Green Cove Springs Proposes Ordinance to Clean Up Properties Timely and With Less Notice

On October 2, the Green Cove Springs City Council introduced Ordinance No. O-13-2012 amending City Code Sections 26-61 and 26-62 to assist with code enforcement.  The amendments address notification requirements to mortgagees and the time requirement owners have to clean up their overgrown properties.

  • City Code Section 26-62 would amend the "Notice to Owner" as written.  The current wording states "Whenever the code enforcement officer, or his designee, shall find any parcel of real property within the city to be in violation of this article, he shall serve notice of such finding upon the owner, owner's agent, lessee or mortgagee as provided in this article, ... ."
    • The amendment would exclude any "non-owner" in this notice, including “mortgagee”.
  • City Code Section 26-61 entitled "Notice to Owner" requires owners to clean their overgrown real property within 30 days.
    • The amendment would shorten this timeframe to 15 days.

      Please click on Ordinance No. O-13-2012 to view in its entirety, pages 116-119.

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