Severe Weather Alert Midwest Flooding and Tornadoes

The following Alert contains information on the recent Midwest Storms, Tornadoes, and Flooding that have affected and damaged properties in their local area. This Alert is based on information relayed to us by one or more of our local inspectors or contractors.

Please note, FEMA is expected to make a declaration regarding the extent of the damages, as a number of governors have requested Federal Assistance.

We also continue to obtain additional information from our field reps for Indianapolis, the West Kentucky/SE Ohio/SW West Virginia areas, etc. where damage reports are not yet available.

A number of rivers in these areas are at risk for further flooding.

Our staff has verified this severe weather report through inspections and the local media. Please see the links below for information about the Midwest Storms, Tornadoes, and Flooding.

Following are the areas that we have identified as having sustained damages:
(please note, these have not yet been declared FEMA Presidential declared disaster areas)

Michigan flooding

Nebraska Tornadoes

Nebraska Storms

Iowa Storms

Kentucky Tornadoes (free sign-up required)

Kentucky Floods

Ohio Flooding

Midwest Storms Marengo IN 5/30/04 

 Midwest Storms

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Safeguard Properties Severe Weather Alert List.
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For a listing of the zip codes located in the affected area(s), please see  This Excel File

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