-6823
Anthony Cioffi New Castle, PA Code Officer 724-656-3535
James Wozniak New Hanover, PA Code Officer 610-327-2535
Tim Werling New Haven, IN Code Officer 260-748-7062
Tim Fox New Haven, IN Code Officer 260-748-7061
New Lennox, IL Township Office 815-485-6452
Paul Hoyls New Orleans, LA Building Inspector 504-658-7200 New Orleans, LA
Oliver Roper New Orleans, LA Department of Safety and Permits 504-658-7130 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans, LA Code Enforcement Office 504-658-4200 New Orleans, LA
Guidry New Orleans, LA Code Enforcement 504-658-4305 New Orleans, LA
New York, NY Environmental Control Board 212-361-1400 Environmental Control Board
New York, NY New York 311 212-639-9675
Sandy New York, NY Department of Buildings 212-566-2850
Paul Reynold New York, NY HPD 212-863-7870
Henry Baynum Newark, DE Acting Building Director 302-366-7075
Matt Saurheimer Newburgh Heights, OH Code Officer
Peggy Weisdock Newburgh Heights, OH Code Officer 216-641-4654
Dave Harlow Newport News, VA Code Compliance 757-926-8868 757-926-8311 Newport News, VA
Harold Roach Newport News, VA Director of Code Compliance 757-926-8861 757-926-8311 Newport News, VA
Michael Nall Newport News, VA Assistant Director Code Compliance 757-926-8861 757-926-8311 Newport News, VA
Christine Mignogna Newport News, VA Zoning Administrator 757-926-8689 757-926-8311 Newport News, VA
Michael Redifer Newport News, VA Building Official 757-926-6914 757-926-8311 Newport News, VA
Newport, KY Code Enforcement Division 859-292-3637
Robert Bramel Newport, KY Code Enforcement Officer 859-292-3637
Mike Spence Newport, KY Code Officer 606-292-3637
Brett Godfrey Newton Falls, OH Zoning Administrator 330-872-3157
Niagara Falls, NY Building Inspections 716-286-4450 Niagara Falls, NY
Niagara Falls, NY Building and Collections 716-286-4350
Dennis Virtuoso Niagara Falls, NY Senior Building/Housing Inspector 716-286-4466 Niagara Falls, NY
Patrick Ciccarelli Niagara Falls, NY Building/Housing Inspector 716-286-4387 Niagara Falls, NY
Robert Ingrasci Niagara Falls, NY Building/Housing Inspector 716-286-4459 Niagara Falls, NY
Dennis Sharpe Niagara Falls, NY Building/Housing Inspector 716-286-8810 Niagara Falls, NY
Ronald Dobrasz Niagara Falls, NY Building/Housing Inspector 716-286-4364 Niagara Falls, NY
Anthony Vigorito Niles, OH Department Head- Building and Zoning Inspector 330-544-9000
Steve Yovich Niles, OH Code Enforcement Officer 330-544-9000 x178
Johnny Lawler Norcross, GA Community Development 770-448-2122 Norcross, GA
James Rogers Norfolk, VA Acting Chief of Neighborhood Preservation 757-664-6500 Norfolk, VA
Tammy Leachman Norfolk, VA Building Inspector 757-664-6531 Norfolk, VA
Clark Ray Norfolk, VA Code Officer/Demolitions 757-664-6574 Norfolk, VA
Varnadore Norfolk, VA Inspector 757-664-6560 757-664-6898 Norfolk, VA
Norfolk, VA City Attorney 757-664-4529 Norfolk, VA
Norman, OK Code Compliance 405-366-5332
Lisa Norristown, PA Code Enforcement Officer 610-270-0439(main line) Norristown, PA
David Soulen Norristown, PA Code Enforcement Officer 610-270-0439(main line) Norristown, PA
North Chicago, IL Building Department 847-596-8650 North Chicago
North Lauderdale, FL Code Enforcement 954-724-0878 North Lauderdale, FL
North Miami, FL Code Enforcement 305-895-9832 North Miami, FL
John Schneider North Olmsted, OH Building Inspector 440-777-8000 x4125
Lou Sperduto North Port, FL Chief Building Inspector 941-429-7041 North Port, FL
North Port, FL Code Enforcement Office 941-429-7186 North Port, FL
Dena Milner North Richland Hills, TX Code Enforcement Officer 817-427-6663
Andy Barbara North Richland Hills, TX Code Enforcement Officer 817-427-6664
Guy Fursdon North Ridgeville, OH Chief Building Official 440-353-0820 North Ridgeville
Phil Drury North Syracuse, NY Code Officer 315-458-4763
Northampton, PA Code Enforcement Office 215-355-3883
Bill Volz Northglenn, CO Electrical/Building Inspector 303-450-8745
Rick Davis Northglenn, CO Chief Inspector 303-450-8833
Mark Esparza Northglenn, CO Electrical/Building Inspector 303-450-8814
Greg Arpen Norwich, CT Building Inspections 860-823-3745
Ed Martin Norwich, CT Blight Enforcement Officer 860-823-3762
Jim Shelby Norwood, OH Code Enforcement Officer 513-458-4510
Jeff Randazzo Oak Park, MI Code Officer 248-691-7460
Oakdale, MN Building Inspections 651-739-5150 Oakdale, MN
Richard Fielding Oakland, CA Inspections Supervisor 510-238-6202 Oakland, CA
Thomas Jull Oakland, CA Inspector 510-238-6280 Oakland, CA
Dave Bunting Oakwood Village, OH Planning, Zoning, and Building Inspection 419-297-2920 Oakwood, OH
Melissa Mc Millon Obetz, OH Code Officer 614-491-1080 611-491-7507
Ocean Springs, MS Building Department 228-875-6712
Ocoee, FL Code Enforcement Office 407-905-3106 Ocoee
Kevin Brehmer Oconto County, WI County Zoning Officer 920-834-6827
Sean Santoro Ogden, UT Code Officer 801-940-1158
Robert Porter Ogden, UT Code Officer 801-629-8907
Cindy Davis O’Hara, PA Code Officer 412-782-1400 412-782-4530 O’Hara Township
Lisa Colwell Ohio National Inspections 800-748-7704
Oklahoma City, OK Code Violations 405-297-2535
Bridgette Starner Oklahoma City, OK Code Officer 405-297-2317
Olathe, KS Property Maintenance 913-971-8580 Olathe, KS
Janna Hartnett Olathe, KS Code Officer 913-971-8579
Omaha, NE Housing and Community Development 402-444-5150 Omaha, NE
Steve Jensen Omaha, NE Director of Planning 402-444-5405 Omaha, NE
James Thele Omaha, NE Assistant Director of Housing & Community Development 402-444-5206 Omaha, NE
Mike Johnson Omaha, NE Code Officer 402-444-5446 Omaha, NE
Todd Omaha, NE Code Officer 404-444-7784
Omaha, NE Code Office 402-444-5371 Omaha, NE
Kim Snyder Onondoga, NY Code Officer 315-469-3144 315-448-8615
Ontario, CA Code Enforcement Office 909-395-2007 909-395-0427 Ontario, CA
Orange County, FL Orange County Code Enforcement 407-836-3111 407-836-4240 Orange County
Marty Mayes Orange, NJ Director/Public Officer, Code Enforcement 973-266-4061
Gregory Dillon Orange, NJ Chief Field Representative 973-266-4095
James Harris Orange, NJ Field Representative 973-266-4093
Curtiss Webb Orange, NJ Field Representative/Zoning Officer 973-266-4092
Lawrence Samuels Orange, NJ Field Representative 973-266-4063
Maria Giorgio Orange, NJ Secretary 973-266-4098
Orland Park, IL Building Department 708-403-6220 708-349-4859 Orland Park, IL
Bob Ravew Orland Park, IL Building Inspector 708-403-6220
Orlando, FL Code Enforcement 407-246-2686
Nancy Watts Osborne, PA Code Enforcement Officer 412-741-3775
Ray Oscoda, MI Code Officer 989-739-9019
Jackson Kinney Oshkosh, WI Director of Community Development 920-236-5137
Kenneth Gressler Oshkosh, WI Building Inspector 920-236-5137
Todd Gilbert Ossining, NY Building Inspector 914-941-3199 x243
Fred Dobberton Otto, NY Code Officer 716-257-9661
Ted Mc Cord Owasso, OK Code Officer 918-376-1500 Owasso, OK
Terri Ernst Owen, WI Owen City Hall 715-229-2404
Keith Free Owensboro, KY Director of Community Development 270-687-8658
Darrell Farmer Owensboro, KY Senior Housing Inspector 270-687-8658
Kellye Nading Owensboro, KY Secretary 270-687-8658
Edwin Kus Oxford, MA Building Inspector/Zoning Officer 508-987-6045 508-987-3934 Building Oxford, MA
Paul Mazeika Oxford, MA Gas/Plumbing Inspector 508-987-6045 508-987-3934 Building Oxford, MA
Alfred Banfill Oxford, MA Inspection of Wires 508-987-6045 508-987-3934 Building Oxford, MA
Laurie Pellegrino Oxford, MA Clerk 508-987-6045 508-987-3934 Building Oxford, MA
Roger Smith Pacific, WA Building Official 253-929-1109
Joel Scarbrough Paducah, KY Director of Inspections 270-444-8600
David Flowers Paducah, KY Inspector 270-444-8604
Bill Griggs Paducah, KY Inspector 270-444-8636
Don Henry Paducah, KY Inspector 270-444-8605
Bobby Johnson Paducah, KY Inspector 270-444-8636
Jackie Wallace Paducah, KY Inspector 270-444-8662
Painesville, OH Code Enforcement Office 440-392-5931 Painesville, OH
Palm Beach County, FL Code Office 561-223-5500
Curtis Yockey Palm Beach County, FL Code Officer 561-784-1353 Palm Beach County, FL
Barbara Grossman Palm Coast, FL Code Enforcement 386-986-3700 Palm Coast, FL
Clare Hoeni Palm Coast, FL City Clerk 386-986-3713 386-986-3714 Palm Coast, FL
Don Duckworth Palm Springs, CA Chief Building Official/Director of Building and Safety 760-323-8242 760-322-8360 Don Palm Springs, CA
Palmdale, CA Code Enforcement 661-267-5234 Palmdale, CA
Tina Williams Palmdale, CA Code Officer 661-267-5234 Palmdale, CA
Palmerton, PA Code Officer 610-826-2505 Palmerton, PA
Tim Neal Paola, KS Code Officer 913-731-7079
Mike Withrow Paris, KY Code Officer 859-987-2126
Lawrence Kerestes Park Forest, IL Director of Buildings 708-748-1112 708-503-8560 Park Forest, IL
Jacqueline Santucci Park Forest, IL Senior Building Inspector/Code Officer 708-748-1112 708-748-4355 Park Forest, IL
Jan Timm Park Forest, IL Building Inspector 708-748-1112 x5614 708-748-4355 Park Forest, IL
Park Forest, IL Police Department 708-748-4700 708-748-7044 Park Forest, IL
Don Kamms Parma Heights, OH Building Inspector 440-884-9607 Parma Heights, OH
Pat Mitchell Parma Heights, OH Building Inspector 440-842-5043 440-843-5818 Parma Heights, OH
