High Risk/Code Enforcement FAQs

Q: How are violations reported to the code violations team?

A: Information regarding code violations is provided by our inspectors and contractors in their work order updates, called or e-mailed directly from local code enforcement officials and/or our clients, as well as identified on municipal websites.

Q: How do violation specialists determine who is servicing a particular property?

A: If the property in question is not being serviced by a Safeguard client, we review county websites and national mortgage databases in an effort to put city officials in contact with the appropriate parties.

Q: How does a violation specialist know whom to contact regarding a violation?

A: When violation documentation or city contact information is not readily available, we reach out to our contacts within the city's building or code enforcement department for assistance.

Q: How do city officials know if Safeguard is working to resolve a violation?

A: In addition to communicating with our violation specialists, our contractors and inspectors post Violation Acknowledgment stickers at properties where violations are posted. These stickers provide our contact information, so that any questions or concerns can be directed to the correct team at Safeguard.


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