HUD Occupancy Mailers attempt to reach borrowers to determine a property's occupance status.

HUD Occupancy Mailers

When a loan is delinquent and the borrower cannot be reached, a HUD Occupancy Mailer is sent to the property address. After an initial inspection order is placed, Safeguard mails postcards, according to HUD guidelines, in an attempt to contact the borrower to confirm occupancy prior to the visual inspection.  

The mailer asks the borrower to call a toll free number to confirm whether the property is occupied. This number connects the borrower with a Safeguard call center dedicated solely to HUD mailer contacts. If borrower contact is successful, the inspection order is cancelled. This process continues as long as a property is delinquent and until it is determined vacant.

Safeguard incurs all direct costs for printing, postage and maintaining the toll free phone line.


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