During the initial service visit, the property is secured to the client's specifications.


Time is critical when properties are being prepared to sell. Safeguard requires that all REO properties be secured on an initial services order. In addition to protecting the property, timely securing means that real estate brokers and appraisers can begin to do their jobs sooner, and a buyer can be found more quickly.   

Generally, when securing a property all locks, including deadbolts, will be changed and keyed to a client-specific code. All outbuildings and sheds will be padlocked. Pool areas will be secured and the fences surrounding the pool will be padlocked. A lockbox will be installed with working keys inside to facilitate access for contractors, inspectors and real estate agents. Openings such as broken windows and doors or unsecured crawlspaces that pose a security risk to the property may be boarded consistent with FHA standards.   


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