Tom Sauer Parma, OH Property Maintenance 440-885-8035 X16 440-885-8039 Parma, OH
Pasadena, TX Community Development 713-475-7243
Pascagoula, MS Code Enforcement 228-938-6620
Jackie Mc Wherter Pasco, WA Code Officer 509-543-5743 Pasco, WA
Pass Christian, MS Code Office 228-452-3316
Tate Paulding County, GA Captain 770-222-1160
William Sutton Pearl, MS Building Inspector 601-932-3528 Pearl, MS
Rob Williams Pendleton, IN Assistant Planning Director 765-778-8370 Pendleton, IN
Mike Guard Pendleton, IN Building Inspector 765-778-8370 Pendleton, IN
Andy Suveges Penfield, NY Code Enforcement 585-340-8635 Penfield, NY
Delmus Wilkinson Pensacola, FL Inspection Services Administrator 850-436-5600
Matt O’Brien Pensacola, FL Code Inspector 850-435-1682 850-595-1464
Diana Collinsworth Pensacola, FL Environmental Specialist 850-471-6177
Kurt Craanen Peoria, IL Manager, Code Enforcement 309-494-8617 309-494-8671 Peoria, IL
Billy Ambrose Peoria, IL Code Enforcement Supervisor 309-494-8162 309-494-8671 Peoria, IL
Leon Abner Peoria, IL Code Enforcement Officer 309-494-8921 309-494-8671 Peoria, IL
Don Moreland Peoria, IL Code Enforcement Officer 309-494-8917 309-494-8671 Peoria, IL
Carol Wagley Peoria, IL Code Officer 309-494-8914 309-494-8671 Peoria, IL
Lisa Peoria, IL Code Officer 309-494-8941 309-494-8671 Peoria, IL
Tim Mc Grath Peotone, IL Code Enforcement 708-258-3279 x24
Nino Monaco Pepper Pike, OH Code Officer 216-896-6135 x132 216-831-1160
Ted Kimmel Perkins, OK Code Officer 405-714-1322
Scott Weckbacher Perry Township, OH County Code Officer 330-833-2141
Rob Kehoe Perry, MI Building Inspector 517-625-6155 x229 517-625-6157 Perry, MI
Tom Harp Peru, IN Building Commissioner 765-473-4881
Bob Connolly Peru, IN Code Enforcement 765-473-4881
Petersburg, VA Building and Code Compliance 804-733-2409
Pharr, TX Code Office 956-702-5360 Pharr, TX
David Perri Philadelphia, PA Chief Code Official 215-686-2404 Philadelphia, PA
Jim Beach Philadelphia, PA Housing Division 215-685-3762 Philadelphia, PA
John Huntley Pima County, AZ Code Enforcement Inspector 520-740-6441
Pinal County, AZ Sheriff’s Dept 520-866-6800 520-866-5195 Pinal County Sheriff
Pinellas County, FL Lien Information 727-464-4876 Pinellas County, FL
Pinellas County, FL Building Department 727-464-3241 Pinellas County, FL
Pinellas County, FL Code Enforcement/Environmental 727-464-4761 Pinellas County, FL
Dan Martin Pineville, NC Code Officer 704-889-1575
Gary Parks Pitcairn, PA Buildings Supervisor 412-372-6500
Joe Andrisevic Pittsburgh, PA Code Enforcement Officer 412-255-8907
Pittsburgh, PA Demolition Department 412-255-2187
Bill Volovski Plainville, CT Building Official 860-793-0221 Plainville, CT
Pam Farahmand Plano, TX Property Standards Specialist 972-941-7124
Plant City, FL Code Office 813-659-4200 813-659-4227 Plant City, FL
Marilynn Candis Plant City, FL Clerical Assistant 813-659-4200 x4150 813-659-4227 Plant City, FL
Dennis Sweeney Plant City, FL Code Inspector Supervisor 813-659-4200 x4141 813-659-4227 Plant City, FL
Lamar Kent Plant City, FL Code Inspector 813-659-4200 x4137 813-659-4227 Plant City, FL
Rachel Wooten Plant City, FL Code Inspector 813-659-4200 x4140 813-659-4227 Plant City, FL
Chuck Altman Plymouth, MI Code Officer 734-453-1234 x231 Plymouth, MI
Marleta Barr Plymouth, MI Office Manager 734-453-1234 x232 Plymouth, MI
Jim Penn Plymouth, MI Building Official 734-453-1234 x232 Plymouth, MI
John Thomas Plymouth, PA Code Officer 570-779-1011
Denise Robinson Polk County, FL County Code Officer 863-534-6054 Polk County, FL
Shannon Smith Pomeroy, OH Code Officer 740-992-6411
Keith Little Pomeroy, OH Health Department 740-992-6626
Brad Shult Pontiac, MI Building Official 248-857-5670 248-758-2827 Pontiac, MI
Pontiac, MI Fire Marshal 248-758-3544 Pontiac, MI
Pontiac, MI Law Dept. 248-758-3274 Pontiac, MI
Pauline Repp Port Huron, MI City Clerk 810-984-9725 810-984-5384 Port Huron, MI
Rob Thigpen Port Lavaca, TX Fire Marshal 361-552-9793 x229 361-552-6062 Port Lavaca, TX
John Di Falco Port Royal, SC Code Officer 843-986-2258
Port St. Lucie, FL Building Department 772-871-5132 Port St. Lucie, FL
Port St. Lucie, FL Code Enforcement 772-871-5010 Port St. Lucie, FL
Randy Tetzlaff Port Washington, WI Director of Planning and Development 262-284-2600 Port Washington, WI
John Siroky Portage, IN Lead Code Enforcement Officer 219-762-4204 x 2
Frank Bertucci Portage, IN Part Time Code Enforcement Officer 219-762-4204 x 2
Portage, MI Community Development 269-329-4477 Portage, MI
Elizabeth Money Portage, MI Community Development 269-324-9280 Portage, MI
Vicki Georgeau Portage, MI Deputy Directorof Community Development 269-329-4480 Portage, MI
Dan Collins Portland, OR Building Inspector 503-823-7750
Joonie Kaneshige Portland, OR Inspector 503-823-7331
Edgar Bolden Portland, OR Code Officer 503-823-7246
Steve Kass Portland, OR Code Officer
Portland, OR Revenue Collections 503-823-3574
Bruce Spriggs Portsmouth, OH City Health Department 740-353-5153
Larry Justice Portsmouth, OH Housing/Plumbing Inspector 740-354-7557
George Medeiros Portsmouth, RI Building Inspector 401-683-3611
James Pippen Portsmouth, VA Code Officer 757-393-8531
Portsmouth, VA Code Enforcement 757-393-8531 Portsmouth, VA
Moses Atkins Portsmouth, VA Code Enforcement 757-393-8531 x4273 Portsmouth, VA
Posen, IL Building Department 708-385-0297
Pottstown Borough, PA Code Enforcement 610-970-6500
David Dolphin Pottsville, PA Code Officer 570-622-1234 x338
James Modafferi Poughkeepsie, NY Code Officer 845-451-4007 Poughkeepsie, NY
Poughkeepsie, NY Town of Poughkeepsie Building Department 845-485-3655
Prince George’s County, MD Community Development 301-883-6100 Prince George’s County, MD
Melvin Tompkins Pueblo, CO Code Officer 719-553-2580 Pueblo, CO
Queens, NY Borough Customer Service 718-286-0600 NYC
Don Worthington Radcliff, KY Code Enforcement 270-351-4714
Roger Bonney Raleigh, NC Housing Inspections Supervisor 919-807-5217 Raleigh, NC
Bryce Abernethy Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5233 Raleigh, NC
Jeff Baird Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5228 Raleigh, NC
Mathew Boone Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5236 Raleigh, NC
Tracy Buchanan Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5244 Raleigh, NC
Jerry Burnette Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5175 Raleigh, NC
Wayne Giles Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5172 Raleigh, NC
Tony Gupton Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5163 Raleigh, NC
Terry Jones Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5174 Raleigh, NC
Edward Kimball Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5179 Raleigh, NC
Doug Lilly Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5178 Raleigh, NC
Jerry Mahler Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5173 Raleigh, NC
Melessia May Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5177 Raleigh, NC
Steven Melton Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5237 Raleigh, NC
William Potter Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5243 Raleigh, NC
James Riggs Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5227 Raleigh, NC
Rex Rose Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5162 Raleigh, NC
Anthony Sinclair Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5164 Raleigh, NC
Kenneth Smith Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5176 Raleigh, NC
Audrey Webster Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5161 Raleigh, NC
Dudley Winslow Raleigh, NC Housing Inspector 919-807-5242 Raleigh, NC
Raleigh, NC Housing Inspections 919-516-2495 Raleigh, NC
Rancho Cordova, CA Code Office 916-851-8770
Philip Nichols Rancho Cordova, CA Code Officer 916-851-8774
John Osborn Raytown, MO Neighborhood Services Supervisor 816-737-6173
Rick Martin Reading, OH Code Officer 513-733-9173
Kathy Reichart Reading, PA Code Enforcement Officer 610-655-6283(main)
William Frymoyer Reading, PA Code Officer 610-655-6283
Joe Reading, PA Code Officer 610-655-6466
Red Bank Borough, NJ Code Office 732-530-2760 Red Bank, NJ
John Henry Revere, MA City Clerk 781-286-8160 Revere, MA
Anthony D’Agosta Revere, MA Health Inspector 781-286-8176 Revere, MA
John Ferrara Revere, MA Health Inspector 781-286-8176 Revere, MA
Chet Hopper Reynoldsburg, OH Chief Building Official 614-322-6802 614-322-6830 Reynoldsburg, OH
Roger Adkins Reynoldsburg, OH Assistant Chief Building Official 614-322-6802 614-322-6830 Reynoldsburg, OH
Stu Douglass Reynoldsburg, OH Building Inspector 614-322-6802 614-322-6830 Reynoldsburg, OH
Daniel Lyday Reynoldsburg, OH Building Inspector 614-322-6802 614-322-6830 Reynoldsburg, OH
Jim Casteel Reynoldsburg, OH Code Officer 614-322-6802 614-322-6830 Reynoldsburg, OH
Rick Keys Reynoldsburg, OH Code Officer 614-322-6802 614-322-6830 Reynoldsburg, OH
Rialto, CA City Clerk 909-820-2519 Rialto, CA
William Wagner Rice Lake, WI Building Inspector 715-234-2425 Rice Lake
George Banker Richland Hills, TX Code Officer 817-299-1874
Lorena Burciaga Richmond, CA Code Officer 510-621-1277
