Monthly marketability checks spruce up the property regularly to keep the house marketable. 

Monthly Marketability Checks

REO properties need to be cleaned regularly, just as occupied homes do. The regular traffic of real estate agents, prospective buyers, contractors and others requires that properties be spruced up regularly to keep the house free from dust, debris and cobwebs. Many clients request monthly marketability checks to keep properties clean and attractive. Contractors receive a detailed checklist of tasks to perform, which includes: mopping hard-surface floors and vacuuming carpet; wiping down baseboards, light fixtures, switches, outlet covers, air ducts and vents; cleaning sinks and toilets, wiping down bathroom and kitchen counters, cabinets and drawers. Air fresheners are placed in key areas of the home to reduce the potential of foul odors. In addition, non-working light-bulbs and batteries to CO and smoke detectors are replaced as needed. Contractors are required to carry the equipment they need to adequately perform all tasks, regardless of whether the property has utility service.


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