NLC Congressional City Conference 2016

March 5-9

Washington, DC

Safeguard Properties’ community initiatives department joined more than 2,000 elected officials from jurisdictions throughout the country at the National League of Cities (NLC) Congressional City Conference March 5-9, in Washington, DC. A multitude of meetings, classes and formal gatherings presented the department with the opportunity to meet and speak directly with leaders and decision makers from municipalities of all sizes, demographics and locations.

Michael Halpern, director of community initiatives, and Heather Lazar, community relations liaison, spoke at the Small Cities Council meeting on March 7. A jurisdiction officially meets the requirements of a small city if their total population is less than 50,000 residents. In 2007, the NLC quantified that small cities comprise 97% of the total number of US municipalities. 

As abandoned properties remain to be a high concern for elected officials, and addressing them can be a significant drain on municipal budgets, the Small City Council audience was eager to learn about the best practices currently utilized by the industry to inspect and preserve vacant homes. They were also keenly interested in the innovative solutions being implemented through partnership and collaboration, such as Compliance Connections®. Safeguard reinforced its mission of education and open communication by assuring the audience that it is a valuable resource for promoting the message of the industry and the necessary tools to develop solid relationships for all. 

Safeguard thanks Small City Council Chair Council member Silke Pope of Greenbelt, MD for the invitation to speak to representatives from across the nation. Safeguard will be participating as presenters at the annual Small Cities Council Steering Committee meeting in July in Greenbelt. The department was honored to contribute to the knowledge base of issues facing our small cities and congratulates the council on a successful meeting in Washington.


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