Winterizing a property prevents freeze damage from occurring.


Frozen water lines and plumbing fixtures can cause severe and expensive damage to properties if pipes burst. In cold climates, Safeguard performs full winterization services on all plumbing fixtures, as well as dry, steam and radiant heat systems, to prevent what could be costly repairs.

Notice stickers placed on winterized fixtures advise anyone entering the property that it has been winterized and provide the winterization date and Safeguard contact information.

Whenever possible, utility services to the property are turned off, unless a sump pump is present, in which case electricity must remain on. Utilities may be transferred to the client either by the listing agent or Safeguard. All winterization services are documented in writing with supporting photos and submitted to the client. 

A checklist of winterization steps includes:

  • Draining the hot water tank 
  • Draining all water lines and using an air compressor to blow air through the system to remove any remaining water 
  • Pressure testing the system to check for possible leaks 
  • Cleaning and winterizing all toilets and tanks 
  • Adding antifreeze to all sink drains, traps and toilets 
  • Firmly securing the main water line in the "off" position with zip-ties  
  • Posting notice stickers on all winterized fixtures and wraps on all winterized toilets

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