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Providing direct contacts for issues relating to vacant and abandoned properties helps to bridge communication gaps between municipalities and the mortgage servicing industry. 

Mortgage Servicer & Property Preservation Contacts

Safeguard has developed a Mortgage Servicer & Property Preservation Contacts list to provide municipalities with a resource to identify direct points of contact at loan servicing organizations for issues pertaining to vacant and abandoned properties.

Please note that in some cases, the banking entity identified by a municipal official regarding a particular property may be a trustee and not the mortgage loan servicer. In those instances, please utilize the second section to contact the trustee to assist in identifying the loan servicer.

For additional information regarding the role of the trustee (and the loan servicer), please click on the following links:

Christiana Trust: The Role of the Corporate Trustee/Servicer vs. Trustee Responsibilities

US Bank Global Corporate Trust Services: Role of the Corporate Trustee

To view the latest version of this list, please click here.


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