American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE) Annual Conference 2017

Oct. 23-27

Hebron, KY

Safeguard Sponsors Annual AACE Scholarships and Provides Education in Hebron, KY

Safeguard’s Community Initiatives Department proudly returned to participate at the 2017 annual conference of the American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE), the nation’s leading organization for code professionals. Director of Community Initiatives Michael Halpern and Community Relations Liaison Heather Lazar joined code enforcement officers from 38 states for the weeklong event that featured timely education and a celebration of the many advancements within the trade.

From the banks of the Ohio River in Hebron, Kentucky, Halpern and Lazar led two classes that provided key elements necessary to building the skill sets and assisting in the day-to-day operations for code enforcement officers. This consisted of an overview of the many phases of the foreclosure process, including pre- and post-sale activities and ownership, the best practices undertaken by mortgage servicers to inspect and maintain homes during and following foreclosure, and the innovative creations that have resulted from a solid partnership between the industry and code enforcement officers.

The classes also featured Rob Himes, CCEO, with Kenton County, Kentucky, who discussed the fundamentals of the county’s vacant foreclosed property ordinance. As the county’s Code Administrator, Himes elaborated on the history, desired outcomes, and requirements of the ordinance. He confirmed that this ordinance was properly crafted to meet the needs of the county and is successfully delivering intended outcomes. Himes attributes this achievement to strong, inclusive, and clearly termed definitions, such as “owner”, as well as appropriately designated and firmly stated roles and responsibilities. The effectiveness of the registration ordinance is further fortified by a thorough form that was well-designed to operate in the current, national structure of lending and servicing home loans. For example, the form asks for details of not only the mortgage company, but also the property preservation company, which provides the county’s desired direct point of contact for maintenance issues.

Halpern and Lazar recognized the recipients of eight Safeguard scholarships to the conference. Since the community initiatives department’s creation of the scholarship program in 2011, 56 code enforcement officers from 25 states have been awarded the opportunity to sharpen their skill sets at this annual event. Twenty-four essays were submitted for consideration, which has been the most received to date. After much review, officers from Irving, TX; Orting, WA; North Las Vegas, NV; Harvard, IL; Independence, MO; Chandler, AZ; Fort Lauderdale, FL; and Hillsborough County, FL were selected for their thoughts on local partnership and collaboration. As cities and counties face mounting budgetary and staffing challenges, Safeguard understands that sending officers for training is taxing, so it is hoped that these eight officers will relay this critical information that they received at the conference to their code teams within their respective jurisdictions, along with peers across their respective states.

Safeguard congratulates the AACE Board of Directors and conference committee for maintaining its proven tradition of hosting a superb annual conference. The community initiatives department was honored to play a role in executing a constructive event for code enforcement officers throughout the country.

Save the date!
The 2018 AACE conference is October 27th – November 1st.
We hope to see everyone in Broomfield, Colorado!


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