Debris removal and maid services help prospective buyers envision their new home. 

Debris Removal & Maid Services

Cluttered and dirty properties don’t attract homebuyers. Safeguard’s goal is to make a house clean and appealing to prospective buyers so they can envision themselves living there. Contractors will remove all interior and exterior debris from the property, based on client-specific instructions. If personal items are present at the property, contractors will submit a bid to remove and store for 30 days, and will proceed according to the client’s instructions. Safeguard generally does not recommend proceeding with removing debris until personal items have been addressed. 

After debris is removed, the house receives a complete cleaning. The contractor follows a detailed checklist that includes: mopping all hard-surface floors and vacuuming carpets; wiping all baseboards, light switches and outlet covers; wiping vents and ducts and removing cobwebs; cleaning sinks and toilets; wiping kitchen and bathroom counters, cabinets and drawers; removal of dirty, non-washable window covers.


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