Danny Miller Richmond, MO Code Officer 816-776-5304 x114
Valerie Graham Richmond, VA Code Enforcement 804-646-6419 Richmond, VA
Richmond, VA Permits and Inspections 765-983-7341 Richmond, VA
Clifford Yates Richton Park, IL Code Officer 708-481-8950 x156 Richton Park, IL
Mike Wirth Rincon, GA County Code Officer 912-754-2105
Rodney Soole Rio Rancho, NM Code Enforcement Officer 505-891-5864
River Grove, IL Village Hall 708-453-8000
River Rouge, MI Code Office 313-842-4209 313-842-4208
Doug Manning Riverdale, GA Director of Community Development 770-996-3397 770-996-9913 Riverdale
Riverdale, UT City Office 801-394-5541 801-399-5784 Riverdale, UT
Randy Daily Riverdale, UT Code Officer 801-394-5541 x1215
Riverside County, CA Sheriff’s Dept 951-955-2400
Michele Kompier Riverside County, CA Code Enforcement 951-485-5840 951-485-4938 Riverside County, CA
Brian Nakamura Riverside, CA Deputy Public Works Director
Riverside, CA
Siobhan Foster Riverside, CA Deputy Public Works Director
Riverside, CA
Carlie Myers Riverside, CA Management Analyst 951-826-2422 951-826-2570 Riverside, CA
Ron Williams Riverside, CA Code Officer 951-826-2385 Riverside, CA
Susan Devlin Riverside, CA Senior Code Officer 951-826-5764 Riverside, CA
Riverside, CA Code Enforcement Office 951-826-5633 951-826-5470 Riverside, CA
Von Dubose Riverside, OH Code Officer 937-233-1801 x263
Eric Sands Roanoke, IN Code Officer 260-672-3202
Roanoke, VA Code Enforcement 540-853-1090 Roanoke, VA
Kim Asbury Roanoke, VA Building Inspector 540-853-1052 Roanoke, VA
Joe Aprile Rochester Hills, MI Code Officer 248-841-2437 Rochester Hills, MI
Jerry Jolley Rochester, IN Building Inspector 574-223-7409
Rochester, NY NET Office 585-428-7630 585-428-7069 Rochester, NY
Ray Nees Rock Island, IL Director of Zoning and Building 309-558-3771
Matt Alberts Rock Island, IL Building Inspector 309-558-3771
Denny Mesick Rock Island, IL Building Inspector 309-558-3771
Rock Island, IL Nuisance Abatement Inspector 309-732-2917 Rock Island, IL
Antwain Williams Rockdale County, GA Code Officer Rockdale County, GA
Vicki Manson Rockford, IL Interim Directorof Community Development 815-987-5600 815-967-6933 Rockford, IL
Rockford, IL Building Department 815-987-5550 Rockford, IL
Rockwood, TN Code Office 865-354-0163
Jeff David Rogers, AR Code Enforcement Supervisor 479-621-1196 479-621-1103 Rogers, AR
Rome, GA Building Inspection 706-236-4481 706-378-3867 Rome, GA
Greg Shaver Rome, NY Code Enforcement Officer 315-838-1723 315-838-1160
Robert Ryan Rome, NY Code Enforcement Officer 315-339-7639
Cynthia Del Piano Rome, NY City Clerk 315-339-7659 315-838-1160
Regina Romeoville, IL Code Officer 815-886-7215 x395
Roselle, NJ Building Department 908-245-5600
Roseville, MI Code Office 586-445-5450
Richard Drouard Rossford, OH Zoning Officer 419-392-7652
Ramone Gonzales Roswell, NM Code Enforcement Supervisor 505-637-6253 Roswell, NM
Patrick Carroll Rotterdam, NY Code Enforcement 518-355-9514
Lynda Walker Royal Palm Beach, FL Code Enforcement Supervisor 561-790-5138 561-790-5129 Royal Palm Beach, FL
Lou Hosford Royal Palm Beach, FL Code Secretary 561-790-5138 561-790-5129 Royal Palm Beach, FL
Don Walders Russells Point, OH Building Official 937-843-2245
Sacramento County, CA Code Office 916-875-5656
Richard Leiker Sacramento, CA Housing and Dangerous Buildings 916-808-7174
Max Fernandez Sacramento, CA Director of Code Enforcement 916-808-7940 Sacramento, CA
Ron O’Conner Sacramento, CA Code Enforcement Manager 916-808-8183 Sacramento, CA
Randy Stratton Sacramento, CA Chief of Housingand Dangerous Buildings 916-808-6497 916-808-6514 Sacramento, CA
Bob Rose Sacramento, CA Code Enforcement Manager 916-808-5947 Sacramento, CA
Marge Innocenti Sacramento, CA Code Enforcement Analyst 916-808-8898 Sacramento, CA
Jeff Cain Saginaw, MI Code Officer 989-759-1421 Saginaw, MI
Scott Nzinski Saginaw, MI Code Officer 989-759-1421 Saginaw, MI
Kevin Mc Millin Saginaw, TX Building Inspections 817-230-0451 Saginaw, TX
Jim Ross Saginaw, TX Inspector 817-230-0456 Saginaw, TX
Joe Bivona Saint Tammany, LA County Code Enforcement 985-898-2529
Roy Brown Salem, OH Building and Zoning 330-332-4590 x152
Salem, OR Community Development 503-361-2255 Salem, OR
Julie Hollins Salt Lake City, UT Zoning Officer 801-535-7938
Roy Wilson Sampson, NC County Inspections Director 910-592-0146
Jimmy Fannin Sampson, NC Code Enforcement Officer 910-299-4904 x3023
Ray Fernandez San Antonio, TX Code Enforcement Dept 210-416-2157 San Antonio, TX
J. Kelly San Antonio, TX Code Enforcement Officer 210-416-5839 San Antonio, TX
Diana Alameda San Antonio, TX Code Officer San Antonio, TX
Sandra San Antonio, TX Finance Dept 210-207-8690 210-207-8676 San Antonio, TX
Danny Ligues San Antonio, TX Code Officer 210-416-5890
George Rosakas San Antonio, TX Code Officer 210-416-5852
San Bernardino County, CA Code Enforcement Office 760-843-4363 760-843-4365 San Bernardino County, CA
San Bernardino County, CA Code Enforcement Office 760-228-5430 760-228-5449 San Bernardino County, CA
Glenn Baude San Bernardino, CA Director of Code Enforcement 909-384-5205 909-384-5247 San Bernardino
Charles Carter San Bernardino, CA Code Officer 909-384-5379
John Hinchion San Francisco, CA Building Inspector 415-558-6012
Sand Lake, MI Town Hall 616-636-8854
Charles Piddock Sandusky, OH Zoning Officer 419-627-5804
Alvah Weeks Saugerties, NY Building Inspector 845-246-2800 x332 845-246-0461 Saugerties, NY
Janice Ferraro Saugerties, NY Building Inspector 845-246-2800 x333 845-246-0461 Saugerties, NY
Henry Ziegler Saugerties, NY Building Inspector 845-246-2800 x306 845-246-0461 Saugerties, NY
Claudette Zinkow Saugerties, NY Building Inspector 845-246-2800 x333 845-246-0461 Saugerties, NY
Earl Mayton Sauk Village, IL Building Inspector 708-758-3330 Village of Sauk Village
Mike Bartnicki Sauk Village, IL Code Officer 708-758-3330 708-372-0336
Savannah, GA Property Maintenance Division 912-644-7909 Savannah, GA
Gary Timonere Saybrook, OH Zoning Inspector 440-969-1106 x104
Ken Grey Schenectady, NY Code Enforcement 518-382-5050
Keith Lamp Schenectady, NY Code Enforcement 518-382-5050
Donald Cobb Scott City, MO Code Officer 573-264-2121 573-264-2125
Bill Quinn Scott Township, PA Building Inspector 412-276-5300 x222
William Fiorini Scranton, PA Director -Licensing, Permits and Inspections 570-348-4193 Scranton, PA
Don Mc Keon Scranton, PA Housing Inspector 570-348-4193 x4526 Scranton, PA
Mark Seitzinger Scranton, PA Deputy Directorof Safety and Conservation 570-348-4288 Scranton, PA
Patricia Fowler Scranton, PA Health Inspector 570-348-4193 x4524 Scranton, PA
Todd Cortese Scranton, PA Housing Inspector 570-348-4193 x4528 Scranton, PA
Seagoville, TX Code Office 972-287-2050 972-287-3891 Seagoville, TX
Seminole County, FL County Building Department 407-665-7050
Seneca County, OH Seneca County Health District 419-447-3691 Seneca County Health Dept.
Seven Hills, OH Building Department 216-524-4427
Nancy Watts Sewickley, PA Code Enforcement 412-741-1762
Brent Goben Seymour, IN Building Inspector 812-522-4746
Bill Henson Shaker Heights, OH Code Officer 216-491-1472 Shaker Heights, OH
Keith Williams Shaker Heights, OH Code Officer 216-491-1474 Shaker Heights, OH
Bill Scott Sharon Hill, PA Code Officer 610-586-2800
Frank Smeraglia Sharon, PA Code/Zoning Administrator 724-983-3230 Sharon, PA
Del Williams Sharon, PA Code Officer 724-983-3230 Sharon, PA
Mike Brune Sharronville, OH Health Commissioner 513-563-1722 513-563-0617 Sharonville
Shelby County, IN Code Officer 317-392-8904 x12
Don Montgomery Shelby, TN Chief Building Inspector 901-379-4310
Brian Richardson Shelbyville, IN Deputy Building Commissioner 317-392-5102
David Havens Sheridan, CO Code Officer 303-901-8431
Shiawassee County, MI Building and Zoning 989-743-2396 Shiawassee County, MI
Kevin Chapman Shockley, KY Code Enforcement Officer 502-449-5000
Collin Cecil Sikeston, MO Building Inspections 573-471-2186 573-471-1526 Sikeston, MO
Tom Burns Sikeston, MO Building Inspections 573-471-2174 573-471-1526 Sikeston, MO
Kevin Martell Silver Springs, MD Code Enforcement Officer 240-777-3734 240-777-3701
John Whitt Silver Springs, MD Code Enforcement Officer 240-777-3744
Dale Lisle Sioux City, IA Code Enforcement Inspector 712-279-6216
Stuart Drummond Sioux City, IA Code Enforcement Officer 712-279-6297
Pete Nikolai Sioux Falls, SD Building Inspector 605-367-8685
David Truelove Skiatook, OK Code Office 918-396-2796
Pete Peyer Skokie, IL Director of Community Development 847-933-8447 Skokie, IL
Wayne Hanson Skokie, IL Deputy Directorof Community Development 847-933-8223 Skokie, IL
Nathan Kriska Skokie, IL Building and Zoning Supervisor 847-933-8223 Skokie, IL
Steve Klocko Skokie, IL Building Inspector 847-933-8223 Skokie, IL
Terry Oline Skokie, IL Property Standards Supervisor 847-933-8223 Skokie, IL
Colleen Burke Skokie, IL Property Standards Inspector 847-933-8224 Skokie, IL
Vernon Nash Skokie, IL Property Standards Inspector 847-933-8224 Skokie, IL
Carl Celestino Skokie, IL Property Standards Inspector 847-933-8224 Skokie, IL
Terry Fredrickson Slinger, WI Building Inspector 262-644-5265
