FEMA Declared Disaster Area Colorado

On July 26, FEMA issued two Presidential Major Disaster Declarations for areas in Colorado as a result of the Black Forest Wildfire, June 11-21, and the Royal Gorge Fire, June 11-16.  The following counties are eligible for public assistance:

  • Black Forest Wildfire: El Paso
  • Royal Gorge Fire: Fremont


To view the FEMA releases, please click here:
FEMA Declared Disaster Area Black Forest Wildfire
FEMA Declared Disaster Area Royal Gorge Fire

To view a listing of the ZIP codes located within the affected areas, please click here:
ZIP Code List for FEMA Declared Disaster Areas Colorado Public Assistance 7/26/13 - Please note there are two tabs.

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For a direct link to the FEMA web site, please click here: http://www.fema.gov/.

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