Rebuilding Together Cleveland

Approximately 40 Safeguard employees volunteered for the Rebuilding Together Cleveland Day on Saturday, June 26, 2010. The team was assigned to a one-story home on Cleveland’s east side, which is owned by a 61-year-old single woman.  The group spent the day scraping and painting the house, repairing a set of stairs, pulling weeds and planting flowers.    

“As a brand new employee of Safeguard and a fairly new resident of Cleveland, I am proud to be part of a dedicated team of professionals generously volunteering their time and energy for a valuable community project to improve a local neighborhood," said Anthony Golden, Safeguard's director of strategic initiatives.  

Safeguard is thrilled to have been part of such a worthwhile cause, and all who participated found the experience to be highly rewarding.  Heather Lazar, Safeguard's community relations representative, noted, "As an employee of Safeguard and a resident of the City of Cleveland, I feel a personal and vested interest in helping my neighbors and making a difference in my community.  Some of us may not be able to make financial contributions; however, we can all give a little of our time.  It was intensely gratifying to come to the aid of [this] family, as we never truly know when we ourselves might need that same assistance and kindness of strangers. Rebuilding Together and Safeguard went far beyond making a home a little more beautiful that Saturday.  We gave a long-time resident a sense of pride, which will hopefully have an impact on surrounding neighborhoods." The homeowner was so grateful that she wrote individual thank you notes to everyone who helped make her home beautiful. 

"It was extremely satisfying and humbling to know that a little of our time and effort made such a positive impact, such a difference in someone’s life.  Robert Klein’s example of generosity and sense of community provides Safeguard and Safeguard’s employees a chance to make a positive difference.  I am excited to participate in the next opportunity,” said Golden.

In a note to the staff, CEO Alan Jaffa said, “Those of you who participated are an inspiration and a credit to Safeguard, to your colleagues and to your community.  As a company, Safeguard is committed to protecting and preserving properties, neighborhoods and communities.  You took that mission to a whole new level, and demonstrated it in the most personal way to help someone in need.  Thank you all.”

A special thank you goes to Melissa Kleehammer, Safeguard’s human resources generalist, for organizing the company’s participation.  This was the second year that Safeguard partnered with Rebuilding Together Cleveland.


About Rebuilding Together Cleveland
Rebuilding Together Cleveland is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that aims to revitalize and repair houses in the greater Cleveland, OH area.  They work with low-income homeowners to provide safe housing to those who are elderly, disabled, or otherwise in need of assistance. To learn more, visit their Web site:



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