Lawn cutting (initial and subsequent cuts) includes cutting the lawn, weeding, mowing, sweeping of all paved areas (sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.), and removal of all lawn clippings, related cuttings, and incidental debris (newspapers, flyers, bottles, etc.).  These services are included in the initial cut and recut cost allowables and are not to be claimed as separate expenses unless otherwise specified in this attachment.  The disposal of all cuttings and incidental debris must be performed in the manner legally permitted by the community in which the work is performed.  Trimming shrubs and snow removal will be listed as a separate cost allowable.


Excluding properties in the Denver Homeownership Center (HOC) area where only one initial cut will be reimbursed, there is a change in the initial cut requirements.  Under certain circumstances where the foreclosure process exceeds 12 months, and the mortgagee is in compliance with the reasonable diligence requirement, an initial grass cut will be allowed once per 12 months.  No more than one initial lawn cut will be allowed per 12 month period.  If the grass grows to six inches in length during the off-season, the mortgagee must request prior approval to cut the grass.  Grass will be cut to a maximum of two inches in length.  If it becomes necessary for the mortgagee to request permission to cut the grass before the official season begins, the mortgagee may not claim this special service and an “initial cut” unless the grass again becomes six or more inches high, “Before” and “After” photographs are always required for the initial grass cut, the final grass cut and any “off-season” grass cut, if such action was necessary.


A final grass cut shall be completed within two weeks of conveyance if conveyance is completed during the growing season unless indicated otherwise under local variations.


“Before” and “After” Photographs are required for the initial grass cut and final grass cut.  The photographs must be dated.


Grass should typically be cut twice a month between April 1 and October 31, however, more frequent lawn cuts may be allowed in certain areas as indicated below.  Once a month may be sufficient depending on the level of rainfall during the spring and summer seasons.  Grass should not be cut between November 1 and March 31 unless prior written approval is obtained from the M&M contractor or otherwise prescribed below.  Grass and weeds must be cut to the edge of the property line and to a maximum of two inches.  Grass and weeds must be trimmed around foundations, bushes, trees, and planting beds.  Also, grass and weeds must be trimmed flush with fences and other construction that would normally require trimming.  Mortgagees shall not order lawn maintenance for properties such as condominiums where yard maintenance is covered by the association.


Shrubs are to be trimmed and cuttings removed once between April 1 and October 31.


In general, the mortgagee is to maintain a safe and accessible property throughout the winter season.  Snow must be removed from the entry walk, porch and driveway following a minimum 3-inch accumulation.  Mortgagees must also be in compliance with local codes and ordinances governing the removal of snow or ice.