Volunteering Time at a Chicago Homeless Shelter

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) organized a volunteer opportunity at Franciscan Outreach, a homeless shelter for men and women in the Chicago area, during their annual conference. Many conference attendees took part including Safeguard’s own team members.  The Safeguard volunteers included AVP of Inspections Jen Jozity, Supervisor of Inspections Regional Coordinators Meghan Ziel, and Supervisor of Estimates and Repairs Matt Fitkus.

During their time at the homeless shelter, Safeguard and the other 35 volunteers were able to paint the employee lounge and the bathroom, clean the shelter’s kitchen from top to bottom, performed yard maintenance to the shelters surrounding property and unloaded 25 pallets of donated food off of the food trucks. In addition to volunteering their time, several of the volunteers donated toiletries to the men and women at the shelter.   

The Safeguard team described this volunteer opportunity as a very humbling experience that made each of them really take two steps back to appreciate what they have.  

About Franciscan Outreach
Franciscan Outreach is one of the oldest and largest providers for men and women who are homeless in the Chicago area. From offering refuge from the streets, to feeding the hungry, to helping individuals build a better life, Franciscan Outreach is a lifeline to thousands in need each year. To learn more, visit their Web site: www.franoutreach.org


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