FEMA inspections provide timely and accurate information on properties located in declared disaster areas.

FEMA Inspections

After natural disasters hit, exterior visual inspections are performed to assess property damages.  These inspections are performed on all types of properties – occupied or vacant, current loans or delinquent. Safeguard offers two types of FEMA inspections:

  • Standard FEMA Inspection: Inspectors seek information specific to the natural disaster. Flood lines, damages and property accessibility are some of the conditions addressed. Inspectors also attempt to determine the borrower’s intent to repair or rebuild the residence.
  • Extended FEMA Questionnaire: In addition to the information gained in the standard FEMA inspection, inspectors also provide general observations about the property and surrounding neighborhood. Mold and repairs to the dwelling will be reported to the client, as will the condition and status of neighboring homes.

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