Smyrna, TN Code Office 615-355-5704 Smyrna, TN
Snellville, GA Code Compliance 770-985-3555 770-985-3579 Snellville, GA
Gary Libbey South Bend, IN Code Enforcement 574-235-9486 South Bend, IN
Catherine Brucker South Bend, IN Director of Code Enforcement 574-235-9486 South Bend, IN
Stan Molenda South Bend, IN Code Enforcement 574-235-9486 574-235-7703 South Bend, IN
Tom Anderson South Bend, IN Code Officer 574-245-6096
South Brunswick, NJ Township Offices 732-329-4000
Robert Uhrik South Brunswick, NJ Health Department 732-329-4000 x7233
South Elgin, IL Building Department 847-741-3894
Paul Kowalczyk South Euclid, OH Building Commissioner 216-381-0400 x 242 South Euclid, OH
Joe Veltri South Lyon, MI Building/Zoning Official 248-437-5255 South Lyon, MI
David Shisha Southfield, MI Code Officer 248-796-4134 Southfield, MI
Caroline Seay Southlake, TX Code Enforcement 817-748-8222
Spartanburg County, SC Environmental Enforcement 864-596-3186
Don Arnold Spartanburg County, SC Environmental Enforcement 864-596-3582 865-596-3007 Spartanburg County, SC
Jack Davis Spartanburg County, SC Environmental Enforcement 864-596-3186
Spartanburg, SC Code Enforcement 864-596-2915 864-596-2680 Spartanburg, SC
Mark Frame Spearville, KS City Attorney 620-659-2381
Randy Ferell Spencer, NC Code Enforcement 704-633-2231
Dwight Peoples Spencer, OK Code Officer
Larry Lanning Spokane, WA Code Enforcement Officer 509-625-6854 Spokane, WA
Kathie Benham Spokane, WA Code Enforcement Officer 509-625-6855 Spokane, WA
Scott Emmerson Spokane, WA Code Enforcement Officer 509-625-6857 Spokane, WA
Deborah Logan Spokane, WA Code Enforcement Officer 509-625-6856 Spokane, WA
David Lok Spokane, WA Code Enforcement Officer 509-625-6806 Spokane, WA
Dan Polson Spokane, WA Code Enforcement Officer 509-625-6066 Spokane, WA
Spring Lake, NC Inspections Department 910-436-0241 Spring Lake, NC
Otto Potter Springdale, AR Director of Building Inspections 479-750-8154 479-756-7701 Springdale, AR
Danny Snow Springdale, AR Code Officer 479-750-8154 479-756-7701 Springdale, AR
Springfield, IL City Clerk 217-789-2216 217-789-2144 Springfield, IL
Melvin Shumacher Springfield, IL Code Enforcement Officer 217-789-2167 217-789-2048 Springfield, IL
Springfield, MO Health Department 417-864-1441
Springfield, MO Building Department 417-864-1056
Daryl Weber Springfield, OH Manager of Code Enforcement 937-324-7652 Springfield, OH
Springfield, OH Code Enforcement Division 937-324-7385 Springfield, OH
Tom Springfield, OH Revenue Collections 937-324-7308 Springfield, OH
John Joseph Springfield, OH Code Officer 937-324-7646 Springfield, OH
Barry Ritter Springfield, OH Code Officer 937-324-7385 Springfield, OH
Scott Springfield, OH Code Officer 937-324-7393 Springfield, OH
Andy Luttrell Springfield, OH Billing 937-324-7360 Springfield, OH
Charles Roberts St. Albans, WV Code Inspector 304-727-2963
St. Bernard Parish, LA Community Development 504-278-4310 St. Bernard Parish, LA
Connie Mc Intyre St. Charles County, MO Neighborhood Preservationist 636-949-7345 x7277 St. Charles County, MO
Mike Antram St. Charles, MO Code Enforcement Officer 636-949-3227
Karen Scheid St. Clair Shores, MI Code Officer 586-447-3336 St. Clair Shores, MI
Dennis Cairns St. Clair Shores, MI Building Official 586-447-3351 St. Clair Shores, MI
Christopher Rayes St. Clair Shores, MI Community Services Director 586-447-3342 St. Clair Shores, MI
St. Clair, IL Code Enforcement 618-277-6600 x2531 St. Clair, IL
St. Cloud, MN Housing Inspections 320-255-7214 St. Cloud, MN
James Phillips St. John, MO Director of Public Works 314-427-8700
Judy Longwell St. Johns Parish St John’s Parish 985-651-5565
Lori Gilpin St. Joseph, MO Property Maintenance Division 816-271-4883
St. Joseph, MO Code Enforcement Office 816-271-4636
Scott Des Planques St. Joseph, MO Preservation Planner 816-271-4797
St. Louis County, MO Neighborhood Preservation 314-615-7333 St. Louis County, MO
Larry Howard St. Louis County, MO Neighborhood Preservation 314-615-4189 St. Louis County, MO
St. Louis County, MO Neighborhood Preservation 314-615-4151 St. Louis County, MO
Lora Mather St. Louis County, MO Supervisor 314-615-4113 St. Louis County, MO
Joe O’Connell St. Louis County, MO Supervisor 314-615-7347 JO’ St. Louis County, MO
Jeff Young St. Louis County, MO Code Officer 314-615-7863 St. Louis County, MO
John Ghro St. Louis County, MO Code Officer 314-615-5089 St. Louis County, MO
Dave Hess St. Louis, MI Building Inspector 800-627-2801 St. Louis, MI
Katherine Goettling St. Louis, MI Assessor/Code Enforcement Officer 989-681-4621 989-681-2940 St. Louis, MI
John Mac Enulty St. Louis, MO Inspector 314-641-8668 St. Louis, MO
St. Louis, MO St. Louis Building Division 314-622-4671 St. Louis, MO
St. Louis, MO Forestry Division (Boarding of Property) 314-613-7200 St. Louis, MO
Willie Whittaker St. Louis, MO Supervisor 314-641-8664 St. Louis, MO
Bill Berri St. Louis, MO Code Officer 314-622-5707 St. Louis, MO
Bruce Hampton St. Louis, MO Code Officer 314-622-5617 St. Louis, MO
John Leinicke St. Louis, MO Code Officer 314-589-6060 St. Louis, MO
Tom Carneghi St. Louis, MO Building Inspector 314-622-3489 St. Louis, MO
Bruce Funke St. Louis, MO Code Officer 314-622-5616 St. Louis, MO
Paul Wood St. Louis, MO Code Officer 314-622-3464 St. Louis, MO
Nick Dattilo St. Louis, MO Code Officer 314-622-3609 St. Louis, MO
Dennis Senty St. Paul, MN Code Enforcement Officer 651-266-1930(direct)
Ed Smith St. Paul, MN Code Enforcement Officer 651-266-1917
Steve Magner St. Paul, MN Vacant Building Supervisor 651-266-1928
Jim Seeger St. Paul, MN Inspections 651-266-9016
Kelly St. Paul, MN Code Officer 651-266-1940
Kelvin Jackson St. Petersburg, FL Sanitation Inspector 727-893-7802
St. Petersburg, FL Code Office 727-893-7373 727-892-5558 St. Petersburg, FL
Mark Ford St. Tammany Parish, LA Planning &Zoning Dept 985-898-2529
Gene Bane Stafford, TX Director of Building Permits and Nuisance Abatement 281-261-3946 Stafford, TX
Irby Rico Stafford, TX Senior Building Code Inspector 281-261-3943 Stafford, TX
Marcia Fouts Stafford, TX Health/Nuisance Abatement Inspector 281-261-3941 Stafford, TX
Charles Mc Elrath Stafford, TX Health/Nuisance Abatement Inspector 281-261-3942 Mc Stafford, TX
Stark County, OH Stark County Health Department 330-493-9904
Staten Island, NY Borough Customer Service 718-816-2300 NYC
Cynthia Easterling Staunton, VA Building Inspections 540-332-3862
Steger, IL Building Inspections 708-754-3394
Sterling Heights, MI Building and Code 586-446-2360 586-446-2377 Sterling Heights, MI
Stockton, CA Code Enforcement 209-937-8815 209-937-7264
Karen Daly Stockton, CA Code Supervisor 209-937-8946 209-937-7264
Strongsville, OH Building Department 440-580-3105 Strongsville, OH
Struthers, OH City Hall 330-755-2181 x112
Dan Hughes Stryker, OH Code Officer 419-682-4911
Sturgis, MI Code Office 269-651-2321 Sturgis, MI
Cynthia Moeller-Krass Sugar Creek, MO Building Official 816-252-4400 x137
Carol Ammond Sullivan, IN Sullivan County Health Department 812-268-0224
John Seidor Summit County, OH Summit Health Department 330-926-5634 330-923-7558 Summit County, OH
Sumter, SC Code Enforcement 803-774-1629 Sumter, SC
Ed Rodriguez Syracuse, NY Code Officer 315-448-8777 315-448-8615 Syracuse, NY
Jean Stanton Syracuse, NY Finance Dept 315-448-8661 Syracuse, NY
Syracuse, NY Finance Dept 315-448-8279 Syracuse, NY
Tacoma, WA Tacoma CARES 253-591-5072 Tacoma, WA
Bill Collins Tacoma, WA Code Officer 253-591-5035
Nick Stephens Tacoma, WA Code Officer 253-573-2320
Taft, CA Building Department 661-763-1222
Joanne Mc Inerney Tallahassee, FL Code Officer 850-891-6500 Tallahassee, FL
Kimberly Jefferson Tallahassee, FL Code Officer 850-891-6500 Tallahassee, FL
Karl Pulvermuller Tallahassee, FL Code Officer 850-891-6500 Tallahassee, FL
David Thomas Tallahassee, FL Code Officer 850-891-6500 Tallahassee, FL
Craig Franklin Tallahassee, FL Code Officer 850-891-6500 Tallahassee, FL
Lesa Vuase Tallahassee, FL Code Officer 850-891-6500 Tallahassee, FL
Tallmadge, OH Building Department 330-633-0090 Tallmadge, OH
Gary Jones Tamarac, FL Department Director/Building Official 954-597-3420 Tamarac, FL
Sandy Beall Tamarac, FL Building Services Coordinator 954-597-3422 Tamarac, FL
Ken Mc Intyre Tamarac, FL Building Operations Manager 954-597-3447 Tamarac, FL
Ulises Acuna Tamarac, FL Senior Code Enforcement Officer 954-597-3423 Tamarac, FL
Nancy Flores Tamarac, FL Office Specialist 954-597-3425 Tamarac, FL
Raymond Moreau Tamarac, FL Code Enforcement Officer 954-597-3426 Tamarac, FL
Joseph Scimeca Tamarac, FL Senior Code Enforcement Officer 954-597-3427 Tamarac, FL
Michael Scott Tamarac, FL Code Enforcement Officer 954-597-3428 Tamarac, FL
Scott Slovis Tamarac, FL Code Enforcement Officer 954-597-3429 Tamarac, FL
Mark Woods Tamarac, FL Code Enforcement Officer 954-597-3431 Tamarac, FL
Rosemary Tamarac, FL Administrative Coordinator 954-597-3421 Tamarac, FL
Rick Anderson Tamarac, FL Chief Structural Inspector 954-597-3434 Tamarac, FL
Curtis Lane Tampa, FL Director of Code Enforcement 813-274-5545
