Property Preservation 

Safeguard's registration process removes the burden of properly filing documentation from our clients.

Property Registration

Municipalities throughout the country are enacting new ordinances, or enforcing existing ones, centered on the registration of vacant properties and those in foreclosure. Safeguard maintains a matrix of known ordinances. We currently track and maintain nearly 1,600 ordinances. We include the following information on our matrix:

  • City and state
  • Status of the ordinance
  • ZIP code list 
  • Date enacted
  • Registration time
  • Registration fees  
  • Ordinance document 
  • Program contact 
  • Key points of interests

Safeguard has the ability to complete property registrations for our clients when we are the vendor responsible for maintaining the property. Our staff will monitor for vacancy and automatically complete the necessary documentation to register the property on behalf of our clients.


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