Fast-tracking legislation accelerates the foreclosure process of vacant and abandoned properties, helping neighborhoods to avoid blight. 

Fast-Track Legislation Resource Center

As the concept of fast-track legislation for vacant and abandoned properties gains momentum, we have consolidated various legislations for your reference.

Below is an interactive map tool, which features states that have enacted, are contemplating enacting, or have expired/inactive fast-track legislation for vacant and abandoned properties.  Information that can be explored for each marked state includes a link to the final bill's text, legislation history, and links to any media coverage of the legislation (if applicable).  

A critical component to fast-tracking is determining what property is a candidate for the expedited process. With this in mind, also included below are definitions of “vacancy” or “abandoned” as well as other relevant bill language to help with this determination.

Additionally we have provided some media articles or other web-based content for several of the bills, along with several articles on the national view of “fast track” legislation, which are listed below.

As always, feedback is welcome.  Please provide feedback to

Please note, only segments of each legislation is provided. Be sure to review the entire bill text to ensure accuracy.

Interactive Map Tool Instructions

1. To access a full screen version of the map tool, please click on the animated icon located at the top right corner of the embedded version below.

2. Once the tool has been opened, click on the arrow located at the top left corner of the screen to expand the map details section of the legend. Further options can be explored by clicking on the three-dot menu icon located at the top right corner of the legend.

3. To view individual bill information, click on the desired marker on the map or from the main list located on the left side of the screen and scroll through the accompanying bill’s data table.


Articles Regarding Fast-Track Legislation:

Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA) Vacant and Abandoned Property Working Group (White Paper):


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