Denny Fernandez Tampa, FL Code Enforcement 813-274-5545
Tampa, FL Code Enforcement 813-274-5545
Randall Smith Tampa, FL Code Enforcement 813-274-5545
William Dougherty Tampa, FL Manager -Division of Neighborhood Improvement 813-274-8391
Linda Coomey Tampa, FL Code Enforcement 813-426-6013
Tampa, FL Demolition Department 813-274-3100
Kenneth Young Tarrant County, TX Code Officer 817-392-2219
Taylor, MI Code Enforcement 734-374-1470
Mary Szelag Taylor, MI Building/Safety Division 734-374-1515
Mark Crook Tecumseh, OK Code Officer 405-598-3911
Jason Vandever Temple, TX Code Officer 254-298-5645
Terre Haute, IN Building Inspections/Condemned Housing 812-232-5823 Terre Haute, IN
The Colony, TX Code Enforcement 972-624-3160 The Colony, TX
Michael Cranford Thomasville, NC Code Officer 336-475-4202
Greg Wheeler Thornton, CO Director of Code Officer 303-538-7250 Thornton, CO
Tony Murphy Thornton, CO Code Officer 303-538-7517 Thornton, CO
Ron Waters Thornton, CO Code Officer 303-538-7618 Thornton, CO
Bob Gardner Thornton, CO Code Officer 303-538-7313 Thornton, CO
Randall Janda Thornton, CO Code Officer 303-538-7517
Robin Brown Thornton, CO Code Enforcement Supervisor 303-538-7517
Renee Robinson Thornton, CO Code Officer 303-538-7313
Thornton, CO Thornton Code Compliance, CO 303-538-7517 Thornton, CO
Gary Herndon Three Rivers, MI Building Official 269-273-1075 x112 Three Rivers, MI
David Morrell Throop, PA Zoning Officer 570-489-8311
Tipp City, OH Building Department 937-667-8307
Angela Grosvener Tipton, IN Building Inspector 765-675-3994
Kevin Rank Tonawanda, NY Building Inspector 716-695-1806 716-743-8870
Tom Duncan Tonawanda, NY Code Officer 716-877-8801
Kyle Tower City, PA Tower City Water Authority 717-647-4483
Ted Parada Trenton, FL Code Officer 352-486-5541
Scott Adams Trotwood, OH Building Administrator 937-854-7216 Trotwood, OH
Mark Stimac Troy, MI Director of Building and Zoning 248-524-3344 Troy, MI
Kandy Griffeth Troy, MI Code Officer 248-524-3582 248-689-3120 Troy, MI
Dave Sherren Troy, NY Code Enforcement Officer 518-270-4584 Troy, NY
Kevin Mooney Troy, NY Code Enforcement Officer 518-270-4695 Troy, NY
Terry Dubois Troy, NY Director of Code Enforcement 518-270-4584 Troy, NY
Troy, NY Code Enforcement Office 518-270-4584 Troy, NY
Trumbull County, OH Building Inspector 330-675-2467 Trumbull County, OH
Nick Kanneman Tulsa, OK Inspector 918-596-7215 Tulsa, OK
Rick Mayes Tulsa, OK Neighborhood Inspector 918-596-9878 Tulsa, OK
Traci Stout Tulsa, OK Neighborhood Inspector 918-596-1293 Tulsa, OK
Kristen Shipley Tulsa, OK Code Officer 918-596-2532 Tulsa, OK
Angela Bradley Tulsa, OK Code Officer 918-596-7593 Tulsa, OK
David Delay Tulsa, OK Code Officer 918-596-7215 Tulsa, OK
Grace Jordan Tulsa, OK Billing 918-596-1098 918-699-3411 Tulsa, OK
Bill Winston Tulsa, OK Code Officer 918-596-7213 Tulsa, OK
Tulsa, OK Mayor’s Action Line/Inspections 918-596-7698 Tulsa, OK
Tunkhannock, PA Municipal Building 570-646-3008 670-643-5469 Tunkhannock, PA
Russell Rodic Twinsburg, OH Building Commissioner 330-963-6284 Twinsburg, OH
Patti Trivisonno Twinsburg, OH Building and Planning Coordinator 330-963-6231 Twinsburg, OH
Marilyn Freed Twinsburg, OH Secretary 330-963-6281 Twinsburg, OH
Roman De Massimo Twinsburg, OH Plumbing/Zoning Inspector 330-963-6295 Twinsburg, OH
Dan Cegelka Twinsburg, OH Building/Mechanical Inspector 330-963-6282 Twinsburg, OH
Ron Marusiak Twinsburg, OH Building/Electrical Inspector 330-963-6440 Twinsburg, OH
Martin Peterson, Jr. Ulster, NY Building Inspector 845-340-3884 845-340-3886 Ulster, NY
Day Minervini Ulster, NY Code Officer 845-340-3883 845-340-3886 Ulster, NY
University City, MO Development and Planning 314-505-8500 University City, MO
University Park, IL Inspection Services 708-235-4818
University Park, IL Accounts Payable 708-235-4815
Upper Arlington, OH Code Office 614-583-5000 614-457-6620 Upper Arlington, OH
Jeffrey Gentile Upper Darby, PA Director of Licenses and Inspections 610-734-7613 Jgentile@Upper
Richard Barton Upper Dublin, PA Code Enforcement Director 215-643-1600 x3213
Geri Bauer Upper Dublin, PA Code Enforcement Coordinator 215-643-1600 x3205
Roger Mason Upper Dublin, PA Plumbing/Building Inspector 215-643-1600 x3212
Mike Pontician Upper Dublin, PA Inspector 215-643-1600 x3311
Joanne Slade Upper Dublin, PA Code Enforcement/Health Department 215-643-1600 x3210
David Kuhns Upper Makefield, PA Code Officer 215-968-2868 x3104 Upper Makefield, PA
Wendy Dardzinski Upper Makefield, PA Code Enforcement Secretary 215-968-2868 x3104 Upper Makefield, PA
Edwina Bowens Utica, NY Code Enforcement 315-792-0163 Utica, NY
Vancouver, WA Code Enforcement 360-735-8873 x8711 Vancouver, WA
Valerie Thompson Vancouver, WA Code Officer 360-735-8873 x8213
Kip Millikin Vandalia, OH Code Officer 937-415-2324
Grady Woods Vestavia Hills, AL Director of Inspection Services 205-978-0135
Keith Blanton Vestavia Hills, AL Inspections Officer 205-978-0136
Mike Roy Vestavia Hills, AL Inspections Officer 205-978-0181
Bill Heath Vestavia Hills, AL Code Officer 205-978-0185
Victoria, TX Code Office 361-485-3320 361-485-3326 Victoria, TX
Grace Campos Victoria, TX Code Officer 361-485-3322
Victorville, CA City Code Office 760-955-5104
David Reeves Vigo County, IN Vigo County Building Commissioner 812-462-3365 x272
Ken Dyer Vigo County, IN Vigo County Building Inspector 812-462-3365 x299
Norma Parker Vigo County, IN Vigo County Office Manager 812-462-3365 x271
Ted Collins Vigo County, IN Vigo County Ordinance Enforcer 812-462-3365 x293
Vineland, NJ Code Office 856-794-3806 856-563-0410
Kelly Sarko Violet Township, OH Zoning Inspector 614-575-5556 614-575-5562 Violet Township, OH
Randy Childers Waco, TX Program Administrator of Code Enforcement 254-750-5264 Waco, TX
Vernon Fulbright Waco, TX Code Enforcement Office 254-750-5783 Waco, TX
Chris Randazzo Waco, TX Code Officer 254-750-5796 254-750-5624 Waco, TX
Jan Chandler Waco, TX Code Enforcement 254-750-5972 Waco, TX
Kevin Hall Wadsworth, OH Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer 330-335-2780 Wadsworth, OH
Bill Barber Waite Park, MN Building Official/Zoning Administrator 320-656-8936 Waite Park, MN
Jeff Howe Waite Park, MN Building Official/Fire Marshal 320-656-8936 Waite Park, MN
Sheila Mockros Waite Park, MN Building Official/Planning Assistant 320-656-8936 Waite Park, MN
Jeff Rondeau Walled Lake, MI Code Officer 248-624-4847 Walled Lake, MI
Brian Wozny Walled Lake, MI Water Department 248-624-4849
Colleen Bucchare Warren, MI Assistant Director of Buildings 586-574-4578 Warren, MI
Joe Dragon Warren, MI Health Inspector 586-573-2240 x2054 Warren, MI
Larry Meyers Warren, MI Health Inspector 586-573-2050 Warren, MI
Pete Wizniuk Warren, MI Chief Building Inspector 586-574-4609 Warren, MI
Steve Sternicki Warren, MI Building Inspector 586-574-4571 Warren, MI
Tom Israel Warren, MI Director of Buildings 586-574-4579 Warren, MI
Warren, MI Code Office 586-574-4504 Warren, MI
Joe Rivas Warren, MI Code Officer 586-574-4662 Warren, MI
Debbie Wenson Warren, MI Code Officer 586-574-4668 Warren, MI
Chris Taneyhill Warren, OH Inspector 330-841-2617
Carl Williams Warren, OH Code Officer 330-841-2693
Kim Mascarella Warren, OH Code Officer 330-850-5223
Charlotte Ellicke Warrensville Heights, OH Code Officer 216-587-1241
Brown Warrensville Heights, OH Code Officer 216-587-1230
Todd Slabaugh Warsaw, IN Building Commissioner 574-372-9548
Roger Long Warsaw, IN Code Officer 574-372-9548
Mark Leiferman Waseca, MN Community Development Director 507-835-9700 507-835-8871 Waseca, MN
Glen Waseca, MN Building Official 507-835-9742 Waseca, MN
Aaron Shura Washington County, MD Zoning Inspector 240-313-2458 Washington County, MD
Washington County, MD Zoning and Inspections 240-313-2460 Washington County, MD
Michael Behrens Washington, PA Code Enforcement Officer 724-223-4203
Cathy Simmons Watauga, TX Code Officer 817-514-5853
E. Gil Graveline Waterbury, CT Building Inspections 203-574-6832 Waterbury, CT
Dennis Brown Waterbury, CT Planning &Zoning Dept 203-574-6819
Waterford Township, NJ Zoning Office 856-768-2300
Waterloo, IA Code Enforcement 319-291-3820
Waterloo, IA Waste Management Services 319-291-4455
Ken Bucholz Watertown, SD Building Official 605-882-6201 x24 605-882-5264 Watertown, SD
Al Booth Waukegan, IL Code Officer 847-625-6860 847-406-3141
Robert Mercado Waukegan, IL Code Compliance Officer 847-599-2970 847-406-3141
Chuck Brady Waukegan, IL Code Enforcement Officer 847-625-6860 847-406-3141
Tom Cole Waukegan, IL Code Enforcement Officer 847-625-6863 847-406-3141
Michelle Waukegan, IL FOIA 847-625-6881 847-406-3141
Carmen Santiago Waukegan, IL Code Officer 847-625-6862
Pat Thompkins Waukegan, IL Code Officer 847-625-6865
Laura Winchester Wayne County, IN Planning &Zoning Dept 765-973-9249
Laura Simonds Weatherford, TX Code Compliance 817-598-4349 Weatherford, TX
Weedsport, NY Village Hall 315-834-6634 Weedsport, NY
Rose Taliau Wellington, FL Code Enforcement 561-753-2430 561-753-2439 Wellington, FL
Cindy Drake Wellington, FL Chief Code Compliance Officer 561-753-2430 561-753-2439 Wellington, FL
Sue Wellsboro, PA City Office 570-724-3186
