Freddie Mac: May 21 Servicer Performance Profile Updates

Investor Update
April 25, 2018

Source: Freddie Mac (full release)

On May 21, you'll notice two changes to your Servicer Performance Profile, one of which may require action on your part.

1. Due to a scheduled software upgrade, we're updating the login URL to If you have an existing bookmark to update, or would like to create a new one, please use this URL. However, no action is required on your part – if you use the current URL, then you'll be redirected to the new URL automatically but may experience a brief "error" message during the redirect.

2. Also with this upgrade, we'll no longer be able to use report names with special characters (e.g. +, #). If you use automated software or scripts to download the following reports, then you'll need to update them to accommodate file name changes.

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