2014 Ohio MBA Convention

May 6-8

Cincinnati, OH

Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association Convention
Cincinnati, OH
May 5 – 7, 2014

The Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association Convention held another successful event at the University of Cincinnati. This convention brought together members from across the state of Ohio. The conference opened the stage to discussions about compliance, legislative updates, vacant property registrations and much more. Safeguard was once again honored to participate as a speaker. A summary of the Director of Community Initiatives Michael Halpern’s presentation can be found below.

Continued Nationwide Proliferation of Vacant Property Registration (VPR) Ordinances

Speaker: Michael Halpern, Safeguard Properties

This presentation focused on the significance of vacant property registration ordinances and the overall effects on the industry.

The Forefront of the Industry
Halpern presented a historical perspective and analysis on why communities seek to establish these registries as well as the lack of uniformity which has resulted in compliance difficulties was shared. Though the hundreds of independent ordinances have proven challenging compliance, as in all other segments of the industry, it has been at the forefront of the industry.

Recent Developments
Some recent developments were also discussed. A couple specifically focused on were the city bond requirements in Canton and Youngstown,  the agreement reached between FHFA and the City of Chicago and the recent ruling in Springfield, MA,  and the challenge to VPR’s in Oklahoma HB 2620.

Finally, in discussing alternatives and solutions, Halpern advocated for:

  • Greater transparency and open communication to address the underlying issues through industry tools such as Compliance Connections
  • Statewide legislation to create uniformity and improve compliance
  • Fast-tracking of vacant and abandoned properties (see Ohio 223 currently under consideration)


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