Ron Bailey West Allis, WI Building Inspection and Zoning Department 414-302-8400 414-302-8420 West Allis, WI
Bauer West Bloomfield, MI Code enforcementofficer 248-451-4880
Dale Barnett West Brandywine, PA Codes/Zoning Officer 610-380-8200
Joann Cranck West Brandywine, PA Admin. Assistantto Codes/Zoning & Planning Commission Secretary 610-380-8200
Dane Brierly West Carrollton, OH Code Officer 937-847-4642
Matthew Clark West Chester, OH Code Enforcement Officer 513-777-4214
Greg Porta West Chester, OH Code Enforcement Officer 513-777-4214
Maryann Santel West Chester, OH Senior Code Enforcement Officer 513-777-4214
West Chicago, IL City of West Chicago 630-293-2200 630-293-3028 West Chicago, IL
John West Hartford, CT Health Department 860-561-7910
West Haven, CT Building Department 203-937-3590
Robert Lohr West Newton, PA Code Officer 724-929-8877
West Norriton Township, PA Township Offices 610-631-0450 610-630-0304 West Norriton, PA
West Norriton Township, PA Police Department 610-630-1701 West Norriton, PA
Todd Hiteshew West Palm Beach, FL Code Enforcement Manager 561-822-1484 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Robert Creston West Palm Beach, FL North End Supervisor 561-822-1483 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Jesse Gonzalez West Palm Beach, FL South End Supervisor 561-822-1473 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Beth Carman West Palm Beach, FL Administrative Assistant 561-822-1468 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Janet Collins West Palm Beach, FL Secretary 561-822-1471 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Karen Morton West Palm Beach, FL Special Magistrate Secretary 561-822-1476 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Laura Howard West Palm Beach, FL Clerical Specialist 561-822-1477 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Deborah Polen West Palm Beach, FL Clerical Specialist 561-822-1487 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Hank Balevic West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1481 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Ronald Goebelt West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1488 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Carlos Maldonado West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1491 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Glenda Parris West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1472 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Michael Williams West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1479 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Melvin Simmons West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1482 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Shenoy Raghuraj West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1489 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Valerie Luster West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1485 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Mark Joyce West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1478 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Orin Cohen West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1480 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Jim Loller West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1474 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Donald Williams West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1470 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
John Frasca West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1475 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Sue Ellen Calderon West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1469 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Kevin Levine West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1490 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
Greg Durgin West Palm Beach, FL Code Officer 561-822-1465 561-881-3323 West Palm Beach, FL
West Palm Beach, FL Code Office 561-822-1465 561-822-1486 West Palm Beach, FL
William Czuprynski West Seneca, NY Code Officer 716-558-3237 716-677-4488
Thomas Lagodich West Springfield, MA Building Department 413-263-3059
Terry Maruska West St. Paul Building Official 651-552-4135
Gerry Hokanson West St. Paul Building Inspector 651-552-4119
Westlake, LA City Office 337-433-0691
Joe Dougherty Westland, MI Ordinance Officer 734-467-3210, Options 1-3-2
John Mc Nally Westland, MI Building Inspector 734-467-3238
Larry Roman Westland, MI Building Inspector 734-467-3210
Nick Pisco Westland, MI Building Inspector 734-467-3210
Rick Gowan Westland, MI Building Inspector 734-467-3210
Roger Shifflett Westland, MI Ordinance Officer 734-467-3212
Westminster, CO Code Enforcement 303-430-2400 x4432 303-487-6312 Westminster, CO
Harvey Morris Westminster, CO Code Officer 303-430-2400 x4441 303-487-6312 Westminster, CO
White Lake Township, MI Township Offices 248-698-3300
Wayne Washowich White Oak, PA Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer 412-672-9727 x231 412-672-0760 White Oak, PA
Jim Cowey White Settlement, TX Building Official 817-246-4971 x277 817-246-8761 White Settlement, TX
Lisa Newsom White Settlement, TX Code Officer 817-246-4971 x277
Chester Kowalski Whitesboro, NY Code Enforcement Officer 315-736-2777 315-736-1677 Whitesboro, NY
Phil Husted Whitestown, NY Code Officer 315-768-0229
Harlan Bascombe Wichita, KS Neighborhood Inspector 316-268-4481 Wichita, KS
Leonard Fox Wichita, KS Building Inspector 316-268-4481 Wichita, KS
Roger Vogt Wichita, KS Building Inspector 316-268-4481 Wichita, KS
Dale Johnson Wichita, KS Building Inspector 316-268-4634 Wichita, KS
Mitch Murdoch Wichita, KS Building Inspector 316-268-4481 Wichita, KS
Jason Ruder Wichita, KS Environmental Health Inspector 316-268-8315 316-268-8390
Raymond Sack Wickliffe, OH Building Commissioner 440-943-7115 Wickliffe, OH
Terry Simonian Wickliffe, OH Building Inspector 440-943-7115 Wickliffe, OH
Wilkes-Barre, PA Code Enforcement 570-208-1629 Wilkes-Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre, PA Health Department 570-208-4268 570-208-4272 Wilkes-Barre, PA
Frank Kratz Wilkes-Barre, PA Building Code Official 570-208-4182 570-760-8119 Wilkes-Barre, PA
Will County, IL County Building Department 815-727-8634
Will County, IL County Code Enforcement 815-774-3327
Dennis Benson Will County, IL County Code Enforcement 815-774-3354
Stephen Haywood Williamson, NY Assessor/Building Inspector 315-589-9074 315-589-9485
Sherman Heaster Williamsport, PA Code Enforcement 570-327-7517
Greg Solomon Wilmington, DE Department of Licenses and Inspections 302-576-3030 302-571-4285
Jo Forti Wilton Manors, FL Chief Code Officer 954-390-2180
William Banks Wilton Manors, FL Code Officer 954-390-2180
Darold Nienhaus Winnebago, MN Building Official 507-893-3217
Winston-Salem, NC Housing Services 336-727-8486 Winston-Salem, NC
Allen Berg Winter Haven, FL Code Officer 863-291-5697 863-298-4495 Winter Haven, FL
Tanya Willis Winter Haven, FL Code Officer 863-291-5697 863-298-4495 Winter Haven, FL
Michelle Woods Winter Haven, FL Code Officer 863-291-5697 863-298-4495 Winter Haven, FL
Carolyn O’Connell Winter Haven, FL Senior Staff Assistant 863-291-5697 863-298-4495 Winter Haven, FL
George Wiggins Winter Park, FL Building and Code Enforcement Director 407-599-3426
Sylvia Wellon-Wooten Winter Park, FL Chief Code Enforcement Officer 407-599-3392
Otis Vezzose Wolcott, NY Building Inspector 315-594-1572
Roger Nowick Wood Dale, IL Community Development Director 630-766-5133 630-766-3898 Wood Dale, IL
Nathan Graumez Wood River, IL Building Inspector 618-251-3100
Woodson Terrace, MO City Clerk 314-427-2600 Woodson Terrace, MO
Gary Marlow Woodson, IL Marshall 217-673-3611
Thomas Koback Woonsocket, RI Building Inspector 401-767-9241
Wyandotte, MI Engineering Office 734-324-4551 Wyandotte, MI
Char Bell Wyoming, MI Building Inspections 616-530-7285
David Rupert Wyoming, MI Building Inspections 616-530-7285
Royale Schneider Yakima, WA Code Compliance Officer 509-575-6669
Linda Rossignol Yakima, WA Code Compliance Officer 509-575-6258
Tammy Gilmour Yakima, WA Code Compliance Officer 509-575-6338
Yonkers, NY Code Enforcement 914-377-6888 Yonkers, NY
Frank Mc Govern Yonkers, NY Municipal Code Enforcement 914-377-6620 Yonkers, NY
Charles Taylor Yonkers, NY Supervisor 914-377-6541 Yonkers, NY
Yonkers, NY Building and Housing 914-377-6500 Yonkers, NY
Kristi Kottmoyer York, PA Code Officer 717-849-2275 York, PA
Yuba County, CA Environmental Health 530-749-5450 530-749-5454 Yuba County, CA
Jeremy Strang Yuba County, CA Code Enforcement Division Manager 530-749-5455 530-749-5464 Yuba County, CA
Clark Pickell Yuba County, CA Environmental Health 530-749-7523
Dan Fine Yukon, OK Code Officer 405-354-6676 Yukon, OK
Cheryl Dunn Yukon, OK City Clerk 405-354-1895
John Jones Zion, IL Director of Building and Zoning 847-746-4016 Zion, IL
Bruce Naden Zion, IL Lead Building Inspector 847-746-4016 Zion, IL
Bob Miller Zion, IL Building Inspector 847-746-4020 Zion, IL

