WILS Safeguard Properties, Inc. REO Services

The following was released on an All Broker Alert on 12/1/2005.


This email is being sent to all brokers in our database and is notification that Safeguard Properties has been contracted by Wilshire Credit Corp., our mutual client,                                             

to perform REO Services.  You may or may not have active orders with this client at this time.          


Safeguard Properties understands the vital role the broker plays in the successful disposition of REO properties.  Our goal is to provide various REO services, which will allow the broker to focus efforts on marketing.  It also releases the broker from carrying the financial responsibility of these services.                      


At the time Safeguard receives an order for initial services from our mutual client, a contractor will be assigned to complete the work.  See below for a list of services.


Upon completion of the work, the broker will be given the opportunity to inspect and provide feedback.  The broker will be asked to complete a Broker Sign Off Sheet, rating his/her satisfaction of the work.   It can be returned directly to us at brokerdirect@safeguardproperties.com or fax it to 440-815-2115.                                            


To help ensure the communication vital to the broker’s success and ours, Safeguard has established a Broker Direct department dedicated solely to focusing on broker communications related to properties Safeguard is servicing for our mutual client.       Broker’s questions, comments, concerns or feedback are important to us.   Please feel free to email us at brokerdirect@safeguardproperties.com or call our Broker Hotline at 800-852-8306 ext. 2296. 

  • Initial Services

o       Secured in 48 hours

o       Grass Cut

o       Maid Service:

§         Wipe down of all floors, cabinets, ceiling fans, baseboards, appliances and counter tops

§         Vacuum carpets add air fresheners

o       Debris:

§         Interior: not attached must be removed.

·        Identify personal property

§         Exterior: all debris located on plot of land must be removed

o       Securing:

§         All accessible openings to intruders, animals or the elements

§         Outbuildings

o       Winterization


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