New SPI Lockboxes Broker Notification

Recently, we introduced a new type of lock box that is one of a kind in the industry.
This new lock box is a one piece design. The lock box housing is made out of zinc alloy so it is lightweight. The combination can be changed with ease by only a flick of a switch. No more special keys needed or disassembly of the lock box. The hardened steel shackle is secured with a double bolt system similar to high grade pad locks. The lock box is made of solid steel components guarding against any unauthorized access.
We have been receiving some input from the brokers in the field regarding the operation of the lock box as well as their concern about the shackle mechanism. We are currently working with the manufacturer to see if the shackle mechanism can be modified but for now we felt it was important to help clarify how to correctly use these lock boxes.
Key Storage: Grasp the sides of the bottom section of the lock box and pull the cover toward you.
Shackle: Grasp the top of the shackle and pull up to release.
Feel free to forward this email to your staff and agents so they can become more familiar with this lock box. We welcome any comment/suggestions that you or your agents would like to offer. You may submit your comments/suggestions to

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