Code Enforcement Contacts



Alan Jaffa

Alan Jaffa is the chief executive officer for Safeguard, steering the company as the mortgage field services industry leader. He also serves on the board of advisors for SCG Partners, a middle-market private equity fund focused on diversifying and expanding Safeguard Properties’ business model into complimentary markets.

Alan joined Safeguard in 1995, learning the business from the ground up. He was promoted to chief operating officer in 2002, and was named CEO in May 2010. His hands-on experience has given him unique insights as a leader to innovate, improve and strengthen Safeguard’s processes to assure that the company adheres to the highest standards of quality and customer service.

Under Alan’s leadership, Safeguard has grown significantly with strategies that have included new and expanded services, technology investments that deliver higher quality and greater efficiency to clients, and strategic acquisitions. He takes a team approach to process improvement, involving staff at all levels of the organization to address issues, brainstorm solutions, and identify new and better ways to serve clients.

In 2008, Alan was recognized by Crain’s Cleveland Business in its annual “40-Under-40” profile of young leaders. He also was named a NEO Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® finalist in 2013.


Chief Operating Officer

Michael Greenbaum

Michael Greenbaum is the chief operating officer for Safeguard. Mike has been instrumental in aligning operations to become more efficient, effective, and compliant with our ever-changing industry requirements. Mike has a proven track record of excellence, partnership and collaboration at Safeguard. Under Mike’s leadership, all operational departments of Safeguard have reviewed, updated and enhanced their business processes to maximize efficiency and improve quality control.

