Property Registration FAQs

Q: Does Safeguard handle the vacant property registration (VPR) process?

A: Yes. Safeguard has a process in place to handle the registration process on behalf of our clients. In general, we need a limited power of attorney to allow us to act on our clients’ behalf. We charge a fee for this service, in addition to any registration fees that are applicable.

Q: How does Safeguard know which areas require registration?

A: Safeguard maintains a matrix of cities, counties, and states that have enacted or proposed VPR ordinances. The entries are tracked regularly for changes in status and/or requirements. Information is gathered from Internet research, client updates, and direct communication with code enforcement officials. Copies of the actual ordinances and registration forms are available on the matrix.

Q: What happens when the properties are sold and then need to be de-registered?

A: Safeguard can de-register the properties when we are notified that they have sold or are otherwise no longer under the control of our clients.


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