Safeguard Properties Unites With Vendors to Give Back to Communities

How it All Began
In December 2010, a group of field quality control representatives from Safeguard Properties volunteered their time at the Cleveland Foodbank in Cleveland, OH. This led to an initiative involving Safeguard’s vendors and field quality control representatives volunteering at food banks and other non-profit service organizations all across the country.

Since January 2011, these individuals have volunteered over 559 hours of their time and have contributed canned goods and monetary donations to these organizations. This initiative has not only helped to supply food to those in need, but it has also provided an opportunity to help strengthen the relationship between the Safeguard vendors and field quality control representatives. “Safeguard encourages people to do the right thing,” stated Safeguard’s CEO Alan Jaffa. “This initiative has enabled us to develop stronger ties with our communities and vendors alike. We are also now communicating more effectively with our vendors, which allows us to better serve our clients.”

A Worthwhile Endeavor
Field quality control representative Clay Buckner, who volunteered with Safeguard’s vendors in Houston, TX said, “All acknowledged it was a very worthwhile endeavor and a good time was had by all. After the event, time was spent in a mini vendor performance clinic and a Q&A session was held to maximize our time together in a continued effort to improve performance in an already strong market.” In the field services industry, building strong partnerships with vendors is valuable because this relationship affects the quality of the services provided. This united initiative will help provide improved property preservation in the same communities where they have volunteered their time at the food banks and other non-profits.

Safeguard vendors and field quality control representatives teamed up in a total of fifteen cities over the past five months. The field quality control representatives and the vendors enjoyed the opportunity to do more than just preserve homes together. Mark Wells, a field quality control representative, spoke out about what it was like working with the vendors at the Utah Food Bank in Salt Lake City, UT. “During our time at the food bank, I was very impressed with each person who donated their time. Everyone who participated was very hard-working and willing to give of themselves for a great cause. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to work alongside friends and vendors of Safeguard Properties,” said Wells. At the Utah Food Bank their efforts provided packages of pasta for food pantries throughout the state.

Efforts Span across the Country
From California to Ohio, the teams volunteered their time. At the Houston Food Bank, the team’s efforts provided meals for underprivileged school children and homeless shelters. In Kansas City, MO at the Harvesters Community Food Network, the volunteers were able to fill bags that would provide chronically hungry children with nutritious, child-friendly, easy-to-prepare food in everyday backpacks. Larry Purdon, a field quality control representative who volunteered at the Harvesters Community Food Network, felt the event was a success. “I was very proud of the response from our Kansas City vendors and greatly appreciate their time and efforts,” he said. “This project has provided food for 800 backpacks and a great sense of accomplishment for all who participated.”

At the Greater Chicago Food Depository, the group separated, organized and boxed over 20,000 pounds of bread to be distributed between local soup kitchens, shelters and underprivileged children’s programs. Tampa, FL area volunteers assisted at Metropolitan Ministries, which provides food, clothing, and shelter to the homeless. The volunteers were able to sort pallets of canned and dry goods, rake and rejuvenate the grounds, build multiple book shelves for the facility, and sort donated clothing items. Scott Bedrosian, director of volunteer services at Metropolitan Ministries, was very impressed with the volunteers and commended the group. “It’s clear your company has a commitment to service and the Tampa community has been forever impacted by your contributions. Friends like you make Metropolitan Ministries the life-changing ministry that it is and we count it a privilege to partner with you,” he said.

A number of additional volunteer opportunities have also taken place, including the following:

  • Cincinnati, OH: Volunteers at the Freestore Foodbank helped unload pallets of food donated to the Foodbank and stocked the items on the store shelves. They also helped customers carry their food to their cars.
  • Madison, WI: At St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry, a Safeguard team sorted donated food and stocked the pantry’s shelves.
  • Mesa, AZ: At the Mesa Cannery, the group of volunteers separated bulk food into smaller bags which would be distributed back to the food banks in the area. They were able to fill enough bags to benefit more than 3,500 people.
  • Nashville, TN: With a flash flood and tornadoes hitting the area, volunteers still managed to make their way into the Second Harvest Food Bank. The group spent time at the food bank boxing up food in preparation for shipping to not-for-profit agencies in 46 counties throughout Tennessee.
  • Denver, CO: The Food Bank of the Rockies had the volunteers pack multiple pallets with food to help feed lower-income families across Colorado and Wyoming.
  • Dallas, TX: At the North Texas Food Bank, a group of volunteers sorted and packed food to be distributed to a local food bank in the Greater Dallas area. The group sorted over 8,000 pounds of food during their time at the food bank.
  • Sacramento, CA: Volunteers at the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services spent their time sorting through donated clothing and placing out for display, as well as preparing food for distribution to families in need.
  • Minneapolis, MN: The Second Harvest Heartland had the volunteers package up dried rice to be distributed to various food shelves throughout the state.
  • St. Louis, MO: A Safeguard team volunteered their time at the St. Louis Foodbank packaging nutritious food for shipping to women, children and senior citizens within the community. The group packaged enough food to provide an average of 20,000 meals.

Vendor Feedback
The overall response regarding this nationwide initiative has been very positive. All of the vendors who participated have been very excited to be a part of the initiative, and they look forward to additional opportunities in their local communities. Safeguard appreciates the hard work of everyone who partook in this project, and they appreciate their vendors’ efforts to strengthen communities while continuing to improve their work in the field services industry.


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