Mike joined Safeguard in July 2010 as vice president of REO and has continued to take on additional duties and responsibilities within the organization, including the role of vice president of operations in 2013 and then COO in 2015.

Mike built his business career in supply-chain management, operations, finance and marketing. He has held senior management and executive positions with Erico, a manufacturing company in Solon, Ohio; Accel, Inc., a packaging company in Lewis Center, Ohio; and McMaster-Carr, an industrial supply company in Aurora, Ohio.

Before entering the business world, Mike served in the U.S. Army, Ordinance Branch, and specialized in supply chain management. He is a distinguished graduate of West Point (U.S. Military Academy), where he majored in quantitative economics.



George Mehok

George Mehok is the chief information officer for Safeguard. He is responsible for all strategic technology decisions, new systems deployments and data center operations supporting a national network of more than 10,000 mobile workers.

George has more than 20 years of leadership experience dedicated to high-growth companies in the mobile telecommunications and financial services industries, spanning startups to global industry leaders.

George played a senior role in the formation of Verizon Wireless, leading the IT product development and strategic planning team. He led the integration planning for the Verizon merger including: GTE, Vodafone-AirTouch, Bell Atlantic Mobile and PrimeCo.

As chief information officer at Revol Wireless, a VC-backed CDMA wireless communications network operator, George’s team implemented an integrated technology infrastructure and award-winning business intelligence platform.

George holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics from Eastern Michigan University and an M.B.A. from The Ohio State University. He is a board member of Akron University’s School of Business Center for Information Technology, in addition to an advisory board member for OHTec.

In 2013, George won the Crain’s Cleveland Business CIO of the Year award for his team’s work in completing a major acquisition and technology transformation at Safeguard. In 2015, George’s team was recognized by InformationWeek’s annual Elite 100 ranking of the most innovative U.S.-based users of business technology. The mobile inspection technology developed at Safeguard was selected as InformationWeek’s “One of the top 20 ideas to steal in 2015”.


General Counsel and Executive Vice President

Linda Erkkila, Esq.

Linda Erkkila is the general counsel and executive vice president for Safeguard, with oversight responsibilities for the legal, human resources, training, compliance and audit departments. Linda’s broad scope of oversight covers regulatory issues that impact Safeguard’s operations, pro-active risk mitigation, enterprise strategic planning, human capital and training initiatives, compliance and audit services, litigation and claims management, and counsel related to mergers, acquisition and joint ventures.

Linda’s oversight of the legal department along with multiple compliance and human capital focused departments assures that Safeguard’s strategic initiatives align with its resources, leverage opportunities across the company, and contemplate compliance mandates. Her practice spans almost 20 years, and Linda’s experience, both as outside and in-house counsel, covers a wide range of corporate matters, including regulatory disclosure, corporate governance compliance, risk assessment, executive compensation, litigation management, and merger and acquisition activity. Her experience at a former Fortune 500 financial institution during the subprime crisis helped develop Linda’s pro-active approach to change management during periods of heightened regulatory scrutiny.

Linda previously served as vice president and attorney for National City Corporation, as securities and corporate governance counsel for Agilysys Inc., and as an associate at Thompson Hine LLP. She earned her JD at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Linda holds a degree in economics from Miami University and an MBA. In 2017, Linda was named as both a “Woman of Influence” by HousingWire and as a “Leading Lady” by MReport.


Chief Financial Officer

Joe Iafigliola

Joe Iafigliola is the Chief Financial Officer for Safeguard. Joe is responsible for the Control, Quality Assurance, Business Development, Accounting & Information Security departments, and is a Managing Director of SCG Partners, a middle-market private equity fund focused on diversifying and expanding Safeguard Properties’ business model into complimentary markets.

Joe has been in a wide variety of roles in finance, supply chain management, information systems development, and sales and marketing. His career includes senior positions with McMaster-Carr Supply Company, Newell/Rubbermaid, and Procter and Gamble.

Joe has an MBA from The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and holds a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University’s Honors Accounting program.


AVP, High Risk and Investor Compliance

Steve Meyer

Steve Meyer is the assistant vice president of high risk and investor compliance for Safeguard. In this role, Steve is responsible for managing our clients’ conveyance processes, Safeguard’s investor compliance team and developing our working relationships with cities and municipalities around the country. He also works directly with our clients in our many outreach efforts and he represents Safeguard at a number of industry conferences each year.

Steve joined Safeguard in 1998 as manager over the hazard claims team. He was instrumental in the development and creation of policies, procedures and operating protocol. Under Steve’s leadership, the department became one of the largest within Safeguard. In 2002, he assumed responsibility for the newly-formed high risk department, once again building its success. Steve was promoted to director over these two areas in 2007, and he was promoted to assistant vice president in 2012.

Prior to joining Safeguard, Steve spent 10 years within the insurance industry, holding a number of positions including multi-line property adjuster, branch claims supervisor, and multi-line and subrogation/litigation supervisor. Steve is a graduate of Grove City College.


AVP, Operations

Jennifer Jozity

Jennifer Jozity is the assistant vice president of operations, overseeing inspections, REO and property preservation for Safeguard. Jen ensures quality work is performed in the field and internally, to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Jen has demonstrated the ability to deliver consistent results in order audit and order management.  She will build upon these strengths in order to deliver this level of excellence in both REO and property preservation operations.

Jen joined Safeguard in 1997 and was promoted to director of inspections operations in 2009 and assistant vice president of inspections operations in 2012.

She graduated from Cleveland State University with a degree in business.


AVP, Finance

Jennifer Anspach

Jennifer Anspach is the assistant vice president of finance for Safeguard. She is responsible for the company’s national workforce of approximately 1,000 employees. She manages recruitment strategies, employee relations, training, personnel policies, retention, payroll and benefits programs. Additionally, Jennifer has oversight of the accounts receivable and loss functions formerly within the accounting department.

Jennifer joined the company in April 2009 as a manager of accounting and finance and a year later was promoted to director. She was named AVP of human capital in 2014. Prior to joining Safeguard, she held several management positions at OfficeMax and InkStop in both operations and finance.

Jennifer is a graduate of Youngstown State University. She was named a Crain’s Cleveland Business Archer Award finalist for HR Executive of the Year in 2017.


AVP, Application Architecture

Rick Moran

Rick Moran is the assistant vice president of application architecture for Safeguard. Rick is responsible for evolving the Safeguard IT systems. He leads the design of Safeguard’s enterprise application architecture. This includes Safeguard’s real-time integration with other systems, vendors and clients; the future upgrade roadmap for systems; and standards designed to meet availability, security, performance and goals.

Rick has been with Safeguard since 2011. During that time, he has led the system upgrades necessary to support Safeguard’s growth. In addition, Rick’s team has designed and implemented several innovative systems.

Prior to joining Safeguard, Rick was director of enterprise architecture at Revol Wireless, a privately held CDMA Wireless provider in Ohio and Indiana, and operated his own consulting firm providing services to the manufacturing, telecommunications, and energy sectors.


AVP, Technology Infrastructure and Cloud Services

Steve Machovina

Steve Machovina is the assistant vice president of technology infrastructure and cloud services for Safeguard. He is responsible for the overall management and design of Safeguard’s hybrid cloud infrastructure. He manages all technology engineering staff who support data centers, telecommunications, network, servers, storage, service monitoring, and disaster recovery.

Steve joined Safeguard in November 2013 as director of information technology operations.

Prior to joining Safeguard, Steve was vice president of information technology at Revol Wireless, a privately held wireless provider in Ohio and Indiana. He also held management positions with Northcoast PCS and Corecomm Communications, and spent nine years as a Coast Guard officer and pilot.

Steve holds a BBA in management information systems from Kent State University in Ohio and an MBA from Wayne State University in Michigan.


AVP, Mobile and Analytics

Jason Heckman

Jason Heckman is the assistant vice president of mobile and analytics for Safeguard. He is responsible for both Safeguard’s mobile development and strategy as well as the company’s data warehousing and business intelligence. Jason oversees the design, development and release of all Safeguard’s internally developed mobile applications. He also oversees the development and delivery of operational and analytical data technologies throughout the organization.

Jason joined Safeguard as manager of mobile in 2012. During that time he led the development and integration of Safeguard’s mobile applications across the company’s vendor network to provide real-time data from the field. In 2014, he was promoted to director of mobile applications and named assistant vice president in 2017.

Prior to joining Safeguard, Jason was the director of application development and business intelligence for Revol Wireless, a privately held wireless provider in Ohio and Indiana.

Jason holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio.


AVP, Business Development

Tim Rath

Tim Rath is the AVP of business development for Safeguard. He is responsible for developing innovative growth strategies for Safeguard and developing and overseeing potential partnerships, mergers and acquisitions.

Tim joined Safeguard in 2011 as project director and has filled numerous roles within Vendor Management, most recently serving as director of vendor management, a role he assumed in 2011.

Prior to Safeguard, Tim worked as director of supply chain at PartsSource Inc. in Aurora, Ohio, a provider of medical replacement parts, procurement solutions and healthcare supply chain management technology services. He also has held sales positions with Rexel, ComDoc, and Pier Associates, all based in Ohio.

Tim holds a degree in marketing and sales from The University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. He also earned his FAA Certified Commercial UAS (Drone) Pilot license in 2017.