FHLMC December 22nd Bulletin

Freddie Mac has released its December 22nd Bulletin outlining additional temporary relief measures to help Servicers assist Borrowers with Mortgages secured by properties located in "an eligible Disaster Area."

With this Bulletin, Freddie Mac is announcing that for Mortgages secured by properties in eligible Disaster Areas, we are:

  • Extending the special reimbursement of regular monthly delinquent property inspections through March 31, 2006

  • Extending the timeframe for submitting reimbursement requests for regular monthly delinquent property inspections from January 31, 2006 to April 30, 2006

  • Updating the information that must not be reported to credit repositories through February 28, 2006
  • Allowing Servicers to make decisions on accessing an abandoned property for insurance claims

To view the full Bulletin please click on the following link.

FHLMC December 22nd Bulletin

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