Community Initiatives

The Community Initiatives department operates under the core values that are the cornerstone of Safeguard's commitment to maintaining the integrity of communities across the country, the same neighborhoods that each of us call home.

Protecting & Preserving Neighborhoods

Safeguard is dedicated to protecting and preserving vacant and abandoned properties to prevent them from becoming a nuisance to neighboring properties or a blight on communities. We also support efforts to prevent foreclosure and help troubled homeowners remain in their homes.

Contributing to our Communities

Safeguard supports programs that help to maintain strong and vital neighborhoods, improve the quality of life for people of all ages and provide a safe and happy environment for families to raise children.

Safeguard Corporate Values

To uphold the principals of open lines of communication, partnership, and collaboration, initiated and led by Safeguard's founder and chairman Robert Klein, the Community Initiative department serves as:

  • A knowledgeable source of vital information for cities to resolve property issues
  • A liaison between local, county, and state representatives and members of the mortgage servicing industry
  • A free "reference desk" available for communities and offering a platform for open dialogue and the ongoing sharing of information
  • An outlet for creative and innovative solutions to address the negative impacts that the foreclosure crisis is posing on neighborhoods, including blight
  • A conduit for networking, connecting communities with viable programs and initiatives that help to preserve your community's market values, aesthetics, competitiveness, tax base, and neighborhood pride.




Resources and helpful information for state officials, county offices, mayor, municipal cabinet members, council members and trustees looking for solutions to meet the needs of their constituents and continue their leadership in preserving neighborhoods.

Resources and helpful information for building, housing, and code officers and inspectors from jurisdictions of all sizes.

Resources and helpful information for local development corporations, community development professionals, foundations, academia, and developers dedicated to neighborhood revitalization and redevelopment strategies.

The Community Initiatives department can provide resources for the public and non-profit sectors, as the active involvement of each is critical for creating long-standing partnerships and working solutions. Please read on for more information within your area of expertise, or for that of your colleagues and partners.


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