Safeguard Properties Corporate Responsibility 

Safeguard is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen.

Corporate Responsibility

To improve the social and economic well-being of communities and to help raise the profile of the mortgage servicing and field services industries, Safeguard is honored to give back to communities in partnership with its clients, employees and vendors.  

Consistent with Safeguard’s mission, we are an active supporter of efforts to combat blight in neighborhoods across the country. 

In Safeguard’s local community, we are proud to support agencies that work to improve quality of life and economic opportunities for families, help families achieve the dream of homeownership, and assist familes in jeopardy of losing their homes during financially difficult times.  

On a national level, with clients and industry colleagues, Safeguard has been proactive in working with municipalities and city officials to protect the safety and quality of neighborhoods and maintain the integrity of vacant properties.

Under the leadership of the Mortgage Bankers Association, Safeguard has worked to address vacant property issues with cities across the country. In partnership with the National Vacant Properties Campaign and the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the company has worked to establish innovative ways to improve communications between cities and the servicing industry to address community blight issues.

After the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005, as Safeguard made efforts to support homeowners and the mortgage industry in the recovery efforts, Robert Klein and his wife Ita created a fund to help victims. In 2012, they donated $1.5 million to aid in the Hurricane Sandy relief on the East Coast.

To learn more about Safeguard's efforts in communities throughout the nation, visit our One Community page.


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